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Exit plan from pornville and onanism (Part 1)

It’s amazing how a simple conversation can birth many issues. I recently wrote a post on Pornography and Masturbation, you can read it up here. It was supposed to be a research but I didn’t think I’ll be writing a … Continue reading

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Rooting for the devils; just believe

The past weekend was really fun in some way; some activities entered my book of firsts while some got me laughing real hard. I ended it by spending the evening with a family I respect so much. Here’s the funny … Continue reading

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The journey of 2013 – Akachi’s story

This post got me laughing all through. It’s so honest, unedited but in the midst of it all she still finds a way to bring in humour. Akachi and I went to the same secondary school (F.G.G.C. Ow) and we … Continue reading

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Tomorrow may never come.

He was on her laps all day while she stroked his hair; he got lost in the cozy atmosphere. That was the position he took and he kind of got used to it, forgetting you can’t take coals in your … Continue reading

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