I lost him


There was this guy who was fond of me. He’s kinda macho; any guy who thought of anything stupid had him to contend with. He would call Munna that’s just a two syllable word Munna-chi-mu-so, yea that’s my sister’s name. He loved all of us so much. He always called to make sure I was safe especially when there’s a bomb explosion. Our home was his home, my parent’s delight.

This guy is my Uncle Isaiah Orji, my father’s cousin. I was in Lagos a few weeks ago; had planned on seeing him but for some funny reason, coupled with the Lagos rain I couldn’t make it and moved the visit to another time *takes a deep breath*. How would I have known my next visit to see him will be by his grave side to bid him farewell. I got a call that he passed on. I couldn’t think straight that night; he’s a young guy, wasn’t sick, and just had a little child who’s not up to a year yet. So many questions!!! Uncle Isaiah will be laid to rest this weekend.

Dear Lord in times like this all we can say is, please give us the strength to carry on and please be a father to his children, husband to his wife, brother to his siblings, uncle to his nieces and nephews, cousin to his cousins and friend to his friends. I don’t know what’ll happen on the other side but I pray we’ll meet again in heaven where death won’t separate us.

I planned on visiting him but let some little issues hinder me. I’m not trying to look for a pity party but to speak to you. I’ll ask you a few questions: –

  • Who’s that person you’ve been planning to pay a visit?
  • Who’s that person you haven’t spoken to in a while and waiting for him/her to call first?
  • Who’s that person who really upset you, but in your heart you want to make up?
  • Who’s that relation you haven’ spoken to for over a year?
  • Who’s that close buddy you’ve shut out of your life?

The list could go on; you can fill in the remaining questions. While going through the list, if any name popped up, please pick up the phone and call or go pay a visit. It may be the hardest decision you would have made in a long time especially if you were hurt by the person. We just never know what tomorrow holds, we are only certain of now and that’s all that matters.

I pray none of us will miss out on quality time with anyone because of flimsy excuses. When our time is up on earth, may everyone who remembers us, remember us for the smile we gave them, the hug, good advice, quality time and love we showed them.

Uncle Isaiah the memory of the time we spent in villa during Christmas is still green, I remember the ride to Umunze, the trip to the bank with my hair net on and how we joked about it, the dance I did near your car and got all those Chiefs laughing, your toothy smile. I choose to remember them regardless of your absence. MAY YOU FIND ETERNAL REST.

I end with the words of “It’s so hard to say good-bye” by Boys II Men

How do I say goodbye to what we had?

The good time that made us laugh

Outweigh the bad……………………..

To be my sunshine after the rain

It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday