Samsung Galaxy S4; another case of ignorance

Ignorance 3

I have observed over the years, there are certain traditions in families. I have never received a surprise Birthday gift from my dad before cos’ he always asked what I wanted. I often teased him with outrageous gifts but in the midst of all that he ends up giving me a gift . My request last year was a Samsung Galaxy S4. Fast forward July this year; the phone fell from my hand and the screen cracked. I felt a little sad but when I remembered I had a 24 months warranty, some joy broke out on my face.  But that joy was shortlived when I went to a Samsung office and was told the phone wasn’t registered. Apparently I was supposed to send a code to a particular number but I didn’t cos I had no idea of it. The bombshell came when I learnt I needed to pay N30,000.00 to change the screen. Yes, the amount can buy another phone but that wasn’t the main issue rather I already had a warranty to replace it without any extra cost but the lack of information robbed me of this service.

Isn’t it like our daily walk on earth? Many of us have missed out lots of opportunities cos’ of ignorance or lack of information. On Friday last week a hasttag #SaltyFriday was generated on twitter after a rumour making the rounds advised everyone to bathe with salt and drink it too all in the name of fighting the Ebola Virus. Story has it that 2 people were confirmed dead and more than a dozen hospitalised. I think if there’s anything we should hate, it is IGNORANCE.

Ignorance 2

I hear some Churches have stopped observing the sign of peace (where they have to shake each other just before the Communion). My heart bled not cos of what was said but we’ve gotten so used to certain things and somehow we have missed out the message. This goes back to information. What exactly is the Holy Communion? Is it just another ritual we observe every Sunday, or a sign we have attained a particular age. Do we really know what it symbolises?

We are living in crazy times now and what will set you apart is the information you have. A period came when there were plagues in Egypt but it never came upon the Israelites and even when the spirit of death passed through the land, it never touched anyone who lived in a house with a blood of a lamb on its lintel. How much more the Blood of Jesus we profess to receive at Communion. Bishop T.D. Jakes says ‘whoever you make Lord over your life, be sure you can be healed or saved by that God’ The Church needs a revival, we need to stop playing church. Let us go back to our closest and seek God for ourselves beyond who our Pastors profess. When the devil comes at you and he’ll definitely come cos’ he hates the Children of God, you can’t call on the God of your Pastor. C’mon!!! A fire incidence happened close to my house and the woman kept on calling on the God of our pastor, is she saying she doesn’t know that God.


My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge’ Hosea 4:6. In my case ‘My child JMAD lost some money for lack of knowledge’. Question is, what have you lost? We can’t continue like this, they that know their God shall do mighty exploits. Let the Church arise and take her rightful place and I’m not referring to your local church rather you and me.




A tale from the bathroom and bedroom


Just the other day, I was in the shower and before then I was in the bedroom where ermm… you know what goes on in there. I’m pretty sure your thoughts are travelling really far but you can channel it back to this post, maybe you can go back when you are done reading.

I’ve noticed something really interesting in this era of Social Media. It’s gradually sipping through every facet of our lives from Churches tweeting live sermon, to BBC (Blackberry Broad Cast) of medical examination even Presidents engaging the public through Facebook. We can’t forget the Selfie the President of USA with British and Danish Prime Ministers took during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Social Media has indeed been a great tool if you know exactly how to leverage on it; we’ve seen hasttags like #ChildNotBride, #FreeCiaxon and the recent #BringBackOurGirls. A lot of success has been recorded on account of this hashtags; SM has united us regardless of tribe, religion or location. But in all of this I have noticed we are gradually turning SM into some kind of Big Brother, you know how there’s a diary session on the show and the participants tell Biggie a lot of things, that’s exactly what is going on now.


The other day a lady tweeted she was going get laid that night, someone is having a shower and tweeting it, once you wake up the streets of Twitter and Facebook already know.  You are having a fight at home and you seek the help of Big Daddy Twitter or Facebook to resolve it, someone bashes your car and the first thing is an upload on Instagram, the most annoying is what goes on at accident crash sites. Phones are all up in the air, everyone suddenly turns to paparazzi meanwhile life is ebbing out of the victim.

I remember having a conversation with someone who said his tweets don’t always portray who he is and I kept on saying it’s not true cos just like the Great Book says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’. SM is like a deep hole and everything you put inside remains in there, years down the road a little digging up into the archives will reveal who you were before. A few days ago Piers Morgan tweeted a statement made by Cesc Fabregas in 2010 and I quote him ‘If I ever wear a Chelsea shirt, you have permission to kill me’. Whatever we choose to say(whether it’s true or not) bottom line is Fabregas is with Chelsea now and the only reason this statement was made available was cos’ of SM and like i said it’s a big hole.

Idi Amin

I saw this picture and it sums it all up, we have freedom of speech but what happens afterwards… If you don’t know a few people who can form hashtags you’ll probably disappear from the surface of the earth. Let’s apply decorum on the streets of SM. We shouldn’t replace the place of true communication with our friends, family or God for the virtual world. Someone shouldn’t give a detailed account of your daily life by just scrolling through your Timeline.


N/B Please if you come across the mother of this child on facebook, pass this message… Thanks



The journey to the top

When was the last time you did something for the first time? People often ask me what I do for fun, at the end of the day some end up saying it’s a boring life I have but I knew my view of fun was the unconventional type. I recently asked a friend Kolo on mountaineering some weeks back and he threw it open on Twitter; he did some research on the mountains in town even climbed some on his own.

The adrenaline rush just from the thought alone was extremely high, a few people turned up and we moved from knowing ourselves online to offline at least it’s not a case of @Royalamebo scam.  We were scheduled to meet at 7 a.m. after a little delay we headed off feeling all fly only to be stopped at the entrance. I never knew people own rocks in Abuja, like seriously… the man said we didn’t inform him before coming; we should come back later in the evening to discuss our plans with him *smh.  Our spirits were already getting dampened but Kolo suggested another mountain. I’m extremely glad we went on this adventure. Let me let the picture tell a better story.

In high spirits
Waiting for Kolo, Oma (L), Chika (R)
First site we visited
From Left Me, Attahiru, Chika, Segun, Kolo. We were feeling like tourist… this was just before we were evicted for “trespassing”.
The excitement of finding another site……
You can tell I was pretty excited
Oh yea, we made it … that’s what the picture says
More laughter
Beautiful view of Abuja
How can a selfie be missing from the many shots?
The climax
Started at the bottom and here we are….. at the TOP!!!
Caption this
Jabi Lake behind
Oma and I were smiling, but we couldn’t get to the edge
Kolo and Segun went a step further, my adventurous spirit couldn’t go beyond the rocks….. maybe next time
On our way down
She’ll definitely be a good brand ambassador for tooth-paste
Boss lady
We felt like kids here…. our journey to the bottom
Keep walking


I hope you enjoyed the story told by the pictures; we are planning another trip, probably to Gurara Falls or some other mountain. We keep on procrastinating, giving excuses why we can’t do something new. Truth is, there’s never a perfect time, the year is just starting and you may have made awesome plans which is very good but I hope you can make out time to have fun and do exciting things. You don’t have to own a bank or save up to go to Malta or the Bahamas (Although it will be fun places), look around you and you’ll definitely find out there’s something you can do alone or with people that will put not just a smile but laughter on your face.

Loads of Love


N/B : This post was scheduled for the end of last year but events took over but I had to stay true to my words….

When you say you love me…

I usually turn into a Certified Project Manager almost every Saturday morning; I’ll literally wake up with the day’s activities already planned with Timelines too. This particular Saturday I had planned to be at the market by 9 a.m. to get my shopping done on time and attend to other “projects”. For some funny reason I’m like a shareholder in the market, with the way I’ve to greet people in the shops I pass. Knowing so many of them comes with its merits and demerits; I’ll have to patronize them all the time. I stopped at one of my customer’s shop to buy garri, asked him how much a mudu (cup) was and he gave me the price and I instantly wore my negotiation cap to beat it down and he made a very profound statement. He agreed to my amount but changed the cup and was kind enough to let me know. Here’s what he said “Everyone in the market has two cups, one has been worked on, so they can agree to your terms but in the real sense the quantity of what you are buying will be reduced by the cup they use to sell”.
When you say you love me, do you really mean it? Are you just saying it because that’s what I want to hear at that time? Reading my shopping tale, can you relate to it? Often times when there’s a break-up or divorce, people get broken not necessarily cos’ of the break-up rather the unfulfilled words that were said. You get to hear but you said this and that…

Power of words
It’s interesting to read in Matthew 15 vs 9 These people make a big show of saying the right thing but their heart isn’t in it” MSG. We are quick to spill out promises and words especially when we are experiencing an emotional high forgetting we can’t make good judgement under the influence, if you doubt that ask King Herod who was sent to cloud 9 by the way Herodias’ daughter wriggled her hips in a dance and he instantly swore to an oath to give her whatever she requested, the young girl was well coached by her mother and demanded for John the Baptist’s head, pretty sure you know the rest of the story.
Just watched an amazing video, where a guy made a dream come through for his girlfriend by proposing and marrying her on the same day, here’s what he said ‘He had never told her he loved her for the 5 years they dated cos’ he wanted to be sure with every fibre in him that he really loved her’.

Words .....
Currently doing a study with @TheLafamily on twitter; we are studying the New Testament for the next 130 days, each day we share what we learn from the outline using the hashtag #LA130 and today’s study is on Mark 13 and 14. Chap 14 paints the picture well, Peter was told he’ll deny Jesus and he swore that even if he had to die to defend Jesus he’ll do it, but few verses down reveals how he didn’t just deny Jesus but invoked a curse upon himself.

Before you make that next promise, please think through, if you don’t mean it keep quiet. Someone can forget every other thing but not the words you said. Words are like bullets, once you pull the trigger, you can’t recall it. The world we see came into existence by Words, let us use it wisely.

Photo Credit : Google