Now I have the NNPC job……..

I just had my induction training with NNPC; it was indeed a dream come true. You don’t know how long I’ve prayed to get a job there, the entire package is amazing, looking forward to the salary and trainings. Rumour has it, I’m entitled to an upfront of my housing allowance. Now that’s what I’m talking about……….

I was told as a child to keep my virginity for my husband; I made it my No. 1 priority throughout my high school days to stay away from boys, moved into college and I kept up with it. People often said I was rude especially the guys but I laughed at all of them, even if I was rude my husband would love me cos’ he married me a virgin. Now I’m married and I hardly see him at home……..

I’ve always admired Blue Coloured plate numbers, especially the preferential treatment given to diplomats at the airport, Oh dear!!! It created a desire in me to work with the United Nations. My desire was fulfilled but I go to work every day and come back feeling empty…..

Reading through the 3 scenarios, they all sound great in fact most people pray and fast to work either in NNPC or the United Nations but it’s sad the dreams just end there. Some ladies were given a false understanding of chastity; hence they think they are doing their husbands good by keeping it forgetting it’s really about you and preserving your body to keep it pure for the Holy Spirit to reside in. Let’s not forget there were  5 foolish virgins mentioned in the Bible; you may have been chaste all your life but empty on the inside, you get married and make a complete mess of yourself, no housekeeping skills, respect has been thrown to the wind cos’ you happen to be the only “virgin” existing.

I’ve been thinking recently and one night I kept on saying, there has to be more; beyond having a regular paying job there has to be more. Have I stopped dreaming, am I just existing, how many companies have I set up and how many people have been empowered, how many houses have I built and given out, how many people have I sent to school??? Was I just created to go to school, get a job, meet this TDH guy, get married, have kids, live for some years maybe 70 and die…. God Forbid.

What will the world remember me for when I’m gone? What will be written on my tombstone? A friend George Akomas, recently put up an article on his Obituary, you can read it up here. Some people didn’t like the idea but truth is we are all going to die someday if rapture doesn’t take place before then and we have to start thinking.

What are those ideas you have? You’ve got to step out “Don’t let the fear of striking out, prevent you from playing the game” and trust me it’s not going to be easy to step out but you have to; most of us are scared and it’s okay to be scared cos’ the dream is bigger than us, if you could handle it all by yourself then it’s a simple walk in the park. Stepping out to the unknown is risky, filled with uncertainties but like Bishop T.D. Jakes put it in the message” Living with the threat of failure” it takes courage to step out coupled with the voices on the inside screaming you might fail, this often drives us back to the familiar, a safe place we have always known.

This is a wake-up call for all of us, there’s so much more to achieve. Don’t just exist, LIVE!!!



The journey of 2013 – Nneka’s story

 I present to you Nneka Amaeshi, we were both in the same class and dormitory in secondary school; attended the same University too. She’s one of the few ladies I’ve in my inner circle . We are alike in so many ways. She studied Geology and currently undergoing an MSc on Petroleum Geochemistry. Enough of my intro, let her words speak for her.


Sometimes, our journey in life is often redirected by uncontrollable detours, circumstances seem random and unplanned. Call it whatever you may, I believe God is showing us a better route.” This was my conclusion at the end of the 1st quarter 2013 having begun the year without a plan (which is so unlike me). Too many doubts and uncertainties as my list for 2012 was still before me ~unchecked!

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all gloom and doom. I had a good life–very comfortable, but there were still those unfulfilled prophecies, those prayer points that hadn’t been granted and questions that needed answers.  Somehow I wanted more, I knew I deserved more! Call me Oliver Twist but didn’t my God tell Abraham “ far as your eyes can see…”, didn’t He say “open your mouth wide n I will fill it”? Well, I was willing, all I needed was total obedience and maybe a little dose of patience…thus began my year!

2013 is one year worthy of note, not in the number of lands and gold acquired but in the wisdom of self-discovery ~as His Workmanship… called to show forth His glory and praise…in every and any way. So far, it’s been challenging, most times my faith is tried, but for every hurdle I successfully cross and every devil I overcome, I’m strengthened for the next level.

In counting my blessings this year, asides the seen battles being fought on behalf of my family and the numerous projects in progress, God literally visited and showed us mercy. Several deliverances from death, not forgetting that my sister got married into a wonderful family and He miraculously took me to a new place and began a new phase with me. The level of growth and experience has been unimaginable. Thankful also for the number and calibre of helpers He raised along this journey, the TheLAfamily, hmmm, my appetite for the Word increases daily and hence fosters obedience. Hang on, the year isn’t ended yet, I’m a strong believer in 11th hour miracle 🙂

One question I’ve been posed with lately is “Nneka, what are your plans after here?” My response: “I don’t have a plan, but I do know that He who started this good work is more than able to Complete and Perfect it!” Scary not having a plan rite? Yea, I know, but I’d tell you what’s more scary: going on a well-planned journey only to find you’re on the other side of your destiny! As for the future, I’m joyfully expectant for my tent is pitched in Hopeville, just beside Faith Avenue, hence no fears, no worries, just a heart leaning solely on the Rock of Ages!

I will sign out with these words from Bishop Jakes:

Climbing up may be treacherous, rocks and hills unrelenting, BUT falling back is fatal! No matter how weary, I say to you, KEEP CLIMBING!”

Have a very Merry Christmas!!!

My book of remembrance.

Book of Rememberance

As a kid I had lots of diaries, I remember my dad giving me a diary that had perfumed papers and a lock. I so adored it, I took it for an Inter-Secondary school competition, carried it wherever I went and took down notes; felt like a tourist. Down the road I had diaries that contained memorable events, especially dates where someone hurt me. At least it aided my memory.

There has been a debate on what gender the computer should be referred to. Someone said a female, because of the ability to store information and many years later the information can be retrieved. I quite agree. I am good at storing information especially the not so good ones. Therefore anyone who hurt me had a special place reserved for them, it had to take a total wipe-out of my brain to remove the memory but even at that, some tiny fragments of memory may still get attached to a strand of hair. Some years back, if you had a look into my heart, you would have seen many people held bound because of unforgiveness. Funny thing is, some of them may not have known they hurt me, it may have been a casual statement and I clung to it.


Over the years God has been breaking me and teaching me how to let go. Am I saying it’s been easy? Definitely NO! There were times I was let down by people I believed in and all I felt like doing was slam their heads into a wall but I couldn’t, I will just vent out on my pillow with uncontrolled tears while on some other occasion I was so shocked at what the person did, a single tear couldn’t drop, I just stared into space in silence. Through it all I’m getting better.

Recently our house-help did something really annoying, I was so upset and I just said I’ll try and be a little mean to him. You know what? I had said that so many times in the past and I never did it and it occurred to me, I was beginning to let go and give people some more chances. Truth is, we say this prayer a lot, in fact we grew up knowing it “Lord forgive us our sins, as we forgive those who sin against us”. Has it become a ritual we just say or do we really mean it? If it’s a ritual then you’ve no problem, but if you mean it then you’re shooting yourself in the foot.


You may be like me or even had worse cases of betrayals, disappointments and all; you’re saying you can’t give anyone another chance. I wouldn’t blame you, I don’t know how you feel and may never know. Truth is, in times like this all we want is for our feelings of anger to be pacified by getting back at the person. Here’s the thing, you’ve been hurt already, and holding onto the hurt is only increasing the pain. Maybe you didn’t have the opportunity to prevent the situation but you have the privilege of deciding what that situation will do to you. It can only make you better or worse. If you ask me, I think you should go with the better choice.

Let go and live. You may have to go back to your childhood memories to start the forgiving process. Bishop T.D. Jakes in his message “Faith to Forgive” said, Jesus knew the importance of forgiveness that’s why He prayed on the cross for the forgiveness of those who crucified Him, so on His resurrection He wouldn’t be held back. You have carried that hurt for too long. It’s time to let it go. If you want to travel far, you’ve got to travel light. Unforgiveness is a truck load; it’ll simply wear you out. It doesn’t end in just saying I FORGIVE YOU rather mean it. Don’t go bringing it up to some other person, leave it buried.


I started doing something a while ago. I have a book where I write down all the good things that happen to me. It’s my own BOOK OF REMEMBRANCE. Whenever I feel down, confused or finding it hard to trust God, I flip through the pages. It’s a way of reminding me, if I pulled through then, this too shall pass. When I’m gone, it can be a form of encouragement to anyone who stumbles upon it.

I urge you to tow this path of life. Give room for people’s short-comings besides you ain’t 100% perfect. “Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it” Prov. 4 vs. 23 NIV. Be careful what you let into your heart. The battle of unforgiveness is won there. Go to bed every night with a light heart, if you have to call to make-up before you sleep, be bold and do it. Unforgiveness is a silent killer. May God strengthen you as you take this step.

Loads of Love


With Love……….


For some funny reason I’ve been happy and I thought it was just me been happy, but I realised it’s connected to someone (Yea I can hear you whisper, who’s the person). Just hang on a little and enjoy the ride, while I take you on a tour.
Have you ever met this person and somehow you two become “friends” but……….. There’s just this thing about the person, in fact many people are wondering how you two can be friends (Just like how people wondered why Jesus dined with sinners) *you gate it * in Chigurl’s voice. Two of you are like parallel lines, sometimes you ask yourself how you’re holding onto the person.

Someone shared a story of a family who had only a set of twin girls: one had Down syndrome and the other was so withdrawn and performed poorly in school. The guy was brought in as a lesson teacher. He kind of gave up after the first day with her because she wasn’t responsive in anyway but he got an idea when he got home and he applied it the next day. He started telling her nice things about herself; how beautiful she was. Nothing really happened but he continued everyday by praising her and she started loosening up. Her improvement became evident at home and in school.

I met someone some years back, kinda lost touch and re-united this year again, thanks to twitter. His account had 30,000 + followers, and I’m like interesting. I followed him but after a few days I couldn’t stand his timeline. It was filled with explicit tweets and all the relatives. I quickly unfollowed him but you know when God chooses to do something; no matter who the person is, He just does it. Just like T.D. Jakes titled one of his sermons “Don’t tell God what you’ve heard” (This had to do with Ananias’ assignment to anoint Paul after his encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus).

I found myself following him again, sure you might have come across him if you’re active on twitter: TWEET ORACLE. While most of his followers were enjoying his all-time high moments he sent them with his explicit tweets, I was seeing another side of him. Now I realise it was God. I’ll always start up a conversation with him on BB. Initially he was evasive when I brought up certain issues especially when it had to do lifestyle and God because I knew he was set apart for something more, just like my cutie Preacher Lily said “The devil is not really after you, rather your purpose”.
Although we had divergent views on almost everything in life, maybe the only things we had any similarity in was the use of BB and twitter but I kept on telling him there’s another side to him. Every second I had with him, I always found a way to let God speak to him through me. I don’t know how it happened but he started loosening up. His timeline didn’t change but I was hopeful.

I stayed on it and he started to yield not in any way to me. Truth is, he doesn’t owe me his life, and could live it anyhow he so desires but I could see the path he took was coming to an end. Recently his TL changed and he started to put inspirational tweets. Some of his followers said he became boring while others appreciated the change. Here’s one lesson, if you decide to dance to the tune of people, more like live the supposed “popular” life, you’ll have lots of friends but when the music is over and you’re all alone, you get to realise who your friends are.

My dear friend, this is from my heart to you, let go and let God have His way. You have no idea, what’s inside of you and the effect it’ll have not just in Nigeria but the world at large. God loves you so much and He’s been waiting patiently just like the prodigal son and his father. Don’t try to figure out how your life will turn out. Some people may not welcome the change but at the same time so many people will find their way back to Jesus. You can take a cue from Paul, many years down the road his life is still ministering to us. Are you scared you might lose some endorsements? One thing I know for sure, anyone God calls, He equips. You may have thought you were living on the fast lane but there’s a greater life out there.

Now to you reading, is there someone you’ve written off. Don’t be hasty. God’s plan is for everyone to come to repentance. The power of life and death are in your mouth. Don’t kill anyone with it rather speak life into the person’s life. It may not look as if there’s any change but continue to strike that rock and a little crack will cause the dis-integration. Are you a parent? Speak kind words and blessings over your children. Are you married or in a relationship? Speak kind words and blessings over your partner. Speak into existence what you want to see in their lives just like Our Heavenly Father does.

Loads of Love