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Just a lil’ bit closer

A few months ago I had a conversation with a lady from the Eastern part of the country. I jokingly told her I was married to a man from the North and she literally rained down fire and brimstone, you … Continue reading

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Rahab; a foreshadow of Nicki

When was the last time you heard some “good news” about someone you used to know? You quickly go into your brain archives to dig up all the contrary evidence you have of this person. Their not so good history, … Continue reading

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The Man in the 21st century by Bibi

Shifting Border Feminism, a word coined by Charles Fourier in 1837 and practiced in France and Netherlands, is fast gaining grounds in third world nations such as Nigeria and a few other African countries. This is viewed as an ideology … Continue reading

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Man in the 21st Century by Ogechi

So Much Noise! There is a silent murmur and grumble along the aisle of manhood; people complaining about all the noise generated by certain “feminists”, many of whom do not even understand the feminism concept itself. Many of the menfolk … Continue reading

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