How late is late?

It’s amazing the kind of things that can spark up a conversation and even have the capacity to challenge your outlook to life. I was at the bus station this morning, in the midst of the cold, with my ear phones plugged into my ear and praying so hard for the bus to come. Not knowing the delay was for a purpose. A lady taps me and asks where I bought my bag from? I told her I didn’t buy it from here but somehow I went further to suggest other stores she could get some good ones from since she needed a bag that had compartments. Somehow she ends up asking me what course I was studying, and when I asked for hers she said Criminal Justice as an Undergraduate. Now I was shocked cos’ she’s a woman I mean like a Mother. I was interested and I asked her, this shouldn’t be her first degree and she says No, she’s been working for a while but needed to pursue this but that’s not the bombshell, her 19 year old son is studying law as an undergraduate in another city. WHAT!!!. She shares lecture notes with him sometimes and she told me she always told him she’ll go back to school at the same time with him. She showed me her adorable 6ft4In son and I got teary-eyed. Her son’s friends often tease him, that if they were a bit older, they would have made a pass at his mom. Hey! I don’t blame them, did I mention she’s Jamaican although I thought she was a Nigerian; am I the only one who thinks Jamaicans may just be related to Nigerians.

When she got off the bus, it got me thinking and I kept on asking when “Is late really late”? We have dreamed of the future we want to see. Some of us have imagined starting up a food-chain business, writing books, running a marathon, taking that hike on a particular mountain, enrolling for a new course, setting up that consulting firm, the list is endless and please feel free to insert yours. Truth is, it’s pretty scary but like I always say it’s better to have tried and failed (which is not always the case) than never to have tried at all. I do hope I can have an interview with the woman I met and probably let us know how she managed to take such a decision at this stage in her life. (I’m sure you know we exchanged contact details, such inspirational people shouldn’t just walk through your life and disappear)


This is a reminder, just in case you’ve buried those ideas. It’s about time you dug it up. Go ahead and look at it one more time. Life is what you make out of it, I asked a friend today and I’ll be asking you too ‘Are you the kind of person who fights for something or do you just wait for chance’? It’s another ‘Me-time’ to reappraise yourself. It’s not yet December but you can start now to do a stock-taking and see how far you’ve come with your aspirations.



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Local Content

cropped-river-niger1.jpgWe’ve got an amazing choir in Church. Shout out to FWC choir. Just like a cook marinates meat before cooking, the choir has a way of preparing our hearts and setting it in tune for the move of the Holy Spirit. Most of the songs in my collection were gotten from listening to them.
On one of those Sundays, a particular song was sang, you know that song that has been set to repeat in your heart, you just find yourself singing it on your way home, kitchen and even in the bathroom.
Anyway I went ahead to download the song, since I didn’t know the name of the Artiste I simply typed the keyword of the song and two names popped up on the screen with the same song title. One was a Nigerian and the other an African American.
I didn’t have to think twice, it had to be the African American and I clicked on play, and I heard something different and decided to listen to what the Nigerian had to offer and VOILA!!! that was the exact song I was looking for. I felt really ashamed and I’ve chosen not to mention the name, because there are lots of faithful who will crucify me. I apologize to you for not believing in your Star. I don’t have to tell you the person, but I know you are a fan and since we are all nice people I believe I’ve been forgiven.
This brings me to the topic LOCAL CONTENT. How often have you found yourself in a similar situation? You go to the market, any you’re given one product with two different manufacturers, one local and the other foreign. Nine out of ten people go for the foreign product.
What went wrong? We’ve lost confidence in ourselves as a nation. Foreigners have come and taken over the things we neglected. Take a look at Shea Butter, that’s a good body regimen. It’s exported, then it gets imported and sold to us. We only fall back to our Natural Resources when we see it’s thriving outside. The only true limitation we will experience as a nation, is that which we have placed on ourselves.
We need to go back to the drawing board. The Government can’t give us everything. You want to make profit, you use sub-standard products that are cheaper for manufacturing, it’s sold, develops an electrical fault resulting to fire outbreak in the home, property worth of millions are lost, not to mention original certificates lost at the same time. Now you see, for as much as some chap out there made some “supposed” profit he has succeeded in passing a message of no confidence that’ll be passed onto generations .
We blame the Government for everything, someone trips on the road because of a small stone and the next thing, abuses are rained on the Government. Can we just stop? Granted they’ve not lived up to expectations, but the question now is, how have you contributed in placing a bad tag on our country through your attitude, line of business and all.
Let’s make a commitment to start regaining lost confidence in our country in our little sphere of influence. The land is green and fruitful.
Loads of Love

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