Please ask that question


When was the last time you travelled, what excited you and what were your expectations? It’s been said people on a journey often look out for the destination and hardly take note of the experiences on the road especially if the trip was by road; not many people can remember the cities they passed through. I recently went on a trip with my friend that ended up becoming a weekend to remember and to think it was just a night beats me.


We had set off by train and for some funny reason when we got to the last stop we stayed back thinking it was still going further to the final destination which was in the same city, while we were still wondering the train started going back. You don’t want to know how confused and funny we looked, while my friend went online to find out, I quickly asked the lady sitting close to us and she explained what happened and advised us to get down at the next stop to join another train. We eventually got down in a place that looks like a hunted place and did I mention we were the only ones at the station but after about 30 minutes a train came forth.

That moment nothing on the board makes sense


Lost 2
Please look beyond the smile on my friend’s face and look at the surroundings. Doesn’t it look deserted and No i wasn’t smiling, that was a confused face.

 I will spare you the entire story of the trip but will highlight something really important. It’s okay to ask questions when you are in doubt; in my native language it’s said this way onye ajuju anaghi efu uzo (Someone who asks questions never misses the way). Imagine for a second we chose to keep quiet and act cool. No one knows it all; you may just be an information away from that job, scholarship, business funding etc. Ignorance shouldn’t be an excuse in this era we are living in; this generation is referred to as Generation X and it’s not a mistake.

I remember watching a programme where the mistakes done by medical personnel was highlighted and one of the advice given was to always ask what drug was been administered. I can’t forget the woman whose breast was removed; not 1 but the 2 as a result of a mix up of a cancer test result, apparently the result of another person who had cancer was given to her.  There are many more mistakes that have been made in the past and who knows another one could be taking place now.

I would rather been known as the person who asks lots of questions than the one who dies in silence out of ignorance or the fear of asking. So can we go out there and become better informed by asking the required questions. While you are thinking, take some time to be grateful you’ve a roof over your head, everything may not make sense now, you may not have achieved your life’s goal for the past 5 months but be grateful. We got teary-eyed over the weekend when we passed some homeless people protesting.


Loads of Love


N/B: Nigeria just successfully and peacefully handed over to another government that will be led by President Muhammadu Buhari. I pray for wisdom upon you Sir, the entire world is watching and hoping for a miracle. The task ahead won’t be easy but I pray you surround yourself with wise counsellors. God Bless Nigeria

Muhammadu Buhari

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Language; a reflection of your Identity

I recently had an interesting journey; it’s not always about the destination but what happens along the journey. I had already reserved a seat when I booked my ticket; because it was a connecting trip an elderly man was on my seat, apparently he was supposed to be sitting on the aisle. I had wanted to tell him but I noticed his wife was sitting opposite him, so I just smiled and sat in his seat. They were a very happy couple; the way the wife was tapping him to buy crisp reminded me of how little kids always want to pick up everything in the mall. He left a couple of times to either get a sandwich or a cup of tea; meanwhile we kept on passing this amazing scenery of the sea which definitely caught my attention and the man’s wife. The man adjacent to our seat noticed the excitement in our eyes when we saw the sea, somehow in one of the episodes of the elderly man getting up to go get something again the other man asked me to seat with him to get a better view of the sea.

From observing the sea, we got into a conversation that went from Peace studies, Arabian language, Religion, Art, Nature to Molecular Biology. In the course of the conversation, he said he couldn’t understand some of the words I spoke because of my accent and maybe his age is affecting him too (He’s English and probably in his late 60’s or 70’s). He said it in the most polite way, but I was quick to tell him it was Okay, I grew up in Nigeria and I have an accent. After that I slowed down in the way I spoke to him, and we had an amazing conversation although it was a short one because he got off about 30 minutes later.

I’m sure you are wondering why I am giving all that information. I have observed and heard many people complain that their accents or languages are often mocked, hence you see a couple of people trying so hard to change the way they sound if they get to leave their country. It’s amazing to see someone who went on a two weeks’ vacation to Dubai and comes back with an American accent (insert confused smiley). I watched a friend’s YouTube interview and in one of the comments someone said you still have your Nigerian accent, I couldn’t help laughing.


The truth is, everyone has got an accent, even in the UK someone living in Yorkshire sounds different from someone living in London or in Scotland. You should never feel sorry or shy you have an accent; the only issue is when it affects your communication but if you can be understood then that’s fine. Am I saying you shouldn’t aspire to sound different? No but don’t lose your Identity in the process. Nations have experienced violent conflicts because people wanted to be taught in their languages. Your environment and your mother-tongue has a way of influencing the way you speak; pretending to be someone else only robs you of your Identity.

So next time someone says you have an accent; don’t feel offended rather use it as an opportunity to bring up a healthy conversation. It will amaze you to know the stereotype people have; I heard one of the most hilarious stories from my cousin. She told her classmate she was from Nigeria and he responded, you must be poor then. Just thinking of it makes me laugh real hard. Cheers to all those who are upholding their identity and an encouragement to those who are struggling to retain theirs in a globalized world.

Loads of Love


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The journey to the top

When was the last time you did something for the first time? People often ask me what I do for fun, at the end of the day some end up saying it’s a boring life I have but I knew my view of fun was the unconventional type. I recently asked a friend Kolo on mountaineering some weeks back and he threw it open on Twitter; he did some research on the mountains in town even climbed some on his own.

The adrenaline rush just from the thought alone was extremely high, a few people turned up and we moved from knowing ourselves online to offline at least it’s not a case of @Royalamebo scam.  We were scheduled to meet at 7 a.m. after a little delay we headed off feeling all fly only to be stopped at the entrance. I never knew people own rocks in Abuja, like seriously… the man said we didn’t inform him before coming; we should come back later in the evening to discuss our plans with him *smh.  Our spirits were already getting dampened but Kolo suggested another mountain. I’m extremely glad we went on this adventure. Let me let the picture tell a better story.

In high spirits
Waiting for Kolo, Oma (L), Chika (R)
First site we visited
From Left Me, Attahiru, Chika, Segun, Kolo. We were feeling like tourist… this was just before we were evicted for “trespassing”.
The excitement of finding another site……
You can tell I was pretty excited
Oh yea, we made it … that’s what the picture says
More laughter
Beautiful view of Abuja
How can a selfie be missing from the many shots?
The climax
Started at the bottom and here we are….. at the TOP!!!
Caption this
Jabi Lake behind
Oma and I were smiling, but we couldn’t get to the edge
Kolo and Segun went a step further, my adventurous spirit couldn’t go beyond the rocks….. maybe next time
On our way down
She’ll definitely be a good brand ambassador for tooth-paste
Boss lady
We felt like kids here…. our journey to the bottom
Keep walking


I hope you enjoyed the story told by the pictures; we are planning another trip, probably to Gurara Falls or some other mountain. We keep on procrastinating, giving excuses why we can’t do something new. Truth is, there’s never a perfect time, the year is just starting and you may have made awesome plans which is very good but I hope you can make out time to have fun and do exciting things. You don’t have to own a bank or save up to go to Malta or the Bahamas (Although it will be fun places), look around you and you’ll definitely find out there’s something you can do alone or with people that will put not just a smile but laughter on your face.

Loads of Love


N/B : This post was scheduled for the end of last year but events took over but I had to stay true to my words….