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If you knew?

It was a Saturday morning, while doing my laundry I remembered I had a couple of fabrics with my tailor. I immediately put a call to him, hoping to get a date to come pick up my completed clothes. A … Continue reading

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Little Kehinde; the youngest hero

As kids we all had our heroes , my sisters always struggled to be one of the characters in Powerpuff Girls, thinking of it now I never bothered to find out their reason but I guess it had to do … Continue reading

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I lost him

There was this guy who was fond of me. He’s kinda macho; any guy who thought of anything stupid had him to contend with. He would call Munna that’s just a two syllable word Munna-chi-mu-so, yea that’s my sister’s name. He … Continue reading

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Ever heard of the phrase leading beyond the grave. We tend to hear someone’s dead and gone. Yesterday a memorial service was put together for not just a man but a great man Pastor Ina Omakwu who passed on, on … Continue reading

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