Do I pose a threat?

As a kid I always dreamt of a better country; I got interested in politics and looked forward to joining the House of Representative with the hope of ascending to the office of the President. Dreams do come true; I am an HONOURABLE MEMBER of the House of Representatives, I haven’t been able to pass any bill yet but I’m working on it. I’m entitled to a fee for each sitting and I’m thinking since I haven’t come up with a bill I can suggest “Wristwatch Allowance”. Please don’t go rolling your eyes, I need to be seated on time, a good and very expensive wristwatch will go a long way, still on the allowance the female members need to look their best especially their hair so I’ll put in a word for “Hair Allowance”.  DO I POSE A THREAT?

I grew up in a family where almost all my needs were met. Dad made sure my siblings and I were comfortable, mum ran a boutique to enable her spend more time with us cos’ dad was a Manager in the bank, we all know how time consuming it is. Down the road there was a misappropriation of funds by a junior staff; dad had to pay the price, he was fired, that was when everything went haywire. He became a shadow of himself, mom lost her boutique, we had to move into a smaller apartment, and our lifestyles had to change. I needed to keep up with the Joneses; a friend of a friend introduced me to a line of servicing business. All I needed to do was a few minutes of pleasure, travel as an escort on business trips.  These men needed my extraordinary services, a friend once told me ‘My gift will make way for me and cause me to stand before great men’ although in this case my gift is making me lie down close to great men.  DO I POSE A THREAT?

My childhood days were marred with sexual abuse; my uncle at home did a great deal of baby-sitting. He went beyond baby-sitting to bed-coaching; he did a lot of horrible things to me. I couldn’t tell anyone at home; mum had warned that I’ll get pregnant if any guy touched me, uncle had touched me so many times but I wasn’t yet pregnant so I really didn’t know what to tell mum. I grew up with that secret, guys were monsters to me, and they all reminded me of uncle. I gained admission into the university; became a loner and an avid reader at least my good grades could make me feel good. I met a bookie like me in the library; we became friends, she always had my back, she introduced me into the world of lesbianism, something didn’t feel right on the inside. I was faced with the same problem of silence again, the church would have been my best bet but I heard, people like me were given the award WORST SINNERS EVER LIVED. I didn’t need to be treated like an outcast so I kept on struggling on my own to break loose. DO I POSE A THREAT?

Isn’t it amazing to have a Nation that proffers solution to our problems? They have answered the 3rd question for us by signing a Bill of a 14 year jail term. I have a few more questions

  • Are we saying a jail term will automatically change their sexual preference?
  • What happens after a person has served time?
  • Is there any Bill for child molesters?
  • Is there any Bill for Corrupt Public officers?

I did a post on something similar in the past; you can read it up here They should be jailed in fact stoned to death   While we are casting our net to catch the supposed culprits, our little girls are getting raped, three men are still walking free after molesting a young lady did I mention it was anal rape for three consecutive years, here’s the story Stripped at midday  who knows maybe those men declared drinks on the day the bill was passed. Do I applaud homosexuality? NO; just the same way we all need to stick to God’s original plan for sexual intimacy. If we want to portray ourselves as a moral society then there should be a Bill in place for all sexual offenders including homosexuality, adultery, fornication, bestiality, paedophilia etc. We need to go the whole nine yards. With the outburst, I see a group of people filled with hate for their fellow human beings some people even suggested death for the culprits. May God help us all as we practise selective religion?



 N/B: This post was written on the 24th of January.


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It was a typical day. Got off to work. Needed some money and had to stop by the bank to use the ATM, inserted my card and punched in all the required digits waiting to hear the sound of the notes rolling out, only to be greeted with “Sorry machine unable to dispense cash“. * red face with two horns” . You know that feeling when you just used the last money in your wallet to get to the ATM *smh .

Anyway fortunately for me it was my bank so I had to go to the banking hall. DEAR LORD!!! you can’t imagine the queue. Since I had no choice, I joined the queue. Needed to get busy with something to divert my attention from the anger welling up on my inside. So I started tweeting and got lost in it. Suddenly there was a change in the atmosphere. I could feel his presence around me and it was so intense. I had to look up from my phone to spot him and he was nowhere in sight but I could swear he just entered the banking hall. Then it hit me, Reaction by Kenneth Cole. Someone was wearing the cologne and I thought he was the person.

The woman with the Alabaster box broke it at Jesus’ feet and the whole atmosphere changed, even when she was gone the fragrance lingered on. Acts 4 vs 13 “Now when they saw the boldness and unfettered eloquence of Peter & John and perceived that they were unlearned and untrained in the school, they marveled; and they recognised they had been with Jesus” AMP .

Now I ask what fragrance do you exude. When your name pops up in someone’s head, what comes to their mind? When someone meets you, can they tell you’ve ever been with Jesus without you mentioning the bible or church? Do you exude a sweet smelling fragrance or a pungent smell like ammonia? One thing we fail to realise, our fragrance stays back when we are gone. The other day I passed by a refuse dump and the smell was out of this world, although I had left the area I could still perceive it.

I won’t go through the pains of bringing up our “supposed” hidden character (because the list won’t get exhausted). I’ll let you do the soul searching. No one knows you better than you. Take a seat and have a “me-time”, just you and yourself alone and talk. Be honest too. Get a pen and paper, analyse yourself and score yourself. Isn’t it just awesome to set the exam by yourself, write it and still mark it . NICE !!!

We are the SALT of the earth, if we lose our taste what will become of the world? We bring light to a dark place, we change the atmosphere with our presence. Question is, what’s the impact of that change? Is it in a positive or negative direction?

Are there areas in your life, you know deep down emits a foul smell, then start working on it. On the contrary people long to have your sweet smelling fragrance all over them, keep at it while you inspire people to be like you.

Loads of Love