Are we still playing Church?

Accidents in Abuja are usually crazy; I don’t know if the good roads have become a curse. Cars now fly in town, from seeing a car fly off Berger Bridge to another one using Apo round-about as the run-way to take off. In all of this chaos be sure to see lots of people who become analysers/sympathisers. On my way out yesterday in a taxi I noticed a cluster of people as well as parked cars, I didn’t need a soothsayer to tell me it was an accident. The strangest thing happened when the driver pulled over to the side and when I said Oga dey go now he said I should come down that the affected driver is his brother. This guy didn’t even think of the money he will lose all he knew was an aboki brother needed help. This got me thinking of my Christian walk, how often have I stopped to help a wounded soldier.

For a while now I’ve been questioning some things I’ve observed in our local churches. At some point I thought something was wrong with me but all those lingering thoughts in my heart were justified with a few messages I listened to. During our weekly service on Friday, we basically spent the entire time praying for Nigeria but my heart was really burdened when we were asked to pray for the church.


If you are a regular visitor on this blog, you’ll know my stance on the Church; you can read up Audience of One. We were encouraged to look for a message by Pastor Emmanuel Bosun on ‘Exposing the truth of Nigeria’ he sure doesn’t ring a bell. He’s currently a member of the National Confab. Please I beg of you, if you are a Nigerian search for his message on You-Tube. Remember in this age of information, ignorance is a choice.

I won’t bore you with the entire message but I need to scream it really loud it’s time we killed the enemy known as division in the Church. We gather every Sunday to pray down Heaven and even rain fire and brimstone on our ‘enemies’. Forgetting the worst enemy to fight is the enemy within. We’re supposed to be known first, as Christians before the names of our Churches rather we’ve put the cart before the horse.  We’re all known by our beautiful church names, it’s more of a class thing. If you want pretty ladies go to this church, if you want deliverance or amazing praise and worship then there’s a perfect church for it.

While we are playing Church the devil is sowing seeds of discord among the Churches. You can’t marry outside your church or receive the Holy Communion and so on. My brethren I beseech you by the mercies of God let’s get rid of this baby monster growing. I hear Turkey was once a Christian Nation but as I speak it is 99.8% Muslim with 0.2% Christians and Jews. Can’t we see we are no longer practising what the early Christians did, they all shared everything together and I’m sure they shared the hard times too.

We need to come together and fight the enemy, Nigeria belongs to the Lord. We are crying cos’ Boko Haram is killing our brothers and sisters but if we don’t wake up soon, we’ll one day realise they’ve taken over Nigeria and someone will have to tell our kids who can’t find any church again that there was a time we had more than one church on a street. For the records, this post is written to everyone who identifies with the Church regardless of your order of service.

Loads of Love.


N/B Aboki – An hausa word for friend .




This conversation went on, over the phone.
Jessica : Hey what’s up?
Abimbola : I’m fine and you?
Jessica : I am hanging in,meanwhile heard some gist…
Abimbola : Hmm what gist?
Jessica : You remember Nkem, that girl in our class that had all the guys drooling after her.
Abimbola : Yea I remember her, the hour glass girl.
Jessica : Heard she’s pregenant.
Abimbola : *surprised face* I knew it. That girl looked promiscuous and I won’t be surprised if she doesn’t know who fathered the child.


This conversation took place between two guys in a car.
Obi : Wow did you just see that guy we passed.
T-Boy : OMG!!! He’s so fat.
Obi : Are you saying fat? I’m thinking he’s obesed. I’m just imagining the amount of food he consumes. Lord have mercy.
T-Boy : If I were a girl I will feel insulted if someone like him walks up to me.


Now you just imagined two scenes in a movie. You only saw the hot looking lady who’s pregnant and the “obesed guy” but what you didn’t see is the other side. Nkem is your lady down the road who got molested sexually leading to the pregnancy and the “Obesed guy”, had a near – fatal accident leaving him on bed rest for six months which led to an excessive weight gain.

hold it

Does this ring a bell? How often have we passed judgement on people based on our one sided perception. You kinda know it all more like a “living encyclopedia” that’s got all of life’s set-backs and causes. So for every set-back someone goes through, you have a reason why.

Can we just cut it on the analysis. When someone’s going through a phase it’s not a time to start tracing the dots and start a “You should have done”.. They don’t need that now it may come in handy later but what they need at the moment is a shoulder to lean on and sometimes they don’t need you to talk, just your prescence goes a long way, there are many messages passed on in silence.

A similar scene played out in the Bible John 9 vs 1 – 3 ” … His disciples asked Him Rabbi, who sinned, this man or his parents, causing him to be born blind? Jesus said you are asking the wrong question. You’re looking for someone to BLAME. There is no cause – effect here. Look instead what God can do. ” MSG

Is someone you know going through a phase, lend a helping hand today in whatever way. You could call, text or just go there and stare at nothing with the person. You may not solve the problem but you would have succeded in lifting the person’s spirit and given the person a resolve to pass through that phase with strength and vigour. By doing this you’ll be etched on the surface of their heart.


Above all, Our Heavenly Father will be smiling down on you knowing He’s been represented well on earth for you might be the only form of Angel they’ll encounter on earth. Like Jesus will say “Go and do likewise”.

Loads of Love