Two men came along…..

For a while now, I’ve been praying for a man in my life, incidentally I wasn’t the only one on Heaven’s helpline; my mom and two sisters were equally praying. Ladies don’t go acting like you don’t know what I’m referring to …. but on a second thought, do you really know? Sit back and enjoy the story of how two men came into my life in less than two years.

In the beginning God created male and female; in my case there was the female but no male. We are three girls in the family aka daddy’s girls, three angels. We all wanted a brother although the absence of one while growing up unconsciously made us pseudo boys. The only thing we didn’t try was changing the tyres of a car. The prayers went up regularly; four years, six years, ten years, fifteen years and still nothing with all the miscarriages that happened along the road but we kept on believing. My mom is one strong woman, she had so much faith that she’ll give birth again, she made sure no one mishandled the big pram in the house which by the way should be in a museum; that particular type is rear now, in fact I was carried in it (so you can understand my drift).

After sixteen years she took in and the day she told me, if I say I was shocked it would have been an understatement. You know, we often pray for mind-blowing blessings and when we finally receive it we simply can’t believe it. On the 21st of December 2011 Somtobenna, Udezurumba, David, Orlando Jr was born. Oh! You don’t want to know the joy he brought to everyone who saw him. He made the story of Sarah come alive in the 21st century.Just when we were getting used to having a brother, God blesses my mom with another boy. I wanted one boy (man) but God sent two boys (men) along.
I don’t know what you have desired for so long and with each passing day it gets harder to believe it’ll ever come to pass. It may just seem impossible with you but my dear, that’s where God specializes. He loves to wow us with testimonies. Science has told us women above 45 have passed their biological clock bla bla bla, but hey!!! We serve a God who calls things into existence from nothing. A God who created the world we see with Words. Is there anything too hard for the Lord? God is not slack in confirming His Word.
What is your last word? At the end of the day, whose report will you believe in? The Word of God should be our reference point. What does the Word say concerning that situation you’re currently going through? I’ll end with the lyrics of Bless the Lord by Tye Tribbett & G.A.
God is able to do
Just what He said He’ll do
He’s gonna fulfil, every promise to you
Don’t give up on God
Cos He won’t give up on you

Loads of Love