Man in the 21st Century by Ben

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The world is changing, human is evolving…….

In my view, who is the 21st century man?

He is one that recognizes that he is human and that’s it!

He understands that males & females are human and none is more superior than the other.

He is willing to lead or let another take the lead – male or female.

He is not threatened by the female species

He accepts that a female partner is a co-pilot and not a support or mere help. 

He understands that he is only half of the equation! She is the other half and no half is more important than the other.

He understands that submission is a 2-way street! We are submissive to each other.

A real man will empower his female partners, friends & relatives to grow!

He becomes the wind beneath their wings!

He allows a woman a voice – yes, she is human too!

“don’t argue with a woman” – that is a phrase he does not acquiesce to at all!

“she is only a woman” – that is a phrase he detests!

“women are the weaker vessels” – that is a phrase he doesn’t believe at all!

 For him, marriage is partnership! It is team work and all team members are equally important!

It is not a military camp where the man is the commandant!

He treats his wife with the same respect he accords his great friends.

He understands the significance of being nice over being right!

He engages reason – not sentiments or ego.

He takes charge – not take control!

So, we live in a world where many things are happening!

The real man’s job is to be a real man! And a real man evolves!


Ben is a man I admire, he’s married to a 21st century woman who is strong and has a thriving career. Ben is not threatened by his wife. Be like Ben


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