Is God dead?

Is God dead

Time Magazine 1966 cover page had the inscription ‘Is God dead’? A few years ago my local Church had a response for Time Magazine. It was our annual youth week; part of the activities lined up was to see a movie. God’s not dead was chosen, I hadn’t seen nor heard of it and a few adults were supposed to accompany them to the Cinema. A quick review on the movie left me disappointed, which influenced my decision not to go. Fast forward two weeks after the movie, I was told the same movie the youths saw will be the basis for our teaching in Church. Here I was without a clue of what happened in the movie and expected to start up a conversation/teach my students.

Thankfully someone had the movie and gave it to me, I reluctantly sat down to quickly run through the movie. Thirty minutes into the movie I gradually started to relax to watch it. Somehow my eyes gets a little moist when the debate between the Professor and his Student starts on the existence of God. The tears would eventually stream down during the rest of the movie. Deep issues on Christianity were asked, it was so appropriate for the youths as they try to make sense of their faith daily. I equally had to ask myself certain questions.

You’re probably wondering if we are about to have a religious/philosophical debate on the existence of God. Not really but stay with me a little longer. We have seen different names for various generations from Generation X, Y, Z and recently Alpha. While these names are separated by the years they occur, the 21st century introduced a phenomenon that transcends years. According to the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) the United Nations (UN) specialized agency for Information & Communication Technologies (ICT) at the end of 2016 seven billion people (95% of the global population) live in an area that is covered by a mobile-cellular network. Almost everyone has access to tons of information through the internet. While this should be a good trend it has a flip side.

Half truth

There’s an urgency to soak up a lot of information, hence we don’t have “time” to really understand one before moving to the next big news/headline. A new name has been coined, “The headline generation”, we are plagued with just reading the headlines or just a few lines of an article and we think it’s sufficient enough to draw conclusions or even make us experts in the subject matter. This has led to people using 140 characters to give misinformed information, and presidents of countries are not left out. This urgency has left us at the mercy of reviewers like in the case with my movie. Behind such reviews we forget one fundamental thing which is the criteria for reviewing. We definitely do not have a universal set of indicators for review, the reviewers have different influencing factors. Do we have a benchmark for reviewing information gotten from the internet?

Truth be told many of us have shared information we had not read entirely, we just see a catching headline and we share. Proverbs 18:13 MSG “Answering before listening is both stupid and rude” while AMP says he who answers before he hears the facts it is folly and shame to him”. Permit me to add he/she who reads a headline, a few lines and shares the information without having the facts is shameful.

Can we start to look beyond the headlines, whatever your headline is? Can we learn to dig beyond the surface? Can we be more patient to spend more time to understand why people act in a particular way? Can we wait a little longer before making a conclusion over what we heard a friend said about us? Can we truly be an enlightened generation not an illiterate-halftruth-misinformed-enlightened one? To respond to Time Magazine God is not dead, He’s living sitting in Heaven with Jesus Christ.

God is not dead.jpg

Loads of Love


 N/B A series on the Man in the 21st century and his role as we continue to see a shift in gender roles will be coming up next week. How do Men live with Women breaking glass ceilings? Both men and women will be writing in. I’m excited at the conversation it’ll generate.

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2 Responses to Is God dead?

  1. Oge says:

    I wish the headlines generation can look even beyond the title and read through this.

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