Keep your hands raised

We are currently living in times where the division is so glaring; and that division has brought about differing opinions leading to crisis. But in the midst of all this division, football has remained a unifying factor. It remains one sport where every player on the field regardless of race, religion, sexual orientation have one thing in common which is to score a goal for their club or country. It’s really a sight to see the huge turnout of spectators in the stadium but what is more interesting is the reaction they give when their team scores a goal. From those shouting it’s a goal, to those with priceless expressions on their faces to thousands of hands lifted up; thinking about it now leaves a smile on my face.

There’s something about a lifted hand, it is not just peculiar to football or other sports. As a rule while swimming if you’re experiencing any form of drowning keep your hands up to float. Moses one of the greatest leaders in the Bible isn’t left out; Exodus 17 : 8-13 tells an amazing story. Israel was attacked by the Amalekites, although Moses instructed Joshua to select some men to go into battle, the victory they needed wasn’t found in the strength of the warriors rather something that seemed foolish in the sight of men. But hasn’t God told us He has chosen the weak things of this world to confound the wise, that’s exactly what Moses did. “It turned out that whenever Moses raise his hands, Israel was winning but whenever he lowered his hands, Amalek was winning…” Exodus 17:11-13 MSG.

Who would have imagined such an act to produce victory, but then again we serve a Living God whose ways are past finding out, the earth is His and all that is in it. One thing that still baffles non-believers is the concept of salvation, they can’t still wrap their mind around the fact that One Man, Jesus Christ paid the price of death by crucifixion and was resurrected and all we have to do is believe in His death and resurrection and we’ll be saved. They are wondering isn’t their supposed to be some hard labour to make it to heaven but thank God we are not saved by works. This is seen in the battle of the Israelites, to the natural eyes the battle was taking place on the field with arrows and swords but an over-riding force done by just one man was influencing hundreds of people.

Someone who came around when Moses’ hands were dropped would probably have left thinking the Amalekites won but that’s a lesson for us all, don’t be too hasty in drawing conclusions for the end of a thing is better than the beginning, neither is the race to the swift. Moses was wise enough to take two people with him, in our walk here on earth we need each other, and no one is an island. Ecc 4:9 sums it up “two are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed”.  Imagine for a second the outcome of the battle if Moses went up the hill alone? We need more relationships that enable us keep our hands up when we are tired because those days will surely come. And when I say raised hands it’s beyond the physical hands but rather a sign of total surrender to God and belief in His already won victory. Our hands are raised up even when we are sick, when we at cross-roads, when we are hard-pressed on every side, when it looks like the world is caving in on us. Yes!!! Through all of that our hands are still raised because we believe He who started the good work in us never abandons it half-way.

As long as you believe in Jesus Christ, you’re in the winning team, we stay winning all through. The journey to victory may not be a bump-free ride but we know we can never loose in our Christian walk. The ultimate question is, what is your definition of victory and whose definition are you living by? May we not get distracted with what is happening around us but keep our eyes focused on Jesus. Prayerfully align yourself with those who can “raise your hands” for you and equally be a hand-raiser for someone else. See you on the winning lane.

Loads of Love


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  1. EmekaIhedoro says:

    See you on the winning lane #withliftedhands

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    Keep your hands raised

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