Unearthing my beliefs

We were getting to the end of the service when the announcement was made, “the grace for the communion is for all but only a particular set of people are allowed to partake in the communion”. It was my lunch break and I went out with a colleague turned friend, on our way out I mentioned my water baptism was taken place in a few days and he could come around. And he responds I thought you have been baptized already as an infant. He wasn’t wrong, I was born an Anglican and went through the tradition of infant baptism by sprinkling, although I tried to explain the importance of full immersion baptism, he got disinterested and said all you Pentecostal people.

What does the communion mean to the body of Christ – Church? What instruction was given by the One who instituted it? What is the symbolism of baptism? Why do some Churches baptize their infants while others wait till one is fully aware and can make decisions? I painted these two pictures to cause us to think deeply on what we’ve been taught all our lives as Christians. I’m pretty sure you’ve some questions in your heart concerning some of the practices in your Church. Somehow we grew up with the mindset of otu o odi na mbu k’oga digide (how it was in the beginning is so shall it be) hence we don’t ask questions.

I have been examining what I believe as a Christian, I haven’t been to all the Churches in the world but I have been to a few and with each new location comes another experience of another Church. This has exposed me to the various practices as well as traditions. Sometimes I find myself disagreeing with some messages or the order of service but I’m grateful for those moments cos’ it created the desire to know why.

I’m on a journey to give an informed answer to what I believe in and why I believe in it. To be honest this is a journey you take alone, there’s something about staying alone, and God said Abraham leave your kinsmen, and Jacob was alone when he wrestled with the Angel of God, and Mary was alone when the Angel of the Lord visited her. Am I saying you should cut others out? No. We live in trying times, yes we live in a globalised world, we can access the world and loads of information with a touch of a button but that can’t save us from the evil one.

There’s a raging war going on, within and without. There’s a fight for territory, the devil’s tactics hasn’t changed, he came after the identity of Jesus Christ when he came to tempt Him and he’s still doing that now. We can’t depend on some traditions or practices put together by men to lead our lives and fight for what’s rightfully ours. Who’s feeding your spirit daily, what informs your decisions?

If you’re currently living in Nigeria, you would have experienced some discomfort coming from the instability in the economy, yes the love of money is the root of all evil but you’ll realize money answers all things and we sure need it as a tool to achieve a lot. Many Christians shy away from this truth and the Bible has given us the solution “seek the kingdom of heaven and it’s righteousness and all these things (including money) will be added unto you.

Christians all over associate with Abraham who the Bible records is the father of righteousness. I want to know what it means to be righteous, what amount of work do i have to do, what are the do’s and don’ts, how can i remain righteous? These and many more led me to the book of Romans. I’ll be sharing what i learn in the next 16 days from each chapter.

I’m not sure what to expect, but I’m definitely sure things will be put into a better perspective, i would have stripped off a great deal of legalism. I’m relying on the Holy Spirit to dig up the true essence of righteousness. The aim isn’t about what’s right or wrong rather to know God’s heart concerning this issue and to take off the veil preventing us from direct access to the Father. I hope you will join me on this journey.

Loads of Love


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