You can’t kiss me

He had just scooped her up; with so much excitement in her eyes, he instantly tried to peck her and the words came out ‘You can’t kiss me’. Last week in Church we had the children’s Sunday service. They practically led the entire service from the Praise and Worship to the Sermon. It was a sight to behold especially the drummer who made me smile, just staring at him beating those drums. In the midst of all that a little boy who came in late was supposed to join the children on stage during the praise session but he was shy. His dad had to follow him to the front; sat down and had a father to son pep talk. I was interested in seeing what would happen; and after a while the little boy climbed the stage and his father didn’t move from that spot because the boy smiled whenever he looked in the direction of his father.

Back to the first story; the girl who said that is a little girl who’s probably 6 or 7 years old, we had arrived for a programme and one of us, a man was playing with her. You don’t know how happy I was to hear those words she said, I couldn’t imagine the pride in her mom when people applauded her for instilling such teachings in her daughter. I had a colleague who said she doesn’t allow her daughter sit on men’s laps whether they are her brothers or her husband’s; a friend felt she was too extreme. Another friend told me of a 3 year old girl who died and when an autopsy was carried out on her they found huge deposits of sperm inside her.

Looking at those little children on Sunday I was moved to tears at their innocence; and in the midst of that I just wondered why anyone would want to hurt them. For as much as I couldn’t figure it out it doesn’t mean it doesn’t happen. I have heard many cases of child abuse; it breaks my heart and often times the parents never knew it was happening. It’s even worse when it happens right in their homes. I watch a documentary Animal Super Parents on BBC 1 every Friday evening.

The Cichlid a type of fish protects her young by keeping them in her mouth without feeding at the same time, I watched a frog dig through mud just to provide water for the tadpoles and it was bleeding while doing it, the female octopus after laying her eggs protects them from predators, blows currents of water on them to receive oxygen; this could go on until the eggs are hatched for up to 10 months depending on the species and she doesn’t feed. At about the time the eggs hatch the mother dies. You might have thought in the past parenting only appeals to humans, guess it’s about time to think again.


No matter how the child came into the world they are gifts given to us by God. It’s our responsibility to nurture, protect and provide for them. The world is global, yes we can reach anywhere with just a click of a button but at the same time we are exposed to loads of information and our kids are not left out. We can’t continue to live in denial when it comes to our discussion with children. Gone are the days when we used funny names to refer to parts of the body. The kids in this generation are pretty smart and inquisitive too, they want to know and if we are not there to give them the right and appropriate information they will get it elsewhere and I bet you, 7 out of 10 times they get the wrong information. Here’s to everyone who has assumed the role of a parent to either their biological, adopted, young siblings or students, may you never lack the wisdom to bring up the gifts of children in the right way, may you have the right words to say to them when they bring questions and may you continue to protect them.

Loads of Love