My journey so far…

I thought i should share this, we live in times where we don’t necessarily have to speak for the entire day to convince anyone of the existence of God. We just let His works speak for Him. A great testimony and it definitely caused a leap in my spirit. When God sets out to do the impossible He makes sure we are left awestruck. Pastor M thanks for sharing.

just us girls naija

Hey people

Finally I’m here. Yes, I know you’ve been looking for me. It’s okay you don’t have to act like you haven’t been checking to see if I’ve blogged or not. Lol! I know you have. So here I am…

It’s definitely been one roller coaster since #3NITSP. I know I owe you pictures. I put a few up on my instagram page @pastormildred but I will put up more on the blog or @justusgirlsnaija instagram page later once I get my system sorted out.

Barely had the time as I left almost immediately after and this America Ehn! It takes a bit to settle down.
Well, now that I’m all settled in and finally stopped sulking like a teenager who’s been sent off to boarding school. I can actually start blogging again. I can promise I will try not to complain about being here but I can’t promise…

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