Failure and the Nigerian Youths

I have a flat-mate who has opposing political views with me especially in our current choice of leaders. Most of the time we are together; we usually end up with a debate, someone passing by may just think there’s some form of misunderstanding. I had to end the last one cos’ I was beginning to have a headache. Don’t get me wrong, he’s got some valid points… well in his opinion while on the other hand I’ve got mine too which doesn’t go down well with him.

On the 14th of February Nigerians will be heading to the polls to decide who rules them for the next 4 years. There are a couple of candidates but with the outpour on SM and the News it’s as though there are only 2 candidates. I have my reservations for the 2 of them, on one hand there’s a 72 year old retired Military General and former Military Head of State and on the other hand there’s the current President. I’ll share a few thoughts; the retired general has been credited with fighting corruption when he ruled in 1983-1985. His campaign strategy has been all about CHANGE. A few Editorials quoted the current President as saying he was going to run for only 1 tenure in 2011, whatever the case he’s a candidate now. A few questions, why do we still have a 72 year old presidential candidate who may have good intentions but more suitable to give advice to our leaders and if it’s true the President wasn’t going to run, what changed?

There’s been a lot of dirty digging up all in the name of campaign strategy. Instead of focusing on the ‘good works’ their candidates have done in the past and let it speak for them. Regardless of what we say both the current President and the retired Military General have something they’ve done in the past that was good for the country. A lot of young Nigerians have lost friends as a result of their individual political candidates; some have become political analyst on Facebook, others are expressing their outburst at the various candidates and even decided not to cast their vote cos they can’t find a suitable candidate. Over the holiday I asked a relative who I respect so much why we still have the kind of candidates we have, even a 72 year old and he said and I quote ‘the youths have failed’.

Although it was sad to hear him say it but I knew it was indeed the hard truth. How many of us can take up the mantle of leadership if we were given the opportunity? How informed are we of the country? How many of us can represent the country on the international scene? What percentage of leadership skills do we have; and I’m not referring to just occupying an SUG position in the university which was gotten probably by rigging? How many followers have we made by our character? What report is given about us in the workplace, school or by our employees?

A friend was totally upset when he found out SSCE is the minimum criteria to run for the office of the President. Is he saying those who end their academic career in secondary school are not eligible for leadership positions? NO, but more is required. We need leaders who have been coached even from childhood and not someone who stumbles upon it cos of regional rotation.

The youths are called the leaders of tomorrow but we may just remain youths for the rest of our lives if we keep on having recycled leaders. If we don’t wake up, we will all be repeating the same old thing in 2019. Nigeria is strategically located in Africa, whether her children believe it or not, she’s GREAT. May peace prevail during the elections and after it in Nigeria, and above all may God’s will prevail.

While we are getting ready to head to the polls, let us not forget our Soldiers who are constantly fighting for Nigeria, May God strengthen the families of our fallen HEROES. #ARMEDFORCESREMEMBRANCEDAY.

Rememberance day


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7 Responses to Failure and the Nigerian Youths

  1. boyi Auston says:

    If they are clamouring for “change” then their principal officer himself needs more of that change.
    I am not a politician but we can’t fold our hands and see someone who has not even SSCE certificate to present to INEC will drive the change we need.
    A living dog is better than a dead lion they said. Let us not allow ourselves to be used by the mere words of his mouth because it is on record that millions of dollars were missing when he was chairman of PTF and he can’t account for it how much more the whole of Nigeria economy.
    The incumbent might not get it right now but certainly a 72 year old man can NEVER salvage the country economy.
    He was once there and if he was that good why was he over thrown
    Thank you and God bless Nigeria

    • JMAD says:

      Thanks Boyi, i share a lot of your thoughts with you. Incidentally i used the phrase ‘a living dog is better than a lion’. God bless Nigeria. Thanks for your response.

  2. Ronald Baker says:

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  3. hrh7 says:

    Just saying- I have not failed. And I’m a youth.

    • JMAD says:

      Well when we rally behind a presidential candidate who’s above 70 cos’ we have no other option… Is he not a good candidate? Not the point. Rather we need younger leaders. You’re not a failure, i am not but collectively we have but we’ve got the future to right our wrongs.

      • hrh7 says:

        No political debates intended here.
        I just wanted to point out a crucial point.
        And, the youth as a movement continually rise. Have faith in yourself. Have faith in the world.
        Teach those who rise how to stand shoulders held high.
        But my name is Obianuju and I’m NOT a failure.

      • JMAD says:

        Don’t worry dear. I am super optimistic in ways you can’t imagine besides we have the Holy Spirit. And i understand where you are coming from. Let’s continue to make a difference in our little area of influence even as it translates to the world.

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