#Imagine Sri Lanka, through the lens of Manavi


Manavi Perera is an MA student in International Relations at the University of Sheffield

The situation in Sri Lanka is better than it was 7 years ago, before the war ended.

But if I were to imagine an ideal Sri Lanka, it would be one where the news would not have to report violence against the minorities; while the government watches religious leaders inspire racism.

I would imagine a nation where war heroes are not imprisoned because of personal grudges of the President.

 I would imagine a nation where the government is willing to invest in education of children instead of providing for their immediate families.

I would like to take one step further from war. to live in a nation where no one would have to work just to provide the bare minimum for their families; Where we would all be Sri Lankans not just ‘them’ and ‘us’ based on personal wealth; where you don’t have to have a white – collar job to be treated humanely.

I live in an island I’m proud to call home, but I’d like to live in a nation that can truly be called the pearl of the Indian Ocean; not just for its beauty but for the values we uphold.


Met Manavi in Sheffield MUN, while she calls me Germany and i call her USA cos she was the delegate representing the country. She performed so well that you would have thought she was American, she was well informed of the American policies and I wasn’t surprised when she won the award for Best Delegate.

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