#Imagine Poland, through the lens of Aleksandra


In order to be able to imagine Poland at peace we would have to firstly make 3 things happen:

  1. a) reincarnate the Pope Jean Paul 2nd
  2. b) make the Pope the president of Poland
  3. c) the conspiracy theory surrounding the death of the president in the plane crash in 2010 should be solved and if President Putin is behind it would have to stand down from the position of king of the world. Poland would take over power over Central and East Europe and redirect its flow of immigration from rich west to poor but rich in resources east…

 Ok, I might be getting over my head a little bit. It just seems like there is so many conditions that would have to be met before Poland could became peaceful. But since I was allowed to drink wine while I write this, I may just get over with it (the text, not the bottle of wine!).

 If I had to imagine Poland without religion, it would be an amazingly peaceful, liberal state which would finally get control over big % of its land that is now owned by the church and nobody gives a fudge about paying tax from it. So Poland without religion would be also a rich country, therefore 15 million of Polish people could come back from immigration from West Europe, cos we would be the West that rules the East. Hell yeah! A Poland at peace would be therefore probably overpopulated with all that people back from immigration.

 If I had to imagine Poland without possessions I would have to open a bottle of vodka instead of wine for this essay. One of the biggest joys for every person from Poland is to hate and to envy. “Look at that neighbour; I am sure he took a lot of bribes to get the new car.” Wealthy people must always be evil and got their money by cheating others (preferably the poor hard working neighbours). Poland at peace, without religion and possessions would be a very nice place, nobody from Poland would like to live in, because then they wouldn`t have anything to complain about (complaining is a Polish national sport). No need for greed or hunger… wait wait no need for greed? Greed is the main motivation for all Polish people.

Ok to be honest, when I imagine Poland at peace I think about nation that is not frustrated and poor. I imagine 40 million of people who are earning decent money for their hard work and can afford decent life without humiliation. I imagine millions of polish students who with their Master degrees are having actual jobs that fit their qualifications instead of washing dishes ant toilets in West Europe. I imagine families that are living happily together instead of having “EU-orphans” and broken up relationships. I imagine country where the only reason for people to leave its borders is to travel, not to immigrate because of economic reasons. I imagine land where people are educated enough not to blindly belief in religious patriarchs.  I could live in Poland where people smile at you when you walk into bus instead of looking with reluctance. Maybe in 100 years.

 Aleksandra Czech a slightly frustrated immigrant from Poland (if there would be a contest for Miss of Sarcasm I would win), who does not plan to go back to the country until she is on her retirement (paid preferably by the Norwegian government). But in 50 years from now Poland should be better off without post-communist generations. I would open an animal shelter in the polish countryside and hug all the kitties and puppies. More: http://alexandraczech.com


From the moment I got Aleksandra to write in, she’s took me through rounds of hilarious messages. In the midst of sarcasm her message is passed across.


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