#Imagine Egypt, through the lens of Hussein


Hussein Salahaldin is a Development and Peace studies Bachelor student at Bradford University. Last week, the former President Hosni Mubarak was set free and becomes innocent of killing hundreds of peaceful demonstrators in Jan 2011 and the corruption accusations during his rule for 30 years. This adjudication represents a dramatic shock for the revolutionary dreams of better Egypt. It becomes hard to dream in such home that ignorance and corruption only dominate and control. However, I am a dreamer of a peaceful Egypt that I believe one day will become more than a dream. I dream of the revolution that changes everything. I do not mean a revolution that changes the political regime but I mean the revolution that radically changes people’s ideas, beliefs, behaviors and their representations to each others. I dream of revolution that occurs in all institutions and sectors of society. I dream of living in a society that practice Islam in the way of its prophet Muhammad and his companions did. We need the Islam that calls for tolerance as the basic pillar for change and dealing with our Christian partners, not the one that some trickily use and misinterpret to justify their authoritarian extreme policies. I dream of a peaceful society that supports its members without politically, economically or religiously categorizing each others, the society that concerns for its weakest part of it and tries to improve it. This society should represent all people as equal to get the chances to respectfully and humanly live. The society that equally shares the national resources and contribute in pushing the economic forward.

I dream of well-founded Egyptian families that represent the source of moral society. Moreover, I imagine that we need a cultural and educational uprising that liberate our children’s minds and that makes my brother to dream for being an astronaut without the others making fun of him for his innocent dream. Our kids need Egypt that cares and works on their hobbies and ambitions to make it real. The Egypt I dream is the land of science and arts. The Egypt I imagine that will be led by both youth’s fresh passion to produce new promising future and the help of old people with their wisdom and experience of the past.

We need Egypt that respects the right of its people to have their own ideas and decisions free of all kinds of misleading effects. I dream of freer Egypt, that freedom formulates the Law, which people will adopt because they were free to choose it. I dream of more ethical prisons system, in which the prisons mission is to reform the criminals and make them better citizens that can help their society that would equally accept them.  I dream of Egypt that has no human and animal rights organizations because the human beings’ and animals’ rights are fulfilled. I dream of the constitution of Utopian society. Finally, I dream with cultural and moral revolution that formulates a new society. I dream of a peaceful home for my children that make them proud to belong to it ^_^.


Hussein doesn’t just want a revolution that is political but one that radically changes people’s ideas and beliefs.

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2 Responses to #Imagine Egypt, through the lens of Hussein

  1. Thank you for putting it in such simple terms. I will not change a single word for I too do dream of a Utopian Cameroon. It is hard to find people wanting to be different from the norm, and it is always a blessing to hear young people dreaming and wanting a different perspective on life. Keep imagining Hussein and I pray that your dreams do come true. They start becoming a reality when you step up and begin making a difference in your own life and family and friends.

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