My account from the witness box


If you are a regular reader on this blog, you might have read my experience in prison, it indeed changed my perception to life. Thankfully I’m not in prison today but I am in court to defend myself. Just before I let out what happened, can you guess the crime I committed? This is one of those moments I wish I can get into every reader’s mind to know what they are thinking of at the moment.

It was Friday night and I had just boarded the Coach heading to Manchester for Festival of Praise, the coach was almost full cos it was a connecting coach so I had to make my way to the back to find a seat. Fortunately there was an empty seat with a guy sitting by the window. We greeted each other and somehow started off a conversation. In the course of the chat I found out he was going to the concert too; it was some good news cos my friends and I are not conversant with the city. Since he was going for the concert I assumed he was a Christian so I told him ‘I take it you’re a Christian’ and he says NO. That definitely made me curious and I asked him why he was going since it was a Christian event and he responded, he wanted to see what it was like. When I went further to ask if he had Christian friends, he said yes but said he hasn’t become one cos none of them have been able to convince him to believe.

While I was digesting it, he asked me if I believed in God. I told him yes and he didn’t end there, he asked me why. This became a case of me defending what I believed in, just like taking a stand in the witness box. Isn’t it amazing how we are taken unaware in life’s journey? We all prefer a detailed life, everything is prepared and happens accordingly, a manifesto to read out during a campaign, presentation slides to amaze the audience and get a standing ovation or even a well structured sermon for the congregation. But here I was tired, hoping to catch some sleep before getting to my destination and I’m asked why I believed in God and did I mention I didn’t have a sermon with ten reasons why I believed in God.


The good thing about our Christian walk is this, just like there’s Google to help us with almost all our question, we have the Holy Spirit to direct us all the time. I clarified from the outset that Christianity isn’t a religion but a relationship and talked of how intolerant i was before but I’m a lot better now. I told him many other religions acknowledge Jesus Christ although some of them believe Him to be a prophet and I said there has to be something about this particular person that others; regardless of their belief still recognise His existence. I told him my manual as a Christian is the Bible using the coach as an example citing the driver’s ability to drive the coach as an indication that he understood how the coach functioned and that information came from a manual. I didn’t read out many Bible verses but I spoke about the love of Jesus Christ. The highlight was when I told him of Jesus’ relationship with Judas, even when He knew He was going to persecute Him, He still washed his feet at the last supper, healed the soldier’s ear Peter caught off and even prayed a prayer of forgiveness over the people who crucified Him. I told him, to me that is what Christianity is all about and that’s why I believe in God.

During this whole episode I was nervous cos I wasn’t sure I was making any sense to him, but when we were done with a couple of other questions, he agreed to say a prayer with me. Just when we finished praying, he said I should promise not to get mad at him and when I told him I’ll try he said he was a Christian. He only said that at the beginning to know if I really believed in the God I professed and how convincing I was with my belief. While I smiled at it and almost punched him for making me give an unprepared sermon, I was extremely glad I didn’t shy away from it. Funny enough I wanted him to write a guest post on the blog but I never saw him again after the concert, maybe I just met an angel (lol).

A whole lot is going on in the world. It’s getting more difficult to take a stand for what you believe in; in fact it’s getting old-fashioned. But the truth is, the world needs to hear us speak up for what we believe in, it may not be popular, you may lose some friends or even positions but it shouldn’t deter us. As Christians, we have been called to bring light but the question is, how do we light up a place if we remain hidden? How can we still make a difference in a world with contrary beliefs to ours? My mentor told me, just preach the message of Jesus’ love and not condemnation. Christianity rises and falls on LOVE and a pastor told me, express your belief but don’t impose it.

Are you a Christian reading this? Be a living example of the love Jesus talked about in the Bible, that is your tool. Do you want to become a Christian, then say this short prayer with me, Dear Lord Jesus I thank You for a day like this, I thank You for the opportunity to be called your Child, I acknowledge I have sinned against you and I ask for forgiveness. I believe You died for me and you rose again that I may have eternal life. I receive your free gift of salvation and I thank you for accepting me just as I am. Welcome to the family, you can only cultivate this new way of life by studying the manual to life which is the Bible and look for a Bible-believing Church to join, or send me an email



N/B The series on #Imagine will continue tomorrow.

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7 thoughts on “My account from the witness box”

  1. wow…an angel indeed. Thank God for defending your belief with such conviction, God definitely took note of that. I also learnt a few powerful points from your defence, thanks!

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