#Imagine Germany, through the lens of Jens


My name is Jens Koschel and I am 24 years old and originally from Berlin. I was born to an East German family just before the German reunification in 1990. I am a final year undergraduate in International Relations and Security Studies at the University of Bradford and extremely interested in history, politics and contemporary global affairs.

Germany is a great country, let me say that at the very beginning. But Germany has its faults, many of them, despite what the rest of the world might think at the moment. Yes, Germany is powerful and it is very successful, but what isn’t really shown and talked about is that the success does not reach everyone. I imagine an ideal Germany to be socially just and we Germans have the capability to be so, but we are not. At least not to the level that we could be.

25 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall there is still a division between East and West. People living in the East do not earn as much as their Western counterparts, Eastern pensioners do not get the same amount of money, despite having worked as much as everyone else. Stereotypes are still found on both sides of the former Iron Curtain.
We are a very liberal people, yet same-sex marriage is not allowed, because the most wonderful Dr. Merkel feels personally uncomfortable with the idea. Our current government managed to introduce a budget without making new debts, but which completely neglects much needed investment in higher education and infrastructure, unfairly creating a problem for future generations.

But it must not be this way. I imagine a Germany in which there is no space for racism and which welcomes refugees from all over the world, because we can grant them much needed safety. I imagine a Germany that is a true global leader and that speaks up for fairness and equality everywhere in the world and at home. I imagine a Germany that has freed itself from the shackles of its past, not denying its horrible crimes but is not bound by them either. I imagine a Germany that is more democratic, open and socially just that makes sure that everyone benefits from its wealth equally. I imagine a Germany that has understood and stands up to its responsibility at home and abroad.

I know this is possible, if all Germans work together as equals. And I know that this can be achieved in the near future. Actually I am confident that it will be. Germany is a great country, but it can be even greater.


Jens is the Secretary General of Braford MUN and pretty good at it too.

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