#Imagine Brazil, through the lens of Isabella


I’m a 23 year old student at Peace Studies Division MA in International Politics and Security Studies at University of Bradford. I was born and raised in Brazil, at the very warm center of it to be more precise, in a city called Goiânia, capital of the state Goiás. My city is considered to be the home of Brazilian country music, but for those who don’t like it or identify with it (me!), we are also home of different music festivals, with lots of independent bands, in the most different styles of the rock and alternative scene.

My state economy is based in agribusiness, and as many may know, farming in Brazil is made in large state farms, therefore owned by very rich and powerful man or families. Based on this scenario it is possible to imagine that the capital is filled with very rich people, and because of that we were actually ratted in the past few years as one of the most unequal cities of all Latin America.

For me personally, we don’t have the levels of poverty we see in other big cities, as Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, with the favelas. We actually don’t have favelas, we do have poor neighbourhoods, and when comparing those with the higher class from my city, the difference in income between those is really huge.

 To imagine brazil in a different, better, maybe even in a perfect way is quite easy, specially been abroad and in contact with so many things that I usually don’t see happening back there.

I do have a lot of complains, which basically means all the changes and improvements I want and imagine happening; and it is quite easy to list them: education, health, politicians, corruption, environment destruction, violence, war against drugs…the list could go on.

But while thinking about what to write on the topic and all the things I could focus on to imagine a more peaceful and better Brazil, I realized that what I needed to imagine is for people to change, not only imagine but work towards that, not only for myself but for others too.

Therefore for me the life I imagine in Brazil is to be a well-integrated community, where we all care for everyone, help in time of needs, and a society where there is no problem with violence or poverty, not because the police enforcement is strong, but due to overcoming social difficulties by helping and assisting people that are in this situation. To imagine a perfect Brazil is to wish for people to care, care for their elders, for their children, for their neighbours, for the wealth of their neighbourhood, the wealth of the cities we live in, for the beautiful diverse and complex environment that Brazil has.

The reason I need to imagine Brazilians as people that care, is because when we care for others and for things, we start to respect them, and we only value what we have, when we have respect for it.


Isn’t it amazing how something as little as respect can mean a lot in a different perspective.

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