“A Man’s world”

Weaker sex. Be seen not heard. You’re better off at home. It’s a waste of finances to train the child. Without mentioning any particular gender, you can figure out who the phrase refers to.  For a long time, there has been a debate on gender issues; from gender equality, to women empowerment. It’s amazing to see the woman thrive, in a world that has been generally referred to as “A MAN’S WORLD”.

The woman has been at the receiving end of this feminine injustice, right from the great fall of our dearly beloved fore-father Adam, who shifted the blame to Eve. Eve made the mistake, but she wasn’t the mistake. What really happened? A man who had the power, to name every living thing on earth couldn’t just say NO to a fruit, not a truck load of it but just one fruit. This will probably make you laugh, a friend and I were discussing and he said during the creation after Adam fell into a sleep and God created Eve, Adam was still sleeping and doesn’t know what God told the woman, he feels their’s a secret between the woman and God. Well, I don’t know maybe another lady out there may have the answer.

You’ve grown up hearing that you are weak, but how come a woman can carry another living being inside her for nine months. Throughout those months, she undergoes some drastic changes; her body gets to stretch, and adjusts to these changes. Some of them still have to work all through the nine months, and if they already have children, cater for them and of course tend to her husband’s needs all at the same time. If you ask me, anyone doing all these can be referred to as a “SUPER-WO (HU) MAN”; I can’t find any trace of weakness in her.

A woman is simply a man that has a womb and has the capacity to reproduce. We’ve heard that behind every successful man is a woman, but I want to go further and say that for every man that has worked the surface of the earth, was a representation of a woman; the woman who gave life to him.  The woman from the period of conception decides the fate of the seed in her; whatever she does during the period of pregnancy, will have a huge influence on the child that will be brought forth.

 Ladies, we have no idea of what has been deposited on the inside. The moment you discover you are not weak, there is no limit to what you can do; granted, we’ve been told it’s a man’s world but women have a major role to play too.

Gen. David Petraeus, Pres. Bill Clinton, Dominique Strauss – Kahn and even the wisest man that ever lived King Solomom, all had one thing in common, Greatness; on the flip side, they experienced a downfall that wasn’t caused by a nuclear weapon, but by women.

Ladies the issue isn’t if we’re unique creatures, but rather the inability to live ignorant of who we are. These women, who brought down these men used their femininity; though in a negative way, but yielded results. Just like hydropower is gotten from harnessing the energy in falling water, women have to harness the qualities in them to make an impact in this world.

In a documentary I watched on the Argentine ‘death flights’ and human rights violations that occurred in the 70’s where many young activist who were speaking against the dictatorship of the government were either locked up in secret detention cells, tortured and murdered, the babies born in the cell were given up for adoption to some families in the military. Many people were reported missing at that time but the mothers of the missing young men and women decided to stage a protest, even when they were harassed. A journalist recalled how he saw the women in a different light; he said he noticed most of the people who came up to report a missing person were women and when the men came with them they were hesitant and tried to hush the women not to speak about the issue extensively saying they may lose their jobs in the government but the women wouldn’t keep quiet. These women who were in their 60’s and even older continued to search for both their children and grand children born in those camps. He said, nothing else mattered to those women except to get answers. They have been able to find over 100 of their adopted grandchildren; I’m talking of children in their 30’s, such tenacity. Although their children were murdered but they have been able to find their grandchildren and some of the perpetrators have been charged and given jail sentences.

Ladies, enough of the battle of the sexes; explore your unique nature to affect your environment.  We may be weak physically but we are so strong on the inside. The only limitation you will truly experience is the limitation you place on yourself. The world is eagerly waiting for your manifestation. See you at the TOP.

Loads of Love


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7 Responses to “A Man’s world”

  1. Interesting piece…
    Since this is a christian forum, I can speak freely of christian principles.
    The woman is NOT a man that can reproduce. I think that is a dangerous thought because it is what they are teaching us in the name of equality. Yes. we are equal but we are not the same. The way we think, express ourselves, love, etc are sooo different a book had to be written on it (Woman are from Venus, Men are from Mars). I have never heard anyone say women are weak apart from women who say that people say women are weak. I have heard of the weaker sex but assumed that it was in general reference to physical strngh (not tenacity where men might loseout on the 9month thing). I never read meaning into it cos I never read meaning into women being called the ‘fairer sex’ (okay, are men all black and/or ugly?). I wont patronize women…I have way too much more respect for them than that.
    You gave examples of men who have fallen…you forgot Genesis 6:1. Now THAT is the power of women. Did u ever wonder why the serpent went to Eve and NOT to Adam. Have you ever read what God told the woman in the aftermath…wow. Its deep. God made woman AFTER he made Adam. was that an error? irrelevant. No. it has deep meaning.
    When it says ‘behind’ every successful man there is a woman, it is laden with biblical rhema.
    Read Prov 30:18 and see if you see the deep mystery there…read and report back for part 2.
    (end of part 1)

    • JMAD says:

      First things first, this post wasn’t written to advocate equal rights. Whether it is an issue to be discussed will come up later on as for now it’s all about the unique ability of the woman. When i said a woman is a man with a womb, I’m referring to the productive ability found in the woman but not in the man although she was created from him. As for Prov 30:18 that should be Solomon speaking, well it all depends on perspective. While he may not understand the way of a man with a woman, Joseph understood it and we all know the rest of the story. Once again we are different but that difference adds up in creating a suitable environment.

      • lol.
        Joseph didn’t understand the way of woman…he understood the weakness of man…I will tell you why he fled later 😀
        As for Proverbs here it is:
        These were 3 things going form point A to pont B and the mediums that carry them- the ship is going from port to port..it is the waves that carry it. Snake moves with the friction of the rocks, the eagle flies and the wind carries it..so the man is headed from A to the B and na woman na im go carry am reach. Same vein…bad waves, rolling stones, bad winds and a bad woman? Nothing can save these 4 things from them.
        Thanks for stopping by

  2. wordsmitch says:

    this is purely feminism at its best.
    i’m against the idea of equal rights for men and women but the truth of the matter is that men and women are very different.

    i like the fact that you arrived at the same conclusion that you guys might be physically weaker but definitely not on the inside. frankly i agree with you that women could sometimes be stronger on the inside, emotionally and all.

    thought provoking write up though i think people were already thinking this.

    • JMAD says:

      Hmmmm. The last i checked, no mention was made for equal rights. I’ll reiterate my earlier statement on women embracing their unique nature and put it to good use. I’m glad you agree with me on the place of emotional strength in women.

  3. Sophy says:

    Thanks so much for this piece, it is a call for women to ‘step up’ and stop limiting themselves. The issue of gender limitation (while skating around the elephant in the room till later) has been nagging on my mind. The reason it has even evolved as a global issue, traces back to ground-rooted predisposition and of course religion – brothers and sisters growing up together have already been demarcated with role plays: the girls are to help mama in the kitchen; while the boys are to assist papa and lift heavy objects and go to wars. You see, automatically, the woman is viewed as possessing the subtle qualities while the man has the ‘protective’ and ‘stronger’ qualities. It is a deep rooted predisposition that almost all cultures around the globe is familiar with. It is seen between husband and wife; brothers and sisters; male and female classmates/co-workers.

    You cannot easily sweep it out, as the aftermath must still remain. Yes, feminists and activists (now this include both men and women) have had major victories in speaking up for the female gender. But we still see the power of this gender predisposition, it has subdued and it is still subduing a lot of women into giving up their true potentials and capabilities. Till now, a woman is very hardly encouraged to venture out of her ‘woman’ space into the ‘man’ space. Am sure a lot of women have had a fair share of these questions thrown at them: ‘you cannot cook?, you are studying engineering?, you live alone?’ Even in this 21st century it is still very difficult for the society to understand why a woman should dare peek out of her ‘shell’.

    Gender subject matter is a provocative one. It is seen as an attack from the usually defensive men; and the women involved branded feminists, a tag a lot of women shy away from. Recently, the invite has also been officially given to men, whose support will undeniably bring great result. Imagine the potentials of a girl who is guided and suported to embrace and become her dream by both Father and brothers; or a lady who has the full support of her husband in her career (That is Mrs Folorunsho Alakija).

    Gender limitation at the detriment of the females need to be first fought within the female. Women must free their minds, thoughts, dreams, hopes and aspirations to soar high. Every acomplishment starts with an imagination. Don’t limit your dream to marriage: marriage should be a cushion that helps you become who you really want to be.

    In religion, Christainity calls the woman the weaker sex. Not for the purpose of chiding, discouraging or belittling her capabilities or intentions, but for the husband, the father, brothers, classmates and co-workers to support her. Have you truly pondered on Jesus response when Martha reported Mary to Him? (Luke 10: 38:42) The woman cannot but ask herself, ‘if God is not limiting me, who is? In addition, cases of Samson, David and of course Adam have brought another negative perception in understanding the power of a woman. With divine wisdom, you see that it is a case of spirit of foolishness jamming with the whorish spirit. Foolishness because those men taught they could toil with fire and go scot free (Read Proverbs 7).

    * I fear to write an apology for the long comment as it will make it longer! Still I apologize.

    • JMAD says:

      You couldn’t have said it any better. I like the term ‘gender limitation’. Incidentally even when no phrase like feminism was mentioned, i already had people referring to the post as a feminist post. I am happy you share in my line of thoughts. Women must indeed free their minds, thoughts and aspire to soar high. And you don’t have to apologise for the lengthy comment. There are certain things that can’t be avoided, and this is an example of one of the issues. Thanks for your contribution.

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