Striking Out

For a long time I was on Heaven’s prayer line for a husband, I sowed into marriages, observed fasts and even attended vigils. Finally God answered me, sent me an angel in form of a man. It’s a few months after our wedding, my nights that were for prayers when I was a single lady has turned into a worrying session. Will I be a good wife or mother, will he become a good husband and a father too?

Have you ever prayed and desired for something so much and when it finally comes instead of rejoicing over it, uncertainties sets in. You start thinking of what’s next. I remember writing a post on our insatiable needs; you can read it up here. I’ll paint a similar story to the one above. I had applied for something earlier in the year, the application was turned down and I applied again and got a positive response but here’s the crazy part I’m torn in between if I’m making the right decision, I already have a somewhat stable life and here I am planning to move from the known to unknown.

Figure it out
I’m the kind of person who likes everything well spelt out, it has to be detailed but over the years I’m learning God doesn’t always give us a detailed path way, He said to Abraham come, to Peter step out even when his human mind couldn’t comprehend walking on water. A few nights ago I was up thinking worrying on the next phase in my life. I’m at the brink of making some decisions and its scary cos’ I don’t know how it will end up. I literally went to bed with a headache after plotting a graph of possible life projections in my head *smh*. In the morning I thought things through and realised I wasn’t trusting God. I totally forgot I didn’t start the things I was worrying myself sick for. I remembered I had prayed over these things and God brought them to pass why couldn’t I trust Him to complete them.

The devil knows if he can mess with our mind, he can mess our lives up. I literally had to jump-start my day with Words, God’s Words. The day got to a climax when a colleague and I were having a conversation and he reminded me of this interesting mind-blowing story in the Bible ‘The Philistines brought the ark of God from Ebenezer to Ashdod. They took the ark of God into the house of Dagon and set it beside Dagon [their idol]. When they of Ashdod arose early on the morrow, behold, Dagon had fallen upon his face on the ground before the ark of the Lord. So they took Dagon and set him in his place again. But when they arose early the next morning, behold, Dagon had again fallen on his face on the ground before the ark of the Lord, and [his] head and both the palms of his hands were lying cut off on the threshold; only the trunk of Dagon was left him’. 1 Sam 5:1 -4 AMP. I had read it before but it felt different, I had to restrain myself from breaking out in the Spirit at the moment. That was an ark that represented God’s presence and the idol had to acknowledge God meanwhile I have the Spirit of God in me and letting the devil play games with my mind.

This just sealed it for me, I have chosen to give God an advance praise for the things I’m yet to see, I’m not going to dwell on the uncertainty of life rather magnify God and His works. I told my friend yesterday, we give so much emphasis to the devil by talking about our problems when we go to God in prayers, how about praising God. I don’t have the blueprint of my life but I have the mind of Christ, my steps are ordered.

I don’t know what your story is; you may be like me at cross-roads in your life. You’ve got to make that life-changing decision and its scaring the life out of you and you are contemplating hanging onto the safe life you have going. I can’t decide for you but I can give a piece of advice, it’s a lot better to try out something and fail (which is not always the case) at least you know, other than living with the regret for the rest of your life. Weigh your options, go to God in prayers and trust Him to direct you. A quote I love so much from the movie Cinderella Story ‘Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game’.

Loads of love.


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32 Responses to Striking Out

  1. tessadoghor says:

    Every Dagon in my life and environs will bow on its face before God
    Every Dagon will bow on its face before the God in me in Jesus name, amen

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  2. oge abaraonye says:

    thank have just told my story.
    Now I’m certain on what to do..TRUST MY GOD.

  3. Tochi Okafor says:

    Good write-up Jmad! Inspiring life is all about creating new and better experiences to supplant the old and the status quo. One thing history has taught man is that history itself is in the hands of man to determine and shape. I don’t know the move you are about to make but one thing I am sure is that you about to add something to your biography. Just do it like the lepers who said if we stay here we shall still die but if we step into the town we may face death but what if our story change for better. You know the rest …God moved ahead of them because God honours faith. Thanks for sharing.

  4. E' says:

    Just sha come back with two things
    You already know the two things. Don’t let me take your business out there hehehe

  5. Eche Moneke says:

    For the first time in my life, I’m striking out (on a particular issue) tomorrow

  6. Word!
    So feel you…I blogged once about someone asking me if I was worried about my future….the reply was “no…2mrw bright die! na today de fear me make hunger no kill me b4 2mrw reach’! Trusting God and Faith are 2 amazing keys that unlock the power of the extraordinary….thats why they are hard. But thank God for the challenges! they are the basis of our testimonies and foundations of victory…they make life so much more exciting! Nice one Cee!
    PS: Ur welcome…glad i stopped by

    • JMAD says:

      George had to break out in pidgin, this is serious oh. Yes dear, faith n God are definitely the keys to unlock the extraordinary. The future is so bright, shades are needed.
      Thanks for stopping by *tongue out*

  7. Pascal Excel says:

    Hello CJ, I’m so impressed by this> keep it up, U’ll not run short of steam by God’s grace.

  8. Roselyn says:

    awesome thoughts, well said. God bless you!

  9. kitescript says:

    I couldn’t agree more, many times I have plotted possible routes and then steps to guarantee the success of the ‘optimal’ route. Only to have God step in and juggle the whole stuff and in fact pull a stunt totally beyond my imagination. I have found that faith brings unthinkable results. I was also really ministered to by the story of dagon, I saw in reading your story how the crave control may have been an idol to me in itself, maybe even the pride of having pulled through on a planned route, the personal satisfaction from such wisdom and discipline put to use – not that these are bad things. But in those times God stripped me of everything leaving just my trunk! My faith in him, that indeed I may realize that he is God after all. I want to say from personal experience that God has never failed me, not once. Even when I judged him to have failed or delayed, the passing of time has revealed that concerning those things, he was putting an icing on the cake. This may just be your, Nevertheless, at your word launch into the deep. One that generations will draw a lesson of faith from. Strike out my dear. God bless you.

    • JMAD says:

      Where do I start from… God really knows how to juggle our already planned out life. It has a way of humbling us making us depend on Him totally. How can I forget the experiences too even when we think He failed us time proves us wrong. Thanks for lending your voice. God bless you so much more.

  10. Sophy says:

    It was the major concern of Jesus when he was on earth too: WORRY. He said that due to this worry we faint and scatter abroad like sheep without Shepherd. MT.9:36) The same reason a lot of people worship, praise and preach about God but only with their lips as the heart is too far from God, caged in worry, fear and doubts. MT.15:8)
    His Word says… I ASSURE you..if only you do not doubt (worry, fear, unbelief).
    Two secrets I have learnt over the years is that FEAR & FAITH have the same power, they both produce result! Worry which begets Fear ALWAYS produce failure while Faith ALWAYS give the desired result. If you were caged by the fear of failure you would not have applied again..and see what that move of faith brought you, the desired result! God is only moved by faith not worry that only makes us pathetic losers.
    Also, the seed of fear comes from the enemy but he only sows it if there is something of value to kill, steal or destroy.
    Thanks for this wonderful piece and pls continue to stand firm in your Faith.

    • JMAD says:

      ‘Two secrets I have learnt over the years is that FEAR & FAITH have the same power, they both produce result’ You are absolutely right. I’ve activated my faith while I lean on God for direction. Thanks Sis. Loads of love.

  11. 1 + The One says:

    My friend and I were having a discussion about this yesterday and your post just hits the nail on the head. Worry is something that has be dealt with in isolation. If it’s allowed to be a part of us, we would always find something to worry about when the current situation has been sorted.. My prayer is for God to make me content at every stage in life and to totally trust in His goodness towards me!
    God bless you hun xx

    • JMAD says:

      Yes dear, so true….. It gradually becomes part of us if it’s not nipped in the bud. I join you in saying that prayer. ‘Big bear hug’

  12. I am really touched by this post. God Bless you 🙂

  13. lafunky says:

    Thanks for this piece. Very insightful.

  14. Ebuka says:

    May God order your steps dear in making the right decision.
    I stumbled on a verse this morning that just brought peace to moi.
    Proverbs 20:24
    A man’s steps are directed by Lord ; How then can anyone understand his own way?

    Lord take d wheels.

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