A tale from the bathroom and bedroom


Just the other day, I was in the shower and before then I was in the bedroom where ermm… you know what goes on in there. I’m pretty sure your thoughts are travelling really far but you can channel it back to this post, maybe you can go back when you are done reading.

I’ve noticed something really interesting in this era of Social Media. It’s gradually sipping through every facet of our lives from Churches tweeting live sermon, to BBC (Blackberry Broad Cast) of medical examination even Presidents engaging the public through Facebook. We can’t forget the Selfie the President of USA with British and Danish Prime Ministers took during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Social Media has indeed been a great tool if you know exactly how to leverage on it; we’ve seen hasttags like #ChildNotBride, #FreeCiaxon and the recent #BringBackOurGirls. A lot of success has been recorded on account of this hashtags; SM has united us regardless of tribe, religion or location. But in all of this I have noticed we are gradually turning SM into some kind of Big Brother, you know how there’s a diary session on the show and the participants tell Biggie a lot of things, that’s exactly what is going on now.


The other day a lady tweeted she was going get laid that night, someone is having a shower and tweeting it, once you wake up the streets of Twitter and Facebook already know.  You are having a fight at home and you seek the help of Big Daddy Twitter or Facebook to resolve it, someone bashes your car and the first thing is an upload on Instagram, the most annoying is what goes on at accident crash sites. Phones are all up in the air, everyone suddenly turns to paparazzi meanwhile life is ebbing out of the victim.

I remember having a conversation with someone who said his tweets don’t always portray who he is and I kept on saying it’s not true cos just like the Great Book says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’. SM is like a deep hole and everything you put inside remains in there, years down the road a little digging up into the archives will reveal who you were before. A few days ago Piers Morgan tweeted a statement made by Cesc Fabregas in 2010 and I quote him ‘If I ever wear a Chelsea shirt, you have permission to kill me’. Whatever we choose to say(whether it’s true or not) bottom line is Fabregas is with Chelsea now and the only reason this statement was made available was cos’ of SM and like i said it’s a big hole.

Idi Amin

I saw this picture and it sums it all up, we have freedom of speech but what happens afterwards… If you don’t know a few people who can form hashtags you’ll probably disappear from the surface of the earth. Let’s apply decorum on the streets of SM. We shouldn’t replace the place of true communication with our friends, family or God for the virtual world. Someone shouldn’t give a detailed account of your daily life by just scrolling through your Timeline.


N/B Please if you come across the mother of this child on facebook, pass this message… Thanks



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10 Responses to A tale from the bathroom and bedroom

  1. E' says:

    Somehow I do believe we can balance.
    And frankly that’s what we are all looking to lead- A life of balance
    Too much of (and sometimes too little of) anything ain’t good

    • JMAD says:

      Sorry my dear, it’s no longer on the queue.
      Yea we all need that balance but the question is, how many people really know the exact point.

  2. E' says:

    Y z my comment always awaiting moderation?
    I will beat you o CJ

  3. Munna says:

    Everything you mentioned is quite true. Social Media has a way of eating into our system and life that everything concerning our life is there. What a world!

  4. Oluchi says:

    I agree totally with this post esp if one is surrounded by pple who prefer the virtual world of social media to the real world. May God help us…😒😒😒

    • JMAD says:

      That’s the crazy part….. Somehow we tend to forget it’s a virtual world, it’s not real. God will indeed help us. Thanks for reading.

  5. Ebuka says:

    Another aspect that’s quite worrisome is how it tends to mess with socialisation especially among the youths. In a social gathering, you see everyone with heads bent on their phones without even knowing the names of those seated next…

    • JMAD says:

      I have experienced it so many times both as a victim and a culprit. We are gradually losing the essence of socialisation. Gadgets and the media have taken over. Who knows what will happen in the next few years?

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