The unfolding story

Time-check 00.03 A.M. my phone starts to ring, a look at the caller made me smile and there goes my first call accompanied with a song. After the call I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t, said a few words of prayer and I ended up typing this post.

The 16th of June may just be another date to you, but not to the South Africans whose youths took to the street in a march protesting the poor quality of education as well as the right to be taught in their language resulting in hundreds of deaths and it has been set aside to be celebrated as the day of the African Child or to late Tupac Shakur who was born on this day. The Ogbogu’s are not left out in this too, some years ago, on a day like this Heaven visited them with a gift in the form of baby girl.


That little seed has grown and has become me, yes you heard me, and it’s my birthday. I’ve thought of so many things preceding this day and all I can see is an unfolding. I pause today to say Thank You to God, our Heavenly Father we have come a long way. He has been my strength in the middle of the night when I’m up thinking of the next thing. I’ve grown and improved over the years cos’ He has broken me and He is still breaking me. I can’t forget my parents, the two of them have given me a glimpse of Our Heavenly Father through their love, sacrifices, I may never say enough of it but I pray I’ll be able to spoil the two of you silly with so much care. My sisters, oh how I love them so much, they thrust on me my first leadership position and they have been faithful followers because of them I can’t quit and my two soldiers, God brought you into the world to make everyone realise beyond the clouds, there is a God existing and not even science can disprove it. I wish I can call out the gifts God has blessed me through friendship but I may get into trouble for forgetting some names but I truly appreciate you.

I haven’t spent a very long time on earth but I’ve learnt a few things.
• We have been called into various assignments; you make a huge mistake when you start comparing your rate of growth with another person.
• I am unique and there’s no one like me on earth, I need to ride on my uniqueness to be relevant, trying to be another person will only produce a prototype of the person but not my best.
• Family is important, I may make the best of friends outside but some friends are transient but family remains.
• I shouldn’t always seek to win an argument rather seek to understand the person.
• I don’t know it all in life and there’s no harm in asking for direction if I’m lost.
• I am not an island, I need people to survive.
• Having a successful career is very important but it should NEVER take priority over the family.
• The world is moving fast, we try to act as though we will be here forever hence a laid back attitude to life but I’ve learnt every single time is precious I’ll never get back the time therefore I have to be conscious of it. Enjoy every moment.
• I should never limit myself with my words; I was created to Make A Difference.
• Forgiveness isn’t a feeling rather a choice I’ve to deliberately make to rid myself of excessive luggage.

There are many more, I wouldn’t want to turn this post into a book, maybe a book should be written on it. But that feeling of anxiety creeps in as I enter this new phase of my life, I know deep down in my spirit that the next year is a launching out period of me. Do I know how it’ll turn out? NO, but it’s something bigger than me.

All I pray for is more of God, as He leads me through this phase and places me on certain platforms I should always remember it’s all about Him. Just like my charmer Eziaha said ‘she sees too much brightness in my future’ I choose to believe it but I take it a step further may that brightness not hinder people from seeing God. The story is unfolding and I’m keen on seeing the next chapter.



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14 Responses to The unfolding story

  1. bethelli says:

    Well Chijie 2day is a perfect day to tell you that you are:
    S – Sweet
    I – Intelligent
    S – Social
    T – Tolerant
    E – Entertaining &
    R – Responsible
    eSister n bossom friend of mine (e = “electronic” as I often interact n felowship wif u majorly online lol). I’ve bin away frm JMAD 4 some guilty concerns… I wsh my post may prove ordawise. God help so. Bt did U jst say u ve learnt a fw tins … I doubt much (10 nuggets that can change a man’s destiny n generation is no few @al). Glad 2 c u blessed n happy today, more so glad u made out time this special day to share your xperiences wif us, wit me. Had to sprint to this post, wont believe its d most unique this year!… You are truly unique Chijie, bt I am counting u knw dat 2wel, Its truly scary how evrytin abt U revolvs arwd God… God bles U Daughter of Zion…. Happy Birthday jMAD! Loads of Love… Maranatha!!!

    • JMAD says:

      Bethel Bethel, what can I say to this comment? I’m honestly humbled at your words and I’m wondering am I really all that you explained especially in the acronym SISTER but then again our paths go from glory to glory. Thank You so much, may God’s blessings remain with you always.

  2. Nomso says:

    Wow great post. Happy birthday dear. God bless u more. A daughter of zion, son of consolation. I wish above things that thou may prosper and be in health even as ur soul prospers. As u enrich the kingdom of God so shall God be on everything that conerns u. With u the gospel will be spread abroad. Keep showing forth the greater light. Much love and I miss u dearly.. Have a happy one

  3. E' says:

    The unfolding
    Daz rhema right there
    Happy birthday Sugar

  4. E' says:


  5. Munna says:

    Wonderful post. Happy Birthday

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