A tale from the bathroom and bedroom


Just the other day, I was in the shower and before then I was in the bedroom where ermm… you know what goes on in there. I’m pretty sure your thoughts are travelling really far but you can channel it back to this post, maybe you can go back when you are done reading.

I’ve noticed something really interesting in this era of Social Media. It’s gradually sipping through every facet of our lives from Churches tweeting live sermon, to BBC (Blackberry Broad Cast) of medical examination even Presidents engaging the public through Facebook. We can’t forget the Selfie the President of USA with British and Danish Prime Ministers took during Nelson Mandela’s memorial service. Social Media has indeed been a great tool if you know exactly how to leverage on it; we’ve seen hasttags like #ChildNotBride, #FreeCiaxon and the recent #BringBackOurGirls. A lot of success has been recorded on account of this hashtags; SM has united us regardless of tribe, religion or location. But in all of this I have noticed we are gradually turning SM into some kind of Big Brother, you know how there’s a diary session on the show and the participants tell Biggie a lot of things, that’s exactly what is going on now.


The other day a lady tweeted she was going get laid that night, someone is having a shower and tweeting it, once you wake up the streets of Twitter and Facebook already know.  You are having a fight at home and you seek the help of Big Daddy Twitter or Facebook to resolve it, someone bashes your car and the first thing is an upload on Instagram, the most annoying is what goes on at accident crash sites. Phones are all up in the air, everyone suddenly turns to paparazzi meanwhile life is ebbing out of the victim.

I remember having a conversation with someone who said his tweets don’t always portray who he is and I kept on saying it’s not true cos just like the Great Book says ‘out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks’. SM is like a deep hole and everything you put inside remains in there, years down the road a little digging up into the archives will reveal who you were before. A few days ago Piers Morgan tweeted a statement made by Cesc Fabregas in 2010 and I quote him ‘If I ever wear a Chelsea shirt, you have permission to kill me’. Whatever we choose to say(whether it’s true or not) bottom line is Fabregas is with Chelsea now and the only reason this statement was made available was cos’ of SM and like i said it’s a big hole.

Idi Amin

I saw this picture and it sums it all up, we have freedom of speech but what happens afterwards… If you don’t know a few people who can form hashtags you’ll probably disappear from the surface of the earth. Let’s apply decorum on the streets of SM. We shouldn’t replace the place of true communication with our friends, family or God for the virtual world. Someone shouldn’t give a detailed account of your daily life by just scrolling through your Timeline.


N/B Please if you come across the mother of this child on facebook, pass this message… Thanks



The unfolding story

Time-check 00.03 A.M. my phone starts to ring, a look at the caller made me smile and there goes my first call accompanied with a song. After the call I tried to go back to sleep but I couldn’t, said a few words of prayer and I ended up typing this post.

The 16th of June may just be another date to you, but not to the South Africans whose youths took to the street in a march protesting the poor quality of education as well as the right to be taught in their language resulting in hundreds of deaths and it has been set aside to be celebrated as the day of the African Child or to late Tupac Shakur who was born on this day. The Ogbogu’s are not left out in this too, some years ago, on a day like this Heaven visited them with a gift in the form of baby girl.


That little seed has grown and has become me, yes you heard me, and it’s my birthday. I’ve thought of so many things preceding this day and all I can see is an unfolding. I pause today to say Thank You to God, our Heavenly Father we have come a long way. He has been my strength in the middle of the night when I’m up thinking of the next thing. I’ve grown and improved over the years cos’ He has broken me and He is still breaking me. I can’t forget my parents, the two of them have given me a glimpse of Our Heavenly Father through their love, sacrifices, I may never say enough of it but I pray I’ll be able to spoil the two of you silly with so much care. My sisters, oh how I love them so much, they thrust on me my first leadership position and they have been faithful followers because of them I can’t quit and my two soldiers, God brought you into the world to make everyone realise beyond the clouds, there is a God existing and not even science can disprove it. I wish I can call out the gifts God has blessed me through friendship but I may get into trouble for forgetting some names but I truly appreciate you.

I haven’t spent a very long time on earth but I’ve learnt a few things.
• We have been called into various assignments; you make a huge mistake when you start comparing your rate of growth with another person.
• I am unique and there’s no one like me on earth, I need to ride on my uniqueness to be relevant, trying to be another person will only produce a prototype of the person but not my best.
• Family is important, I may make the best of friends outside but some friends are transient but family remains.
• I shouldn’t always seek to win an argument rather seek to understand the person.
• I don’t know it all in life and there’s no harm in asking for direction if I’m lost.
• I am not an island, I need people to survive.
• Having a successful career is very important but it should NEVER take priority over the family.
• The world is moving fast, we try to act as though we will be here forever hence a laid back attitude to life but I’ve learnt every single time is precious I’ll never get back the time therefore I have to be conscious of it. Enjoy every moment.
• I should never limit myself with my words; I was created to Make A Difference.
• Forgiveness isn’t a feeling rather a choice I’ve to deliberately make to rid myself of excessive luggage.

There are many more, I wouldn’t want to turn this post into a book, maybe a book should be written on it. But that feeling of anxiety creeps in as I enter this new phase of my life, I know deep down in my spirit that the next year is a launching out period of me. Do I know how it’ll turn out? NO, but it’s something bigger than me.

All I pray for is more of God, as He leads me through this phase and places me on certain platforms I should always remember it’s all about Him. Just like my charmer Eziaha said ‘she sees too much brightness in my future’ I choose to believe it but I take it a step further may that brightness not hinder people from seeing God. The story is unfolding and I’m keen on seeing the next chapter.



Introducing Abuja Colour

Where ever ladies gather, be sure to experience some form of drama especially when it’s in a salon. My last visit got me laughing real hard and re-iterated what a colleague had told me a while ago. In between I think I prefer male stylist to the females, there’s just something about a man making your hair. Anyway while my hair was being done the other guy starts to gist the lady how he was upset with the gift a customer bought for him when she travelled abroad, he told her he would have preferred a bleaching cream. Now this got me interested, did I mention he’s a skin expert and I just kept on looking at his skin (gist for another day). The lady starts to mention other skin experts in town, who make double cos’ when they recommend the cream, the lady comes back with a problem of burnt skin hence another recommendation.

A new colour known as Abuja Colour has been discovered, if you ask me, it should be included in Guinness World Book of Records. A little history digression, Abuja is the Capital of Nigeria with approximately 170 million people, Nigeria is found in the West of Africa and Africa is one of the 7 continents of the world cos someone somewhere still thinks Africa is a state. I’m pretty sure by now you know what Abuja Colour is but for the benefit of those who don’t know, it’s simply light-skinned ladies, I mean really white. It has become the new cool; almost everyone wants to be fair. I saw a lady the other day who was a half caste but hers is a special type, her face was really white but her hands and feet were black. When did we get to this? The lady who the stylist was talking to, said something really remarkable (I think she deals on cosmetics and body care products), the manufacturer of some of the products (whitening cream) she sells said a person isn’t supposed to use more than 3 bottles the whole of their lifetime cos of the effect on the skin leading to cancer… WHAAAATTTT!!!

ADOO™ [1]

A few months ago People Magazine named Lupita Nyong’o cast of 12 years a slave, 2014 World’s Most Beautiful Woman. Some people felt she wasn’t the best choice but it was really beyond physical beauty and more of her confidence in her skin. In her speech where she won the Essence Magazine Black Women in Hollywood Breakthrough Performance Award, she said she wished she was fairer as a teenager until she came across Alek Wek a black model who was on so many magazines and billboard. Her mom told her ‘You can’t eat beauty; it doesn’t feed you cos you can’t rely on how you look to sustain you’. She ended by saying she hopes everyone viewing her on their screen can feel the validation of their external beauty but also get to the deeper business of being beautiful inside which has no shade of beauty.

Skin 3

Are fair ladies beautiful? Yes but it doesn’t mean black or brown skin ladies ain’t beautiful too. Isn’t it amazing to see people go out on the beach to get sun-tanned while those who have the exact skin colour want to change theirs? I’m really wondering what will make me drop my brown skin or like my friend will call it toast bread colour for a lighter one.  You don’t have to depend on the tone of your skin to validate your beauty. I won’t bore you with the health implication of skin whitening but a little reminder you are beautiful just the way you are.

Bruno Mars has a lil’ something to say to the ladies

When I compliment her she won’t believe me
And it’s so, it’s so
Sad to think that she don’t see what I see
But every time she asks me, “Do I look okay?”
I say,
When I see your face 
There’s not a thing that I would change
‘Cause you’re amazing 
Just the way you are