My dear Child

My dear Child,

How are you doing today? I’m sorry you haven’t been born yet, a lot of people are eager to meet you, dad and I are working on that, just get ready to explain to your friends how your two uncles are a few years older than you, I look forward to seeing your big eye-balls you’ll probably get from daddy, your beautiful smile you’ll get from me but above all the gifts God’ll send with you as you come to this world. But my Child I’m worried, today the 27th of May is celebrated as Children’s day but down here we are all sad, I’m pretty sure it’s not news in heaven that over 200 girls were abducted from school over a month ago and they haven’t been released yet.

Your mum had fun as a child, I remember series of match-pass practise I had to go through in primary school and even when I was in secondary school I led my school. It was always a delight to go to the stadium especially the day I took the salute before the Governor and other government dignitaries. I remember your grandma taking me, your aunts Muna and Oge to FSP Park recreational centre on one of those celebrations and we had a boat ride.

trip down

All these fun memories are almost going extinct cos’ of a set of evil people released to terrorise the nation. Children going to school have become endangered species, a great author Chinua Achebe wrote a book and titled it ‘There was a country’, with each passing day I try to shut out the voice saying this may become the story of Nigeria if nothing is done to salvage this problem.

My dear Child it’s not my desire to scare you from coming into the world, on the contrary I can’t wait to have you in my arms. I’m a firm believer that this too shall pass. The enemy intended this for evil but God will definitely turn it around for good, while you are still in heaven please keep on interceding for your country, the #Chibokgirls, our military and our leaders. We’ve never needed God’s intervention more than now, I watched on TV how bombs were detonated and it looked alien but right now bombs are going off like bangers, it brings back my childhood memory of the Christmas holiday when it was cool to throw fireworks known as banger, we are losing many people and it’s sad we are getting used to death, your mum is becoming paranoid whenever she passes any bus park or sees a car parked on the road. Our country is at the threshold of a revolution and I don’t know what the outcome will be but I choose to believe it’ll be a better place and conducive for you to live in.

African child


Loads of Love


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6 Responses to My dear Child

  1. NëNë says:

    Really touching piece you’ve got there Cj. Keep it up. Let’s all keep praying for Nigeria! It is well…

  2. wordsmitch says:

    As always, wonderfully done. Hopefully Nigeria would be a better place for our children. We are on the brink of a revolution for good.

  3. Eche Moneke says:

    My dear Mum,
    I patiently read through the missive you sent me and it has caused me to prepare this reply for you. Truly speaking, I really don’t know why you’re yet to have me in your arms (why the delay?!) but I have been taught patience, thus I’m not complaining for now.
    Right here in heaven, we heard the unfortunate news about the kidnap of the girls. Infact, we watched it happened and it is rather unfortunate that they haven’t been found yet. I’d just say that the prayers of so many people have been rising to God on the matter but God is disappointed in your leaders because they know exactly what to do but have decided to chase shadows, instead.
    I close this piece by asking you again, what is keeping me from being in your arms right now? Nevertheless, I’m still not complaining.
    Loads of love,
    Your unborn child.

    • JMAD says:

      Oh dear, I’m getting ready for your arrival, you got a little delayed cos mummy needs to do some finishing touches before your arrival. I applaud your patience, remember it’s really not about the destination but the journey.
      I’m glad to hear Heaven is aware and I know God loves Nigeria so much and He’ll intervene.
      Mum’s arm are getting stronger by the day, and you’ll feel the strength when I carry you.
      Loads of love

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