My dear Child

My dear Child,

How are you doing today? I’m sorry you haven’t been born yet, a lot of people are eager to meet you, dad and I are working on that, just get ready to explain to your friends how your two uncles are a few years older than you, I look forward to seeing your big eye-balls you’ll probably get from daddy, your beautiful smile you’ll get from me but above all the gifts God’ll send with you as you come to this world. But my Child I’m worried, today the 27th of May is celebrated as Children’s day but down here we are all sad, I’m pretty sure it’s not news in heaven that over 200 girls were abducted from school over a month ago and they haven’t been released yet.

Your mum had fun as a child, I remember series of match-pass practise I had to go through in primary school and even when I was in secondary school I led my school. It was always a delight to go to the stadium especially the day I took the salute before the Governor and other government dignitaries. I remember your grandma taking me, your aunts Muna and Oge to FSP Park recreational centre on one of those celebrations and we had a boat ride.

trip down

All these fun memories are almost going extinct cos’ of a set of evil people released to terrorise the nation. Children going to school have become endangered species, a great author Chinua Achebe wrote a book and titled it ‘There was a country’, with each passing day I try to shut out the voice saying this may become the story of Nigeria if nothing is done to salvage this problem.

My dear Child it’s not my desire to scare you from coming into the world, on the contrary I can’t wait to have you in my arms. I’m a firm believer that this too shall pass. The enemy intended this for evil but God will definitely turn it around for good, while you are still in heaven please keep on interceding for your country, the #Chibokgirls, our military and our leaders. We’ve never needed God’s intervention more than now, I watched on TV how bombs were detonated and it looked alien but right now bombs are going off like bangers, it brings back my childhood memory of the Christmas holiday when it was cool to throw fireworks known as banger, we are losing many people and it’s sad we are getting used to death, your mum is becoming paranoid whenever she passes any bus park or sees a car parked on the road. Our country is at the threshold of a revolution and I don’t know what the outcome will be but I choose to believe it’ll be a better place and conducive for you to live in.

African child


Loads of Love



Orpah Winfrey; something you may not know

So what’s going through your mind about Oprah, look back at the title of this post, have you seen it… still wondering, let me help you out, the spelling of Orpah instead of Oprah, and no it wasn’t a mistake. Orpah is her actual name but people mispronounced it, over time she stuck with Oprah and the whole world knows her by that name.


I remember sometime last year a lady in a team I was working with always got upset with anyone who pronounced or spelt her name wrongly, I didn’t quite get her, to me it was just a name but down the road I realised it’s not just a name. Back home with my family, whenever it was time for family devotion be sure to have a long sermon if my mum was anchoring, no matter the topic she preached on be sure to hear this phrase ‘you have a name to protect’. I have left the house and it keeps ringing in my ears.

Going through the Bible a lot of names were changed, Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah, Jacob to Israel and many others. On the surface it’s just a few letters but the change of names changed their lives forever. What does your name represent? In my local church during Child Dedication, the Pastor will always ask the father of the child what will this child be called and when the father responds, he goes further and asks what the name means (it’s usually a funny sight if the father doesn’t know the meaning of the name) but the Pastor isn’t just asking cos he wants to know the name, he uses that name and the meaning to pray for the child.


We often forget our names go beyond what is written on our certificates, what do people say you are? Jesus asked Peter this simple but profound question who do people say I am? What are you known for? How do people describe you? When we are gone our names will remain but this time an adjective will be added, you could hear names like corrupt ….. , loving…… etc. A son of a former Head of State took to Social Media to respond to articles calling his late father corrupt but his response erupted more outburst from people. Truth is we will never ever have the ability to change people’s perception when we are gone; we can only live and act right now while we are still living.

A good name is better than riches, when translated in my dialect it means Eziahakaego speaking of Eziaha, I had some fabulous ladies (Eziaha, Femmetotale and Oma) come over for lunch, did I mention they are bloggers, amazing writers, the icing on the cake was the fact they all have an amazing relationship with God, we had lots of laughter, especially putting Eziaha on the spot on marriage and some convos that will be TMI. I’ve always had lots of male friends and having an engineering background didn’t help either but it felt really good chilling with these amazing ladies. I look forward to more hook-ups.


Can we all make the decision to become conscious of the lives we are living; remember we live to leave a legacy. Let’s not set the stage for our children and their children to fight wars to defend our names when we are gone, may our names make way for them.



N/B I’m sure you are aware of the tragedy of the missing girls in #Chibok the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, there’s a whole lot of misconception on the exact number, whether they are 3 or over 200, I just pray for their safety, I pray for wisdom on the parts of our leaders to take appropriate action, I pray for the boldness upon anyone who has useful information to speak up, I pray for strength for the affected families and I pray for peace in Nigeria. #BringBackOurGirls