Easter, a message of Love


It’s another time of the year; many of us look forward to, not necessarily for its significance rather the short holiday it brings; a time for visits, weddings and some good food munching, I’m not exempted; while you are reading this I’m on the road for a relative’s wedding.  In the midst of all these activities we can get carried away and before we know it we are back to our regular lives on Tuesday without taking a moment to reflect on the reason for the season. This blog is all about reflections, so here’s an opportunity to celebrate Easter differently. What does Easter mean to you, I’m not referring to your Church rather on a personal level? What is the significance of the Cross to you?  I asked a few people and I’ll be sharing their thoughts as well as mine, here we go.

Isioma : Easter reminds me of Christ’s love, His story is amazing… He had the power to stop His sufferings, power to destroy mere mortals, yet He was humble. For me it’s a lesson, He carried His cross without complain… I grumble a lot actually; maybe I should always remember Jesus, be humble and carry my cross. The cross symbolises love, NO man can love me more than Jesus, with all my sins, and He’s willing to accept me any day and anytime… to start anew, for my own good. Then He rose from the dead! With Him everything is possible.

Oforbuike : The cross symbolises a place of redemption, the oracle where my strength is drawn, a pointer and an eye opener to the reality of grace.

Eka : How much work have I put in to get Christ’s love? Can I love someone the way God loves me? The way I’m undeserving but He is constant, the way He doesn’t expect me to acknowledge or reciprocate His goodness, the way He respects my position and seeks my opinion over everything, the way I disappoint Him and He forgives without thought and still showers His love, the way He hung there knowing I wouldn’t spare Him a glance but hoping that I would have a change of heart later. Even if I didn’t, he was still willing to give Himself for the slightest opportunity that I would bulge. Easter is not just a show of love, God’s love, it’s an example of love, one that I am expected to follow. I have always thought of Easter in the light of what Christ did for me, today I had a different view being what Christ expects me to learn from Him to do for others.

Easter symbolises the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Without Easter there’s really no Christianity, the world waited to know if Jesus would resurrect as earlier prophesied. The cross gives me the ability to live above sin through the help of the Holy Spirit, I have direct access to the Father through the Blood shed on the cross, I understand forgiveness and I’m getting better at forgiving people.  How can you explain, a Man restoring the ear of a soldier who came to arrest Him, or praying for forgiveness over those who had crucified Him. I have understood, if I’m offended it’s my responsibility to seek out peace and even apologise when it’s not convenient. The whole message of love rises and falls on Jesus Christ, He loved me even before I was born, He forgives me when I sin even when He knows I may repeat it again. I don’t have to be clean to come to Him, He loves me anyway and His arms are forever stretched out to welcome me back when I fall out of line. Such great LOVE!!!

What’s your story? You can share it with your family, friends or drop a few lines in the comment section. Remember all these people are not perfect but they know a perfect God who loves them in spite of their shortcomings. May the joy and liberty Jesus brought, rest and overshadow you this season and always.



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