Now I have the NNPC job……..

I just had my induction training with NNPC; it was indeed a dream come true. You don’t know how long I’ve prayed to get a job there, the entire package is amazing, looking forward to the salary and trainings. Rumour has it, I’m entitled to an upfront of my housing allowance. Now that’s what I’m talking about……….

I was told as a child to keep my virginity for my husband; I made it my No. 1 priority throughout my high school days to stay away from boys, moved into college and I kept up with it. People often said I was rude especially the guys but I laughed at all of them, even if I was rude my husband would love me cos’ he married me a virgin. Now I’m married and I hardly see him at home……..

I’ve always admired Blue Coloured plate numbers, especially the preferential treatment given to diplomats at the airport, Oh dear!!! It created a desire in me to work with the United Nations. My desire was fulfilled but I go to work every day and come back feeling empty…..

Reading through the 3 scenarios, they all sound great in fact most people pray and fast to work either in NNPC or the United Nations but it’s sad the dreams just end there. Some ladies were given a false understanding of chastity; hence they think they are doing their husbands good by keeping it forgetting it’s really about you and preserving your body to keep it pure for the Holy Spirit to reside in. Let’s not forget there were  5 foolish virgins mentioned in the Bible; you may have been chaste all your life but empty on the inside, you get married and make a complete mess of yourself, no housekeeping skills, respect has been thrown to the wind cos’ you happen to be the only “virgin” existing.

I’ve been thinking recently and one night I kept on saying, there has to be more; beyond having a regular paying job there has to be more. Have I stopped dreaming, am I just existing, how many companies have I set up and how many people have been empowered, how many houses have I built and given out, how many people have I sent to school??? Was I just created to go to school, get a job, meet this TDH guy, get married, have kids, live for some years maybe 70 and die…. God Forbid.

What will the world remember me for when I’m gone? What will be written on my tombstone? A friend George Akomas, recently put up an article on his Obituary, you can read it up here. Some people didn’t like the idea but truth is we are all going to die someday if rapture doesn’t take place before then and we have to start thinking.

What are those ideas you have? You’ve got to step out “Don’t let the fear of striking out, prevent you from playing the game” and trust me it’s not going to be easy to step out but you have to; most of us are scared and it’s okay to be scared cos’ the dream is bigger than us, if you could handle it all by yourself then it’s a simple walk in the park. Stepping out to the unknown is risky, filled with uncertainties but like Bishop T.D. Jakes put it in the message” Living with the threat of failure” it takes courage to step out coupled with the voices on the inside screaming you might fail, this often drives us back to the familiar, a safe place we have always known.

This is a wake-up call for all of us, there’s so much more to achieve. Don’t just exist, LIVE!!!



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27 Responses to Now I have the NNPC job……..

  1. Oh sweetie
    There is indeed MORE ooooooooooo
    Much more
    Amazing post hun

  2. nnannaokoro says:

    Interesting and very encouraging piece.

  3. Its easier said than done…how many apostles were on the boat? How many walked on water? It is sad but I believe one of the greatest gifts God gives us is the ability to dream…and we dont! Nice article. Thanks for stopping by

  4. bethelli says:

    As ALWAYS Chijie your write up touchd many areas of my life. I promised not reply any jmad post till I mailed you a comprehensive review of “jmad 2013″. I owe U dat & 1more … +1. My eyes went wild seeing the NNPC intro… but I forgot I was in d jmad web…a web that drifts us back 4rm dis world 2d reality dat is reality… GOD. Now I fill so much FEAR, my dream is way bigger than ME! My life has been on stand by 4ova 17months … markin time, left ryt, left ryt, left ryt, still stagnating; gathering ALL sorts of video tutorials dat shud take IT 2d next level in Nigeria. But its 2big … 8trillion bytes of training & softwares and counting ….. How do get all dat in 2my brain…d fear taks me bak in2 dis company I nw work, my comfort zone. Hear I am shining, Iam d wheel dat keeps d company going… But nw God speaks, nw I knw I have 2leave … exactly when I don’t knw, but leav I must… NOW, I tak d 1st step of leaving…my eyes closed, I BREATHE, I breathe ur name JESUS help me gather strength… dere just HAS 2BE MORE 2ME!!! & I choose 2LIVE … God bless U Chijie 4dis Clarion Call! I CHOOSE 2(be)LIVE! #fellinGodHadMeInMindInspiringU2disWriteUp

    • JMAD says:

      Oh Bethel your comments has a way of reaching out to me. I give God all the glory. Its good to be scared cos it shows you do need God to achieve the dream He has placed inside of you. Look out for someone who has achieved success in your field and speak to the person to help with your decisions. We are indeed marching forward.

  5. Chijioke I am totally dumb founded by this motivational piece…what can I say….my mouth is open but I cant just find the right words…thank you

  6. oma kiki says:

    Awesome message Sis….I love it love it….living a purpose driven life and actually fulfilling that purpose is what we ought to be about..

  7. oluwaseun1st says:

    Woow!Brief and on point!Really there’s definitely more to life than those myopic desires. God bless you dear.

  8. Eta Uso Jr says:

    Powerful. Engaging.

  9. buqie says:

    I must confess, the topic dragged me in here but I’m really glad I was dragged.
    There’s more to life no matter what we’ve achieved.
    A man that ceases to dream is a dead man.
    And it’s not just okay to dream, spread your wings and fly.
    Thanks for this post dear.

  10. tessadoghor says:

    God has such awesome plans for you
    Don’t settle for the comfort zone
    I won’t.

  11. 1 + The One says:

    .. So much more! And this echoes my recent prayer points.. Great post dear xx

  12. Femmetotale says:

    Nice one as usual, JMAD.
    This is a subtle reminder that life is bigger
    than each of us. We need to stop concentrating
    on our desires because even after we get them we
    will feel empty unless we are a blessing to others.

  13. Etoroabasi Otong says:

    Thank you

  14. naijawife says:

    I agree. Every day I ask myself. What is my purpose beyond just going to school and having a family? There has to be more to it than that…

    • JMAD says:

      Yes my dear, this question of purpose is essential for all of us… Does life end in going to school and having children????? There’s really more.

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