Moving forward

I was on Facebook a while ago and saw pictures of a family friend and his fiancé; I instantly said in my heart, does this lady know who she’s marrying. Here’s a brief story the guy had done something in the past, really bad, the kind of thing my people call alu (Taboo). We lost touch, can’t say what has been happening in his life, maybe he has repented and turned a new leaf cos’ I often see him write a few stuff on Facebook. Truth is, after muttering my thought on his engagement based on my holier-than-thou attitude I felt uneasy and I knew it had to be the Holy Spirit.

Flaws 2

I realised I’m not good at forgetting past events; I discussed it with a friend and he asked, the few who hurt you, have you forgiven them and I’m like yes but somehow I still remember them for what they did and it kind of beclouds who they’ve become. I was caught in the middle of 2 cousins I’ll call Chris and John who are both my friends regarding something similar. Chris had suddenly changed and wanted John to change too but the approach was a problem cos’ John felt he was been judgemental over him. I remember telling Chris we shouldn’t be quick to forget where we are coming from, at some point he was on the other side of life but looking back at my thought concerning my family friend I totally forgot the life I live is really about God’s mercy.

Flaws 4

We are often quick to condemn abortion but when the lady chooses to keep the pregnancy, eventually gives birth she’s stigmatised. We refer to her as the one who gave birth out of wedlock even when she has changed and moved into her husband’s house. For some funny reason we don’t forget easily but then again to whom much has been given much is expected. We have been forgiven a whole lot of times, interestingly God still knows we may fall again and He doesn’t love us any less. Abimelec was to be destroyed for taking Abraham’s wife although Abraham lied that Sarah was his sister but God spared him and even told him, Gen 20:7b “for it was I (God) who kept you back from sinning against me“. Can we cut someone some slack? Can we see people for who they are at the moment and not who we knew them to be in the past? Can we give room for people’s flaws? Can we not bring up people’s past with our friends and associates? Can we stop being judgemental and correct out of love?


I’m not yet there but I choose to start seeing people differently. Something I picked along the way and I think it can be useful, whenever faced with similar situations just say a word of prayer over them. Truth is many of them may have changed and moved on and we are still carrying who they used to be on the inside, when Paul who was a Christian-assassinator got converted, many people didn’t believe him even some of the disciples had mixed feelings, so don’t go killing yourself cos’ you feel a certain way towards someone who had a not so good past rather start from now to look out for who they’ve become even as you ask God to help you with accommodating their change. “Friends don’t get me wrong; by no means do I count myself an expert in all of this, but I’ve got my eye on the goal, where God is beckoning us onward – to Jesus. I’m off and running, and I’m not turning back” Phil 3:13 MSG



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8 Responses to Moving forward

  1. Adaobi Ejiogu Anumudu says:

    Jioky I think this is God’s response to the prayer I said last night! Someone recently hurt me terribly and I was concerned about how difficult it will be for me to forgive & how it will affect my attitude. Earlier today I resolved to forgive & resume doing what I do for the person. Stumbling on this article confirmed to me that God’s grace is sufficient for whatever we are going through. God bless u & continue to strengthen u in this ministry.

  2. 1 + The One says:

    Cut people some slack.. One of the best ways to show love is tolerance.. Everyone cannot fit into what your ideal is but it’s how to love them irrespective that really ‘kills’ us.. Just like you, I pray that God will give me grace to love His own way and forgive quickly the way He does xx

    • JMAD says:

      Tolerance is the word, just cos we know something doesn’t mean everyone should know it too. May we continue to look to God to follow after His way of doing things.

  3. Nnanna-jnr Okoro says:

    Awesome. The world would be a better place if only and only if…….

  4. It is sad that we generally tend to compare our good to the bad of others…the wrong things they do that we dont…we judge them on..who judges us, The warnings of Jesus in Mathew 7 are not to be taken lightly…Judge not that ye be not judged…if we only knew what judgement we heap on ourselves when we judge others.
    I am glad I stopped by…

    • JMAD says:

      Judge not…….. guess it’s easy to dish out laws and punishment when we are seated on our exhalted seats but different when we are on the other side. I’m ‘gladder’ you stopped by. lol

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