Friendship (Thought Provoking)

I wrote a Note on Facebook on the 24th of Sept 2010, incidentally I listened to the same message a few weeks ago that inspired it and I knew I had to dig it up. I’ll just add a few things to the original Note. We can’t take the  company we keep for granted. Joel Osteen in his message “Divine Connection” calls it our inner circle; who do you hang out with more often, who do you spend your lunch time in the office with, who do you speak to on the phone a lot? Paula White in her message “The Power of Right Connections” calls it the Jonathan Connection (not our president, although it’s needed too) we will never get to some areas in our lives without a Jonathan, citing the case of David and Jonathan in the Bible. Darren Hardy in his book “The Compound Effect” puts it this way, the people with whom you habitually associate with are called your “reference group”, his mentor Jim Rohn says we become the combined average of the five people we hang around the most (You can start doing the maths of their income, values, beliefs, attitudes etc) and Darren asks does the answer frighten you?

We often forget the company we keep rubs off on us; we start to use similar exclamations, eat the same kind of food/drink etc. This really hit me, NOT EVERYONE SHOULD BE IN OUR INNER CIRCLE, THERE ARE PEOPLE WE CAN LOVE FROM A DISTANCE (yea scratch that), they may be good people but you are not headed in the same direction; they might not understand certain decisions and you will end up spending so much time explaining. Such people should be kept out of your inner circle, remember you still pray for them, check up on them and all but they shouldn’t be your alter ego (just found out it equally means a very close and intimate friend).

The Note

I’m sitting here thinking of the recent movies being played out around me. I receive text messages, calls saying I don’t care, one is talking of being sick and I didn’t call/txt. I ask if I keep on taking care of people who takes care of me. Not as though I’d stop been caring, people often forget that those who are always looking out for them at the end of the day are usually alone most of the time. (Incidentally I did a post Super-Human a while ago, forgetting super-heroes need help sometimes.)

I listened to Joel Osteen the other day and He was talking of the kind of friendship people make. While I ask myself the following questions I advice you do same.

-Do my friends challenge or criticise me?

-Do my friends encourage or discourage me?

-Do my friends drag me up or pull me down?

-Do my friends have faith or doubt in me?

 When Elizabeth met Mary at just the greeting the baby within her leaped. There are people who have been placed to cause a leap in our belly. If I want to soar like the Eagle I should stop eating with the Chicks. One would ask won’t you end up been selfish cos you’re only in the relationship for your gains what of those I’m supposed to help. My answer, pray for wisdom to discern. There is time for everything. I should know when to use my time wisely. I should know who I call a close friend and always ask this question Am I better off or worse than when I met you?

The End

I hope this will inspire you to take a critical look at your relationships; go a step further and ask yourself, are you a worthy friend to be kept in someone’s inner circle? “Here is a simple, rule-of-thumb guide for behaviour: Ask yourself what you want people to do for you, then grab the initiative and do it for them” Matthew 7:12 MSG.

Friend & Banana



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13 Responses to Friendship (Thought Provoking)

  1. mayreeh says:

    Great post. Thanks for sharing. God Bless You Dear.

  2. wordsmitch says:

    thought provoking like you said.

  3. 1 + The One says:

    You are so right.. The company you keep determines a lot.. It’s important to do a periodic review.. Know who continues with you on the journey and those whose time has come to an end..

  4. E' says:

    Not everyone should make inner circle ooo
    And interestingly, some people are inner circle just for a moment… Or season.
    After which you go back to loving from a distance cos frankly, that’s the wisdom of the time.
    I have learnt that. And I am learning to be unemotional about it too.
    Destiny is NOT an emotional something ooo.
    Infact I am learning to LOVE still yes, but not let emotions get in the way of just obeying God. Sometimes, we just wanna ‘hold on’ to people and relationships so they don’t think we are being proud or mean or selfish or whatever.
    Like you said, wisdom baby!!!
    Wisdom, dear Jesus ooo
    Inner circle, right connections, compound effect… I love how all thee put it.
    Relationships matter and there are
    Levels in this thing…

    • JMAD says:

      My dear you wont have said it in a better way. I’m learning to be in control of this thing called emotion. We can love but from a distance. Destiny isn’t an emotional something, realllllyyyyy. We need wisdom a whole lot. Thanks for your input.

  5. E' says:

    Na waoooo
    Everybody just dropped simple one liners, me I drop another post
    E’ , length and drama share

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