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The journey to Pornville and the acts of Onanism

Growing up we were taught to keep quiet while eating but for some funny reason lunch has become a place for meetings or chats. A few weeks ago while having lunch with my colleagues a topic was brought up and … Continue reading

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Now I have the NNPC job……..

I just had my induction training with NNPC; it was indeed a dream come true. You don’t know how long I’ve prayed to get a job there, the entire package is amazing, looking forward to the salary and trainings. Rumour … Continue reading

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Moving forward

I was on Facebook a while ago and saw pictures of a family friend and his fiancé; I instantly said in my heart, does this lady know who she’s marrying. Here’s a brief story the guy had done something in … Continue reading

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Rooting for the devils; just believe

The past weekend was really fun in some way; some activities entered my book of firsts while some got me laughing real hard. I ended it by spending the evening with a family I respect so much. Here’s the funny … Continue reading

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