Who wore it better?

I had woken up with the excitement of putting on the Black dress hanging in my wardrobe; once I was done with my red lipstick I knew I was looking smashing (please don’t ask how I knew and I’m not vain either). Anyway we were scheduled to have a group photograph in my Head Office; I walked in feeling all fly with all the Oh!!! You look good and all. That was when she walked in with the exact dress I was putting on and I’m like interesting. Other ladies go oh! You two are putting on the same dress and one whispered quietly who wore it better? Errmmm I don’t have the answer.

A colleague told me of his former colleague who was in a similar situation; the lady went home and changed the dress just when I was laughing at it, my friend calls and when I brought it up she said she’ll go back and change hers if found in a similar situation. I definitely know I’m not going home to change this dress, it sure looks good on me but this whole episode got me thinking.

So what does it really mean if we put on the same dress? I’ve been with a friend who flashed his lights at another car coming in the opposite direction cos’ they had similar cars. They never knew themselves before but their cars united them. I’m just wondering, if having a similar dress with another person is a taboo, why isn’t it a taboo driving the same car with another person? Or is it a thing of class?

I think we just like to complicate our lives with irrelevancies, the world is already complex and we’re adding to it with who wore what, are you serious? Can’t we see we are living our lives for what people will say, someone asked who exactly are these people? We buy this lovely dress, wear it once and it grows cobweb in our closet cos’ we don’t want people saying we’ve worn it before (I’m guilty of this and I’m getting my deliverance from it). A friend Chioma Chuka did a post on something similar; you can read it up here.

Ladies are hit more by this plague, not as though the guys are left out. When will all this internal rivalry end? We are all unique in our own ways; clothes, shoes are all good they have a way of enhancing our looks but we shouldn’t let them define who we are. Beauty is fading including our clothes, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. A time will come when the clothes won’t mean a thing rather the beauty on the inside will keep us going when we are all frail and weak on the outside.

Who wore it better 1

 So what do you think about the dog and the lady? Who should go change………

Loads of Love


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14 Responses to Who wore it better?

  1. mayreeh says:

    Smiles… I think its a thing of class. Some people just feel they are too much to wear same clothes as another person. Its hightime we started living our lives fully & stop stressing ourselves & being too conscious of what people will say. Rather, ask yourself “what does God say?”.

  2. E' says:

    Too much drama!!!
    Trust me, I’ll take a picture with the girl and post to instagram. Go and change ko…
    And dt pix is so cute… No one should change jor

  3. TLG says:

    Yes oh. We actually do stress a lot of unnecessary things. That being said, I’d feel awkward if it were me sha.

  4. Femmetotale says:

    LM*O @ this.
    Let’s face facts jare, nobody wants to be the one wearing the same dress with another girl especially in an office picture. As in, that will be a permanent record and it will be more painful if the other girl rocked it better : D
    Anyway, what a femmetotale would do should be what E said but let’s be honest. It’s gonna hurt a tinee weenie little bit. You actually dressed up thinking u’d be the centre of attraction and then someone else comes out from nowhere to steal ur shine. Lol
    I enjoyed ur post tho.
    Welcome back!

  5. Lol. Talk about tricky situations… Funny, I was gonna allude to the angle in FGS’s post when started reading…good thing you did
    P.s; I love E’ & Femmetotale’s responses. Very interesting and practical.

  6. oluwaseun says:

    I really enjoyed reading this post,its something we all can relate to.I find it quite funny,but abeg…go home and change keh?Lailai!I’ll definitely do what E’ said!

  7. It makes sense and doesnt at the same time. With the increased connectivity in the world today comes a heightened sense of competition. Now concepts such as SWOT analysis, branding, strategy that have been used for corporations have been brought down to a personal level because we need to stand out (i am not complaining…it keeps people like me in a job :D). However, like you pointed out…we take it too far? Why couldnt it imply you both have good taste (or bad…I didnt see the dress) and celebrate your common taste (like the brothers in the car)? love your attitude…it is NOT what you wear..its HOW you wear it…and what is inside outshines whats on the outside (in the long run).
    It was nice stopping by..
    PS: The lady should go and change…the dog out did her…wore it 4 ways better…and the swag!

    • JMAD says:

      Errrrmmmm the taste is good joor. Didn’t want to boast with the fine picture lol. How can the dog outshine those fine legs? Thanks for stopping by *tongue out*

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