Blood in our foundation

As a kid I grew up having the name FEDERAL running through my veins, from Federal University Staff School, Federal Government College to Federal University of Technology. In all of this I remember with nostalgia my experience in Federal Government Girls’ College Owerri Imo State; it was more fun as a boarder. We had dormitories with bunks, with our little windows that could take one person at a time especially when we tried to escape from our Matron.

I woke up Tuesday morning to the news of the heinous murdering of over 30 students in Federal Government College in Buni-Yadi, Yobe State by Boko-Haram Insurgents in their sleep. My heart is heavy and my eyes are filled with tears, I don’t know any of those students but it could have been me. My two sisters and I went to a Federal College, these children were burnt while they were sleeping, for those who tried to escape through the window were caught, not just killed but had their throats slit. JESUS!!! These are people’s kids, they weren’t goats. How can a mother be comforted, what can you tell a father or how can you explain it to the little siblings at home?

What’s going on? When did we become this barbaric? What do they want? Are these humans or do we have an alien invasion? Some of us in other parts of the country are carrying on with our lives as though nothing happened. We have a constant spill of blood and it’s sipping into our foundation. This blood will cry out someday, if we don’t speak up now or do something, when the axe is out every single tree will be cut down, the tsunami won’t just sweep across the evil men perpetrating this act but everyone.

The Motto for Federal Colleges is Pro-Unitate (unity) it’s time for us to speak up with one voice, regardless of tribe or religion. ENOUGH OF THESE KILLINGS. We are gradually becoming used to deaths that we are more concerned with the number, One death is equivalent to a Thousand deaths. Let us do something so people won’t have to refer to Nigeria as “There was a country“. If we need foreign aid, let us say so.

Lord, just as Your Word says anyone who kills by the sword will die by the sword. For as many as they are sponsoring this sect, may they be revealed, may their source of income dry up, may their plans fail. Boko Haram means western education is a taboo yet sophisticated weapons are used, this is beyond religion. Lord for our security system we pray for wisdom on their part to defend our citizens as well as fish out these monsters.

I don’t know what else to say, we have prayed and fasted as a nation, a State of Emergency has been declared, it looks as though we are not making any progress but I choose to believe this too shall pass. I don’t know when but I choose to believe. I pray for strength on all the families who have lost someone, words will never suffice, I can’t mend your heart but God can do all things.



Who wore it better?

I had woken up with the excitement of putting on the Black dress hanging in my wardrobe; once I was done with my red lipstick I knew I was looking smashing (please don’t ask how I knew and I’m not vain either). Anyway we were scheduled to have a group photograph in my Head Office; I walked in feeling all fly with all the Oh!!! You look good and all. That was when she walked in with the exact dress I was putting on and I’m like interesting. Other ladies go oh! You two are putting on the same dress and one whispered quietly who wore it better? Errmmm I don’t have the answer.

A colleague told me of his former colleague who was in a similar situation; the lady went home and changed the dress just when I was laughing at it, my friend calls and when I brought it up she said she’ll go back and change hers if found in a similar situation. I definitely know I’m not going home to change this dress, it sure looks good on me but this whole episode got me thinking.

So what does it really mean if we put on the same dress? I’ve been with a friend who flashed his lights at another car coming in the opposite direction cos’ they had similar cars. They never knew themselves before but their cars united them. I’m just wondering, if having a similar dress with another person is a taboo, why isn’t it a taboo driving the same car with another person? Or is it a thing of class?

I think we just like to complicate our lives with irrelevancies, the world is already complex and we’re adding to it with who wore what, are you serious? Can’t we see we are living our lives for what people will say, someone asked who exactly are these people? We buy this lovely dress, wear it once and it grows cobweb in our closet cos’ we don’t want people saying we’ve worn it before (I’m guilty of this and I’m getting my deliverance from it). A friend Chioma Chuka did a post on something similar; you can read it up here.

Ladies are hit more by this plague, not as though the guys are left out. When will all this internal rivalry end? We are all unique in our own ways; clothes, shoes are all good they have a way of enhancing our looks but we shouldn’t let them define who we are. Beauty is fading including our clothes, but a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. A time will come when the clothes won’t mean a thing rather the beauty on the inside will keep us going when we are all frail and weak on the outside.

Who wore it better 1

 So what do you think about the dog and the lady? Who should go change………

Loads of Love


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Do I pose a threat?

As a kid I always dreamt of a better country; I got interested in politics and looked forward to joining the House of Representative with the hope of ascending to the office of the President. Dreams do come true; I am an HONOURABLE MEMBER of the House of Representatives, I haven’t been able to pass any bill yet but I’m working on it. I’m entitled to a fee for each sitting and I’m thinking since I haven’t come up with a bill I can suggest “Wristwatch Allowance”. Please don’t go rolling your eyes, I need to be seated on time, a good and very expensive wristwatch will go a long way, still on the allowance the female members need to look their best especially their hair so I’ll put in a word for “Hair Allowance”.  DO I POSE A THREAT?

I grew up in a family where almost all my needs were met. Dad made sure my siblings and I were comfortable, mum ran a boutique to enable her spend more time with us cos’ dad was a Manager in the bank, we all know how time consuming it is. Down the road there was a misappropriation of funds by a junior staff; dad had to pay the price, he was fired, that was when everything went haywire. He became a shadow of himself, mom lost her boutique, we had to move into a smaller apartment, and our lifestyles had to change. I needed to keep up with the Joneses; a friend of a friend introduced me to a line of servicing business. All I needed to do was a few minutes of pleasure, travel as an escort on business trips.  These men needed my extraordinary services, a friend once told me ‘My gift will make way for me and cause me to stand before great men’ although in this case my gift is making me lie down close to great men.  DO I POSE A THREAT?

My childhood days were marred with sexual abuse; my uncle at home did a great deal of baby-sitting. He went beyond baby-sitting to bed-coaching; he did a lot of horrible things to me. I couldn’t tell anyone at home; mum had warned that I’ll get pregnant if any guy touched me, uncle had touched me so many times but I wasn’t yet pregnant so I really didn’t know what to tell mum. I grew up with that secret, guys were monsters to me, and they all reminded me of uncle. I gained admission into the university; became a loner and an avid reader at least my good grades could make me feel good. I met a bookie like me in the library; we became friends, she always had my back, she introduced me into the world of lesbianism, something didn’t feel right on the inside. I was faced with the same problem of silence again, the church would have been my best bet but I heard, people like me were given the award WORST SINNERS EVER LIVED. I didn’t need to be treated like an outcast so I kept on struggling on my own to break loose. DO I POSE A THREAT?

Isn’t it amazing to have a Nation that proffers solution to our problems? They have answered the 3rd question for us by signing a Bill of a 14 year jail term. I have a few more questions

  • Are we saying a jail term will automatically change their sexual preference?
  • What happens after a person has served time?
  • Is there any Bill for child molesters?
  • Is there any Bill for Corrupt Public officers?

I did a post on something similar in the past; you can read it up here They should be jailed in fact stoned to death   While we are casting our net to catch the supposed culprits, our little girls are getting raped, three men are still walking free after molesting a young lady did I mention it was anal rape for three consecutive years, here’s the story Stripped at midday  who knows maybe those men declared drinks on the day the bill was passed. Do I applaud homosexuality? NO; just the same way we all need to stick to God’s original plan for sexual intimacy. If we want to portray ourselves as a moral society then there should be a Bill in place for all sexual offenders including homosexuality, adultery, fornication, bestiality, paedophilia etc. We need to go the whole nine yards. With the outburst, I see a group of people filled with hate for their fellow human beings some people even suggested death for the culprits. May God help us all as we practise selective religion?



 N/B: This post was written on the 24th of January.

My experience in Keffi Prison

I’ve desired to visit a Prison Cell for a while (not as an inmate), in fact it was on my To-Do list last year but the year ended without accomplishing it but like I said in an earlier post there’s really nothing wrong in carrying over an unexecuted plan into a new year. Once the announcement was made in Church for volunteers to Keffi Prison in Nasarawa State I knew God was giving me another opportunity to fulfil my desire.

I had mixed feelings early in the morning cos’ I wasn’t sure what I was going to say to the inmates if given an opportunity to speak to them and I didn’t want to break down in tears. I couldn’t tell them I understood how they felt cos’ I’ve never been in a cell before; I just prayed a simple prayer and asked God to place the right words in my mouth. We cooked three different dishes for them and tied up garri and sugar in small bags for them, incidentally they prefer the garri to the food guess you know why but for those who don’t know, I’ll help you out. Soaked garri has a way of filling the stomach up and they can feed on it for many days *takes deep breath*.

When we got to the prison we were given tags and I was told if I misplaced it I wouldn’t be leaving (I quickly tucked my own deep down my pocket), phones were not allowed inside so I couldn’t take any pictures. We got to their meeting ground and the slogan Happy Home! was chanted by the Comptroller and the inmates responded Happy Family! I just sat down there staring at the inmates and wondering what’s happy about a prison cell but then again it’s their temporal home and life’s a journey irrespective of the route we take, we’ve to find a way to make the most out of each experience.

One of us gave an exhortation and something stood out to me, he said anyone can be on the other side (which is their side) but for the grace of God… That’s so true, some of us may have committed some offences and weren’t caught, some were caught but given another chance and some of us may have taken the 2nd, 3rd or even 20th chance for granted let’s take heed we may never have another chance next time.

We shared the food with the large chunks of meat, that even one of the warders said it’s good to be in prison ohh *smh vigorously*. I noticed we only attended to the male inmates who were above 100 in number; after sometime we were asked to go see the female inmates. They were about 19, an old woman was with them (just wondering her offence); a lady was crying, the food that put smiles on the faces of the inmates meant nothing to her and when I asked I was told she was brought in a few days earlier on cos’ of a marital issue she had with her husband, her child of 4 years lives with her and she doesn’t know who’s taking care of her child (guess she doesn’t live with her husband). Looking at the ladies and the good command of English from one of them got me teary-eyed; it could have been me but for the grace of God… Just when I thought I had seen it all, an inmate who was clearing the coolers picked up a piece of meat from the floor I wanted to give a dog, dusted it straight into his pocket. Oh Lord!!! How often have we wasted food?

Some of the inmates may deserve to be in there some may not but they have chosen to make the most out of it; some are good shoe-makers, crafts-men, one recently wrote Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE). Question is, what are you doing with your freedom? What excuse are you giving? We often need to spend some time on the other side of life to appreciate the things we have. Did I enjoy my visit? Yes, cos’ it reminded me of some important lessons of life but above all the message in Matthew 25:26 said “I was naked and you clothed me, I was sick and you visited me with help and ministering help, I was in prison and you came to see me” AMP. I was humbled to be a member of the visiting team. I’m human and still have all my weaknesses including selfishness resident in me but God keeps on pruning me daily. I’m learning to be more practical in my love walk, like Pastor Sarah will say “don’t say you love me show me”. I think we’ve preached that message a lot, let’s get down to the practical aspect.