The journey to the top

When was the last time you did something for the first time? People often ask me what I do for fun, at the end of the day some end up saying it’s a boring life I have but I knew my view of fun was the unconventional type. I recently asked a friend Kolo on mountaineering some weeks back and he threw it open on Twitter; he did some research on the mountains in town even climbed some on his own.

The adrenaline rush just from the thought alone was extremely high, a few people turned up and we moved from knowing ourselves online to offline at least it’s not a case of @Royalamebo scam.  We were scheduled to meet at 7 a.m. after a little delay we headed off feeling all fly only to be stopped at the entrance. I never knew people own rocks in Abuja, like seriously… the man said we didn’t inform him before coming; we should come back later in the evening to discuss our plans with him *smh.  Our spirits were already getting dampened but Kolo suggested another mountain. I’m extremely glad we went on this adventure. Let me let the picture tell a better story.

In high spirits
Waiting for Kolo, Oma (L), Chika (R)
First site we visited
From Left Me, Attahiru, Chika, Segun, Kolo. We were feeling like tourist… this was just before we were evicted for “trespassing”.
The excitement of finding another site……
You can tell I was pretty excited
Oh yea, we made it … that’s what the picture says
More laughter
Beautiful view of Abuja
How can a selfie be missing from the many shots?
The climax
Started at the bottom and here we are….. at the TOP!!!
Caption this
Jabi Lake behind
Oma and I were smiling, but we couldn’t get to the edge
Kolo and Segun went a step further, my adventurous spirit couldn’t go beyond the rocks….. maybe next time
On our way down
She’ll definitely be a good brand ambassador for tooth-paste
Boss lady
We felt like kids here…. our journey to the bottom
Keep walking


I hope you enjoyed the story told by the pictures; we are planning another trip, probably to Gurara Falls or some other mountain. We keep on procrastinating, giving excuses why we can’t do something new. Truth is, there’s never a perfect time, the year is just starting and you may have made awesome plans which is very good but I hope you can make out time to have fun and do exciting things. You don’t have to own a bank or save up to go to Malta or the Bahamas (Although it will be fun places), look around you and you’ll definitely find out there’s something you can do alone or with people that will put not just a smile but laughter on your face.

Loads of Love


N/B : This post was scheduled for the end of last year but events took over but I had to stay true to my words….