2014; Just like the Eagle

Sitting in the kichen in a place called ‘lovujo’ (Nawfija) reminiscing of the past 365 days; I keep screaming Toby stop (the boy is a handful at 2) from pressing laptops, phones to digging up the car key where it is hidden to start the alarm or just listen to the sound the remote makes whenever he presses it *deep breath* or is it my 5 month old brother whose smile lights my heart and reminds me God is just too faithful and He definitely likes to show-off with His mind blowing miracles.


Village Chronicles

Spending the last days of 2013 with my family gives me every reason to be thankful. It’s been amazing; the laughters, division of labour by my sisters and cousins, dad’s funny jokes and picture poses and mum’s workaholic life (I’m constantly asking her to leave the kitchen).

I met a few amazing people, rekindled lost friendship but in the midst of that I realised I didn’t have to change who I was or my beliefs to fit into anyone’s mould. Often times we hear God’s Word concerning a situation; we are in a hurry to see it come to pass and we try to help God forgetting He doesn’t need our help. All He needs is for us to believe and work by His leading and not work Him into our schedule.
I don’t have to be any other person, pray to be like someone cos’ truthfully no one has got a perfect life, we all have different destinies and assignments on earth. Am I saying you shouldn’t have people you look up to? NO rather emulate the good you see while you learn from the mistakes they have made.

As babies, before we started walking we crawled and fell down but it didn’t stop us from trying again. You may have made some mistakes like me (which is a common denominator with everyone – it shows we are human) learn from them. You probably made some plans for the year that weren’t achieved,  don’t beat yourself up no one said it’s wrong to carry it over. Remember you’re the sole owner of your life on earth, we can all say what we think you should do but at the end of the day it’s your life; you’ll be at the receiving end of your decisions.

Shut out all the clutter, have a me-time, applaud yourself for the successes, re- strategise. What do you have to do differently?  You can’t keep doing the same thing and expect a different result. Let go of past hurts and enter 2014 light.

Looking back, would I have asked for a different year? Errmm… NOPE. I’m totally grateful for the entire year; I’m a better person now.
A big THANK YOU for your visit to this blog; you gave me reasons to keep on writing. For all those who sent in an entry for the Journey of 2013 series I appreciate it but most importantly for letting people into your life and allowing your story to be a blessing to someome.

I’m not sure the 31 days in December will be enough to share more inspiring stories cos’ 2014 is ushering us into a new phase, almost everyone who wrote in had to shed some old feather in form of habits, relationships and all. Just like the Eagle we will all have renewed strength ascend heights we would have never imagined.

See you on the other side.
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Light up the fireworks and yes been a while I lit one, I’ll be doing it this night.
Loads of Love

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6 Responses to 2014; Just like the Eagle

  1. Good article. I’m going through many of these issues as well..

  2. Orji Amuche says:

    u sure doing well Coz. HNY

  3. Grеat blog you hаve ɦere.. Ιt’s hard toο find high quality writing like ʏours these days.
    I truly appreciate people like you! Ҭake care!!

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