The journey of 2013 – Akachi’s story

This post got me laughing all through. It’s so honest, unedited but in the midst of it all she still finds a way to bring in humour. Akachi and I went to the same secondary school (F.G.G.C. Ow) and we serve together in the Youth Church of Family Worship Centre.


Oh hey,hi there *had no idea the camera was already rolling…and this is the story of countless number of people who 2013 must have taken by surprise for the most part…sigh* Back to my intro! That pretty girl on that picture you just glossed over is I, yours truly Akachi Chinwendu Nwoke *yeah feel free to run back and stare properly at the picture but don’t lose focus lol* I am the Creative Director of a makeup outfit originally born out of joblessness, it’s called Visages Parfait Makeover (please go to for more info), and I am extremely grateful to God for birthing her through me three years ago, because we have come a looooong, rough but glorious way *smiles*

Back to 2013 *sighs* JANUARY started like every other year, filled with dreams and hopes and different aspirations that I was sure would come to fruition by Dec. You know, get a well-paying job to compliment my makeup stuff, get in a relationship and hopefully get married, mooooove out of my parents’ house *pwheew*, get my international or local ECOWAS passport and at least travel out na, even if its Ghana, Cameroon or Uganda *stop laughing at me joor ,it’s well* I really stepped into this year bursting with energy. Fast forward to MARCH, my 1st heartbreak, the guy left *stay on this blog & you’ll get the full gist, the day I finally opened up to give my girlfriend Amelia the full gist, I can swear her jaw hurt for days because it kept dropping lol* Same month, I cancelled on a lot of my clients in order to go for a competition in Las Gidi (Lagos), well to cut the story short, it was another heart breaking experience. So I was man broke, money broke and biz broke 😦

For lack of space, let’s just fast forward to DECEMBER *still in a yay or nay mood though, I must confess* I didn’t get married this year obviously..ah ah, you ma for don hear am na lol. I didn’t get the civil service job I was hoping for..kai e for make sense o. Yes my dear, thanks for reminding me, but NO, I no even cross Benin Republic border 😦 So what really happened in my 2013? Well, my God stayed faithful, I still had massive fun in church and outside *i sha discovered Yogourberry this year, yes,better late than never hehehe*,I travelled to different parts of Nigeria eventually and God ensured my safety. I am still alive and healthy with every member of my family intact *Who is like this my God?* I also must not forget that you are taking your precious time to read my write up, I already feel like a celeb joor lol, thank you very much 🙂

Finally,I…. *oh, the camera is off? now, now, now? Na wah o* (And that’s the way life is,like play 2013 has come and practically gone. May 2014 not catch us unawares 🙂 ) Ciao mes amies *honey hugs*

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4 Responses to The journey of 2013 – Akachi’s story

  1. Nneka Amaeshi says:

    Akachi is such a clown! Kept laughing all the way. I’m glad u still have a heart of thanksgiving amidst the bad breaks. Pls dnt let go of those dreams for our God is faithful. He shall grant u the secret desires of ur heart.
    Btw: those leggs tho (just like Jmad’s) and the shoes 🙂

  2. mcube25 says:

    your friend chinwendu from the impression created, Will be fun to be with… very funny and easy going. Her husband is in the final year of God’s preparatory school.
    I wish you the best……..

  3. This is so me I tell you.In fact I can just repost and insert my name.
    Yes oh despite everything, there’s reason to be thankful

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