The journey of 2013 – Bayo’s Story

 I met Bayo in N.Y.S.C camp and we became friends even though he was a handful; it didn’t end there we found ourselves as colleagues in our Place of Primary Assignment. I’m pretty excited at his transformation, we used to argue a lot on religion, the church and all but today it’s all changed.

Intro: Samuel Adebayo Ajayi is an Abuja based Legal Practitioner, a believer, a writer who is not ready to write yet. He has great hope for this country-Nigeria. He adores Nelson Mandela so much. His favourite quote is “Do not live in the fear of what you have lost, but live in the joy of what you have found”. He hopes to affect lots of lives positively before he dies at 70.


I have always been that person that takes life as it comes and this belief over time has defined who I am, my values and the way I view life generally. Some say am a free thinker, and for most times I battled not to prove them right.

 At the beginning of every New Year, I hear people set for themselves goals, and those who are still caught up in the euphoria of the celebrations term it “new year resolution”. I don’t set such goals or “new new resolutions”. I don’t envy them neither am I angry at them, as I know that the dog will go back to its vomits.

 2013 has been an eventful year for me. No!!! I didn’t get married. That picture on my Facebook page was my elder brother’s bride. I was just a bloody best man. I didn’t acquire all those things you have in mind. Sorry to disappoint you. I made new friends, improved more in my career and above all I ENCOUNTERED GOD AGAIN!!! Yes I went back to God.

 In this undulating ocean of human existence, especially the Hell Gate called Nigeria, to wake up and find yourself alive is a testimony. In fact everything is a testimony. My testimony is that I live, despite all odds, despite the ups and downs. A lot went wrong. I became used to the sight of blood, to the sight of dead bodies. My country was turned upside down, but we are still standing.

 2013 is indeed a trying year though, trying in the sense that I was heart broken, whent from engaged to single,met with disappointments from persons closest to me,I abandonded my masters programme( wasn’t just feeling it), got broke financially that I broke down and cried,I forgot my nephew’s 1st birthday. I  lost my mentor, role model and hero – NELSON MANDELA. His death has now given me the courage to set goals. I have decided not to get rich like Dangote, Otedola or Adenuga. I have decided that my wealth should be measured by the number of lives I touched, that at the end of it all, when am gone, the world will stand still in remembrance of me.

 I am enjoying Shiloh, enjoying the exceeding grace. I have lots of expectations from God to help shape my goals for the years to come. I am drawing up my “new year resolutions” currently, and don’t worry I will not go back to my vomits. *whistles away, hands in pocket*

Samuel Adebayo Ajayi.

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6 Responses to The journey of 2013 – Bayo’s Story

  1. bamidele obafemi says:

    Wow! Lovely write up! Despite all the humour and the relaxed nature of the composition, a grave and expedient point was made; be grateful for where u r right now, and always keep the future in view!
    Cheers mate! Good job!

  2. maisurah says:

    This is awesome,beautiful piece,touching.

  3. E' says:

    U have a fun way of writing.
    2014 will be better cos Exceeding Grace equals strange works and strange acts equals exceeding grace. And when you are asked how are u? U will truly say Thanks be to God for His unspeakable gifts…
    All I said is Winners language… Hope u understand.
    Then brother dearest Naija is NOT a hell gate 🙂

  4. Olaitan Ronke says:

    *smiles* interesting write up I must say.
    @Bayo, ur story isn’t unfamiliar to me, it feels i’m the one telling it on your behalf. 2014 shall be exceedingly great for all of us.

  5. Olatunji Atolagbe says:

    Good job with suspense. Gbayi bro!

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