The journey of 2013

The year is gradually winding down; lots of mixed feelings, still hoping for that miracle or perhaps the plans you set out for the year haven’t been fully actualised. I made plans at the beginning of the year, looking back I didn’t achieve all of it but I’m grateful I can appraise myself, I can say I performed above average and it was all by the grace of God. The entire journey made me realise there’s a spot higher than average but at the same time it’s a step at a time, I’m learning to enjoy every step of the way. A few lessons I learnt.


Never under-estimate any gift you have; writing exposed this truth to me, the comments, criticisms, referrals and all have really humbled me and to think it’s not up to a year yet. Once you have an inner conviction follow it, there were some topics I wanted to write on but had cold feet because they weren’t popular opinion, but because of the Inner voice I wrote about it and I could just see people’s perception through comments or phone calls and I knew it had to be God.

Once you’ve chosen to live by the leading of the Holy Spirit all it takes is obedience. I made some crazy choices that didn’t make sense and I was at that point where it’s either God helps me or nothing and He definitely came through. This didn’t happen once or twice but so many times and most of it had to do with finances.

I learnt the power of silence; life’s battle is won in the heart, in the heat of the moment when everything seems to be caving in shutting up and thinking things through goes a long way and did I forget the power in courtesy and smiling. I can tell you it  paved the way for me so many times even when the voices in my head were screaming and propelling me to slam someone.
I’m more relational, somehow I want to help the entire world forgetting I’m only human. I literally had to go back to read the post I did on Super-human. This year had me doing a whole lot and eventually I broke down; never been to a hospital in over 5 years or more for treatment but found myself in one some weeks back all because I forgot to take good care of myself. A prophet who had killed 400 prophets of Baal was threatened by a woman and he took off, hid in the mountain and even prayed for death and God answered him by giving him food to eat saying the journey was indeed a far one. You’re probably like me, you want to change the world, that’s a good cause but a piece of advice take it a step at a time, you can’t change the entire world but you can change two (2) people – yourself and another person, while you are at it please don’t neglect your body, look after it. If you break down tomorrow another person will take your place, no one is indispensable.

I’ll be sharing a few lessons from some wonderful people; they are all ordinary people who have passed through the journey of 2013. Hopefully it’ll come up by 4 p.m everyday till the end of the year.

What’s your story?

Loads of Love


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6 Responses to The journey of 2013

  1. Meka says:

    I hope this isn’t your story…this was merely a summary.
    your a wonderful person, and God has done wonderful things through you.

    I expect to read one from you one of these days that lead to the end of the year.

    Love Meka

  2. Sophy says:

    Thanks for sharing.
    Here is part of my story:

    2013 is a very GREAT Year. The first time I truly felt like am part of this world; felt God’s love and clicked in to his secrets. I never imagined I’ve been missing out, but I was really on the wrong lane of Christianity until March 2013 happened. It was not in my plan for the year but I got the priceless gift of Salvation and Knowledge of God. Life has never been so clear, I didn’t realize there was this number of amazing things to discover about this life. It’s incredible but I am enthralled by every passing moment and people. I always shudder at what my fate would have been if 2013 hadn’t happened.

    Lessons learnt: never pass up any opportunity for anything you really can do: it’s not modesty; its your mistake which you will end up being really sorry for. If I had passed up the opportunity of taking the Sunday School Class during the Youth Week in March 2013 in my Church, I probably would still be merely existing in the world, unknown to me, I was just taking my proverbial one step.
    If you give God an ultimatum for your life situation then it is clear that you don’t know Him. So many times, I told God how & when I wanted this and that to come to pass but whenever I don’t get it my way, I’d get frustrated and distracted in serving Him. The day I discovered the purpose of His creation on earth and how to fulfill that purpose, I never cared about my situation. For the first time, sad news never flustered me, red account meant absolutely nothing to me I stopped caring about where my next bread will come from, all because I now know WHO I am working for. Not only did I realize that I was not putting Him first, I am also now constantly aware that am living my life for others.
    With a few weeks to the countdown to a greater year, it is still amazing that He has not even finished with us for this year. That is why I can’t wait to learn from the upcoming posts in this blog. Thanks for your unflinching service Jioke, wishing you more Overflowing Grace from God.

    *uhm, sorry for the long comment but you sort of asked for it*

    • JMAD says:

      Sophy you just got me emotional. Thank you so much for this. You’ve reminded me of some important truths, never give God an ultimatum, the place of knowing WHO we are serving and not worrying about provision and above all the greatest gift which is SALVATION. I join the angels to continue the celebration. Thanks for your kind words. About the long comment, awesome we (you and I) overcame the enemy by the words of our testimony and the Blood of the Lamb. *hugs*

  3. mcieonnanna says:

    awesome! I love the portion of living obediently to the holy spirit

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