The flip side of jungle justice

It was a peaceful afternoon; schools were on holiday, I was watching a cartoon while my cousin was washing clothes outside, my cousin suddenly started shouting thief! thief!! thief!!!. I just saw my cousin running towards the gate to my neighbour’s compound and people ran out and in the midst of all the commotion I managed to sneak out to see what was going on. Fortunately for us the thief was caught but I heard people screaming for fuel, the guy already had a tyre round his neck but the earth wasn’t ready to receive his body for in a twist of fate one of my neighbours called the police and before we knew what was going on, he was bundled into their truck. Can someone shout halleluiah? A few weeks after that day was October 1 and my cousin took me to the stadium and a few seats behind us my cousin spots the same guy who was whisked away by the police. You definitely know we took off for our own safety. This happened in 1994.

Fast forward December 2013 two ladies were caught stealing pepper and they were dehumanised. I watched the video on Sunday and I wept. They were stripped, a mixture of pepper was poured into one of the women and I don’t mean through her mouth but her vagina and did I forget to add one of the men had his leg on her neck while she was lying on the floor naked.

Just last year bizarre pictures and videos of four students (ALUU4) flooded the internet and no matter how stone hearted you were, the scene broke everyone who saw it. I kept on asking if the guys who carried out the act were human beings or some aliens who invaded our country.

Jungle justice is something we’ve had for as long as I can remember; for every time we hear of an incident, our tears are proportional to the extent of the evil done, if lives are lost we could go a little longer talking about it on Social Media, create hasttags on twitter, call for the heads of the people who carried it out.

Truth is we’ve left out the most important factor in all of this; our Security System, yes you heard me I’m referring to the Police. Imagine the fear in the little child who was just told the armed robber handed over to the police a few weeks ago for breaking into the neighbour’s house was seating a few rows behind her. What do you think that little child will grow up to believe?

This is a clarion call to all those at the helm of affairs; Legislative, Nigerian Police Force, Federal Government, Judiciary etc. We need an overhauling, I met jungle justice as a child, I’m an adult and it’s still in existence. I don’t want to leave Nigeria the same way I met it, our kids need to see a better country. We want to believe in our Security System, we want to see offenders regardless of social status serve the appropriate time.

I don’t know when this will be achieved but I believe in a better Nigeria and just like the Holy Book says everything is possible to him who believes.


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