A 4 day internship on cuddling

A survey was carried out to find out the relationship between stimulation and physical development; two sets of babies were placed in separate rooms. In room A the babies were constantly cuddled, fondled and fed while the babies in room B were just fed and had their diapers changed. At the end of the period, the babies in room A looked healthier than the ones in room B even though they were fed the same amount of food.
I travelled home for my baby brother’s dedication and I had a four day Internship on caring for a baby; at some point I had to bathe him (1st time ever and he’s barely four months old), I wish all I had to do was bathe him. There were days I stood for more than an hour just carrying him, he definitely loves the touch of the human body cos’ whenever I kept him on the bed he let out a tiny cry or woke up if he was sleeping, Oh!!! How I sang all the songs I know from “Onye mere nwa n’ebe akwa to rock a bye baby” I even formed beats with my mouth just to get him to sleep. In the midst of all this I remembered my dad’s story; I was still a baby then and he had to watch over me while my mom was on a night shift, he said he managed to get me to sleep in his arms but every time he kept me in my cot I yelled out (I literally had to ask my brother if it was payback time).
Parents 2

Did I enjoy my four days of Internship? Definitely yes but it got me thinking. This is just one child, how did our parents cope? Some mothers had children who weren’t up to a year old and gave birth to another child so technically they had two babies to cater for. It’s amazing to see babies grow and become teens and adults, but more interesting is the point our parents try to advice and correct us and we fall out with them.
Parents 1

There are some of us out there who are not speaking to our parents cos’ of the reason giving above, no mistake about it sometimes we are right but is the reason good enough to tear us away from our parents. Even God cited the love a mother has for her child while trying to explain His undying love for Israel Isaiah 49 vs 15. I may never know the extent of the misunderstanding between you and your parents but it’s time to go home and make peace. I’ve seen my mom correct me, honestly I didn’t like those periods but looking back now I realised it was all out of love.
Parents 3

Am I saying it’s going to be easy? NO, but it’s worth all the stress and crazy heartbeat. Get your mom or dad a gift to start with and call them up. Maybe they’ve never called you since you left home but you were constantly on their minds. There’s a blessing attached with honouring our parents. A whole lot may not make sense to you now but trust me the moment you hold your own child in your arms, your perspective about life will change and you’ll realise, you who couldn’t forfeit a slice of bread for someone wouldn’t mind giving one of your kidneys if it ever gets to that to make sure your child lives. May God strengthen you as you do this.



N/B : Onye mere nwa n’ebe akwa is an Ibo folk song used in pacifying babies.

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2 Responses to A 4 day internship on cuddling

  1. sommie says:

    jmad nwanne muooo d baby rocker,nne taking care of a baby aint beans,our parents really tried mehnnnn.
    luvly post am learning to love and care for my mum more cos’ ehn she’s all i have ooo

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