#JusticeforLiz: Save us from the animals

I’m getting scared by the second. Who’s next? From 4 year olds to adults, this isn’t a case of provocative dressing, a beast is on the loose; roaming the streets and no one is immune to its attack. This is a collective action. Please sign the petition, let’s start with the Policemen and the culprits in Kenya.

Fairy Godsister's Blog

Apparently this happened about a week ago but I came across this story today, and I had to share.

















Why did I sign the petition? No where in the world is cutting grass a punishment for gang rape. The men should be charged and punished for rape and attempted murder because they left her to die. They are animals and should be locked away for life. Or castrated and given bits of their penises to eat till they die.

You can sign the petition here, and please say a prayer for the young girl whose innocence has been snatched by these animals.


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