When you say you love me…

I usually turn into a Certified Project Manager almost every Saturday morning; I’ll literally wake up with the day’s activities already planned with Timelines too. This particular Saturday I had planned to be at the market by 9 a.m. to get my shopping done on time and attend to other “projects”. For some funny reason I’m like a shareholder in the market, with the way I’ve to greet people in the shops I pass. Knowing so many of them comes with its merits and demerits; I’ll have to patronize them all the time. I stopped at one of my customer’s shop to buy garri, asked him how much a mudu (cup) was and he gave me the price and I instantly wore my negotiation cap to beat it down and he made a very profound statement. He agreed to my amount but changed the cup and was kind enough to let me know. Here’s what he said “Everyone in the market has two cups, one has been worked on, so they can agree to your terms but in the real sense the quantity of what you are buying will be reduced by the cup they use to sell”.
When you say you love me, do you really mean it? Are you just saying it because that’s what I want to hear at that time? Reading my shopping tale, can you relate to it? Often times when there’s a break-up or divorce, people get broken not necessarily cos’ of the break-up rather the unfulfilled words that were said. You get to hear but you said this and that…

Power of words
It’s interesting to read in Matthew 15 vs 9 These people make a big show of saying the right thing but their heart isn’t in it” MSG. We are quick to spill out promises and words especially when we are experiencing an emotional high forgetting we can’t make good judgement under the influence, if you doubt that ask King Herod who was sent to cloud 9 by the way Herodias’ daughter wriggled her hips in a dance and he instantly swore to an oath to give her whatever she requested, the young girl was well coached by her mother and demanded for John the Baptist’s head, pretty sure you know the rest of the story.
Just watched an amazing video, where a guy made a dream come through for his girlfriend by proposing and marrying her on the same day, here’s what he said ‘He had never told her he loved her for the 5 years they dated cos’ he wanted to be sure with every fibre in him that he really loved her’.

Words .....
Currently doing a study with @TheLafamily on twitter; we are studying the New Testament for the next 130 days, each day we share what we learn from the outline using the hashtag #LA130 and today’s study is on Mark 13 and 14. Chap 14 paints the picture well, Peter was told he’ll deny Jesus and he swore that even if he had to die to defend Jesus he’ll do it, but few verses down reveals how he didn’t just deny Jesus but invoked a curse upon himself.

Before you make that next promise, please think through, if you don’t mean it keep quiet. Someone can forget every other thing but not the words you said. Words are like bullets, once you pull the trigger, you can’t recall it. The world we see came into existence by Words, let us use it wisely.

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10 Responses to When you say you love me…

  1. “LOTS OF LOVE”? Did you mean it? lol Nice one. I am learning to talk less..in a multitude of words…? before I promise what i cant do or speak flippantly. Here’s something interesting. I was having a conversation with pope the other day about the perspectives and concepts of God…and atheism and he told of an experiment where 2 plates of rice were kept in 2 separate rooms, In one room, they were praising the rice…in the other..they were cursing it out. The one that was being praised stayed 2days before going bad, the one that was being cursed? Went rotten quicker. They did this with water and the cursed water went bad AT A MOLECULAR level…the power of words nice one

  2. 1 + The One says:

    Love is a very dicey issue… I think the problem is usually that people don’t fully understand the meaning of love.. I am learning that if it’s based on how one feels at that particular time, there’s a problem.. God help us! Also, as human beings, our love is very imperfect and hardly unconditional. That takes only the grace of God.. Even Peter denied Jesus who had just recently swore profusely that he couldn’t… With our own strength, never say never – you can fail and disappoint even the most beloved person to you but by God’s grace, it’s possible to have and give sacrificial love. Great piece Project Manager Jmad lol xx

    • JMAD says:

      I love we can disappoint someone but the grace of God we can love sacrificially. More grace for you and me. Yep at project manager *wink wink*

  3. wordsmitch says:

    Ermm, how you get to touch these topics that matter the most, i don’t understand…..but i’m glad to God for your mind. I am also guilty of all you mentioned in your post; we are quick to make promises we don’t intend to keep, in the spur of the moment. Or simply just love to tell people what they’d love to hear, cos it brings about the best results.

    • JMAD says:

      I can boldly say it’s really God. Guess He just sets our creative mind to work with everything around us besides He’s the creator. Thanks for your compliment. Now to the issue, yea we all fall into the category of speaking for the moment. I’m learning to think things through before I spill another empty promise.

  4. wordsmitch says:


  5. sommie says:

    hmmmm @ project manager i knw u r oooo,all our abj market trips and sat cooking with huge pots,i sure learnt a lot.
    abt making promises,guess we all make promises based on how we feel at that moment….God help us all to say what we truly mean

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