the glaring truth; my nicotine addiction

I can’t say I understand how you feel cos I’ve not struggled with nicotine addiction but I’ve had my own struggles but I want to applaud you for this bold step you’ve taken. This is the step to your healing. Incidentally I went through a post I did on my shortcomings and how openly admitting it has helped me a great deal. It’ll be a tough journey but keep the big picture in your mind. Beyond what everyone or specialist say, the real help you’ll be needing is from deep within you. Jesus said He its only the sick that has need for a physician. Turn to Him as He gives you the strength to overcome this addiction. Remember you’re not alone. Many people have gone through this and are clean now. Here’s me saying congrats in advance for your victory. Loads of love

NotJustAny Smitch! the #1 WordSmith

If you hide yourself in your problems, they would consume you

I am a smoker and I’m addicted to nicotine.


I never believed or agreed that I was addicted till I had gone too far out from where redemption was close; I don’t know how else to go about it.

I need help and I’m no longer afraid to ask for it.

I know I have a couple of loved ones out there,

I beg you to please join me in prayers


I am a very practical person,

So it beats me that I can’t and haven’t seen the logic behind cigarettes and their utter uselessness.

*The devil is a liar, and he has lost the war for my soul*

The Lord would redeem me; He is the only one who would never forsake me.


I have forsaken myself for so long,

Please someone tell…

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