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Stage Play

Many people miss their university days more but my case is different and I’m pretty sure there are more people like me. Oh! How much I miss my days in Federal Government Girls’ College Owerri popularly called Feddy Owerri. I had so much fun in that school, the punishments, the way we all had to learn to be doctors for asthmatic patients all in a bid to avoid some school activities, the different sports and club activities. We equally had music and drama competitions between the various dormitories. I can’t remember singing but I participated in the drama; I didn’t act but I read the prologue. The competition took place in Pink house because they had a stage in their quadrangle, I was nervous when Purple house was called; the sound of a pin could be heard everyone’s eyes was fixed on the stage, waiting for the curtain to be drawn open to reveal the action waiting to happen. The audience all looked out for the person giving the intro.

Isn’t this like our Christian walk on earth, we are the audience all seated in the big auditorium and looking to Jesus who is constantly preparing our mind for what lies behind the curtain of life. Back in school everyone coming to Pink house all came to watch the drama regardless of who won. I have observed over the years, the dividing line found in Christianity through the church system. A church starts and before you know it there’s a break-away and most of the time it happens with a fight (may not be physical but verbal and often results in members becoming enemies). What’s really going on? I can’t receive The Holy Communion in your church because I’m not a card-carrying member, I can’t marry outside my church, I stop to give you a lift because I’m headed in your direction but when I hear you’re going to another church I zoom off, we’ve more than one church in a building; on Sunday there’s so much confusion during praise and worship.

What exactly did Jesus come for? A similar episode played out in the Bible 1st Corinthians 3 vs 4 – 9. For when one says, “I follow Paul,” and another, “I follow Apollos,” are you not mere human beings? Who is Apollos? And who is Paul? Only servants, through whom you came to believe—as the Lord has assigned to each his task. I planted the seed, Apollos watered it, but God has been making it grow. So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor. For we are co-workers in God’s service; you are God’s field, God’s building.

Can we go back to having one purpose? A family that is divided cannot fight effectively outside. Our purpose is to reconcile the world back to God through our acts of love, I keep on asking if I wasn’t born a Christian would I want to be a Christian with all the fights and bickering happening. If it’s not what my pastor said, it’s what my church said forgetting we will all stand alone on the last day with all our church names stripped off. It’s an audience of ONE, no divisions just glorify God, not man or the church.




When you say you love me…

I usually turn into a Certified Project Manager almost every Saturday morning; I’ll literally wake up with the day’s activities already planned with Timelines too. This particular Saturday I had planned to be at the market by 9 a.m. to get my shopping done on time and attend to other “projects”. For some funny reason I’m like a shareholder in the market, with the way I’ve to greet people in the shops I pass. Knowing so many of them comes with its merits and demerits; I’ll have to patronize them all the time. I stopped at one of my customer’s shop to buy garri, asked him how much a mudu (cup) was and he gave me the price and I instantly wore my negotiation cap to beat it down and he made a very profound statement. He agreed to my amount but changed the cup and was kind enough to let me know. Here’s what he said “Everyone in the market has two cups, one has been worked on, so they can agree to your terms but in the real sense the quantity of what you are buying will be reduced by the cup they use to sell”.
When you say you love me, do you really mean it? Are you just saying it because that’s what I want to hear at that time? Reading my shopping tale, can you relate to it? Often times when there’s a break-up or divorce, people get broken not necessarily cos’ of the break-up rather the unfulfilled words that were said. You get to hear but you said this and that…

Power of words
It’s interesting to read in Matthew 15 vs 9 These people make a big show of saying the right thing but their heart isn’t in it” MSG. We are quick to spill out promises and words especially when we are experiencing an emotional high forgetting we can’t make good judgement under the influence, if you doubt that ask King Herod who was sent to cloud 9 by the way Herodias’ daughter wriggled her hips in a dance and he instantly swore to an oath to give her whatever she requested, the young girl was well coached by her mother and demanded for John the Baptist’s head, pretty sure you know the rest of the story.
Just watched an amazing video, where a guy made a dream come through for his girlfriend by proposing and marrying her on the same day, here’s what he said ‘He had never told her he loved her for the 5 years they dated cos’ he wanted to be sure with every fibre in him that he really loved her’.

Words .....
Currently doing a study with @TheLafamily on twitter; we are studying the New Testament for the next 130 days, each day we share what we learn from the outline using the hashtag #LA130 and today’s study is on Mark 13 and 14. Chap 14 paints the picture well, Peter was told he’ll deny Jesus and he swore that even if he had to die to defend Jesus he’ll do it, but few verses down reveals how he didn’t just deny Jesus but invoked a curse upon himself.

Before you make that next promise, please think through, if you don’t mean it keep quiet. Someone can forget every other thing but not the words you said. Words are like bullets, once you pull the trigger, you can’t recall it. The world we see came into existence by Words, let us use it wisely.

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Oops! I have to take my bra off…

Are there days you just feel like leaving the house without a bra on? Ladies please don’t let me stand alone, be real honest, now I can see some of you nodding your head, the thought of the freedom is causing a smile to break out on your face. You’re not alone I feel that way too but we are far too kind to cause catastrophe on the road. Enough of the imaginations, we all need to take our bras off and it’s a matter of urgency but before I let you know why, I’ll share two stories with you.

Growing up I spent some days in Enugu with my Aunt Claris and her family, she had an intimidating presence embraced by a strong personality. You dare not try to be silly around her, she’ll put you in your place but her strength was put to the test when she was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. Oh!!! How hard she fought, I was still a little child then but I remember a visit I made with my mum and she was wrapped with gauze bandage over the breast that had been removed, she looked weak but she still had the fighting spirit in her. And there’s Aunty Uzo who in my own opinion as a teenager should have been working with CNN, she spoke and dressed so well but then again I’m not surprised because I always saw her with a novel with her legs tucked underneath one another on the cushion, thinking about it now just makes me laugh. I remember she taught me never to have a chipped nail polish on my finger or toe nails; it wasn’t lady-like and she took good care of her nails with her bag of nail polish. She was diagnosed with breast cancer some years ago, she fought so hard. I lost Aunt Claris and Uzo to breast cancer.

Have you lost someone to Breast Cancer; I can’t say I know how you feel, people grieve differently but I pray God will strengthen and comfort you. I’m conscious of it hence I noticed some funny itch on my breast two years ago; you don’t want to know how scared I was. I couldn’t tell anyone at home except my sister, I eventually summoned courage to get examined with a friend who was like a backbone to me. Thankfully I was certified free. Halleluiah!!! But it doesn’t end there.
Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) is an annual international health campaign organised by major Breast Cancer charities every October to increase awareness and raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment and cure. It also offers information and support to those affected. Getting examined doesn’t cure it but early detection goes a long way. You may just be like me, scared and all but fear has never solved a problem.
There is the Breast Self-Exam which is advised to be done 3 – 5 days after your menstrual period. I’m not a medical practitioner; this is just a feeble attempt to educate you. You’ll have to consult a Doctor to give you a thorough lecture on this topic.
Begin by lying on your back. It is easier to examine all breast tissue if you are lying down.
• Place your right hand behind your head. With the middle fingers of your left hand, gently yet firmly press down using small motions to examine the entire right breast.
• Next, sit or stand. Feel your armpit, because breast tissue goes into that area.
• Gently squeeze the nipple, checking for discharge. Repeat the process on the left breast.
• Use the tip of your finger and make sure you are covering all of the breast tissue.
Next, stand in front of a mirror with your arms by your side.
• Look at your breasts directly and in the mirror. Look for changes in skin texture, such as dimpling, puckering, indentations, or skin that looks like an orange peel.
• Also note the shape and outline of each breast.
• Check to see if the nipple turns inward.
Do the same with your arms raised above your head. The aim is to check for any lump or irregularity. Please not all lumps should cause a panic. Beyond the self-exam please get a proper medical examination. While typing this post I’m equally speaking to myself too.
Yesterday was celebrated as #NOBRADAY and my beloved friend Gbenga asked if I was going take my bra off, well here’s the answer Yes; I have to take it off to join the fight against Breast Cancer. I’m looking forward to so many more ladies who’ll take their bras off to get examined.

the glaring truth; my nicotine addiction

I can’t say I understand how you feel cos I’ve not struggled with nicotine addiction but I’ve had my own struggles but I want to applaud you for this bold step you’ve taken. This is the step to your healing. Incidentally I went through a post I did on my shortcomings and how openly admitting it has helped me a great deal. It’ll be a tough journey but keep the big picture in your mind. Beyond what everyone or specialist say, the real help you’ll be needing is from deep within you. Jesus said He its only the sick that has need for a physician. Turn to Him as He gives you the strength to overcome this addiction. Remember you’re not alone. Many people have gone through this and are clean now. Here’s me saying congrats in advance for your victory. Loads of love

NotJustAny Smitch! the #1 WordSmith

If you hide yourself in your problems, they would consume you

I am a smoker and I’m addicted to nicotine.


I never believed or agreed that I was addicted till I had gone too far out from where redemption was close; I don’t know how else to go about it.

I need help and I’m no longer afraid to ask for it.

I know I have a couple of loved ones out there,

I beg you to please join me in prayers


I am a very practical person,

So it beats me that I can’t and haven’t seen the logic behind cigarettes and their utter uselessness.

*The devil is a liar, and he has lost the war for my soul*

The Lord would redeem me; He is the only one who would never forsake me.


I have forsaken myself for so long,

Please someone tell…

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