My posting to Iran

I recently got back from leave and my welcome message was a letter stating I was going to be transferred to Iran; my company is building a team to set up a branch there. You have no idea how I felt. A million and one questions ran through my mind but there were two that lingered on – family and church. I don’t have the perfect family but when all our differences are brought to the table, you’ll never have a dull moment. I’ve grown to appreciate the gift of family by having each of them in my life. Guaranteed I’m not in the same location with them but a journey of one hour by air or eight hours by road can get me to them. Iran is 3318 miles from Nigeria and will take approximately 7 hrs. by air.

Church is definitely important to me and I’ve grown so used to my church, the mere thought of changing location freaks me out not to talk of a country where the Christian faith is threatened. While I was engrossed in this thought a question I had asked someone in the past popped up in my head and I’ll ask you the same question, if you are transferred to another location and there’s no church I’m not saying a branch of your local church I mean no church at all, how long will you last as a Christian?

Few weeks ago Social Media was flooded with the story of a Pastor who had an affair with a lady, a whole lot was said, some became virtual soldiers for the pastor, and some took to name-calling of the lady while others pledged their support for the lady for the bold step she took. In all of this we forget it’s really not about a particular church rather the entire Christian community. We have become so religious that we are gradually losing the essence of Jesus’ death on the cross. We should have all (Christians) covered our heads with ash and put on sack-cloth to cry that such a thing was mentioned in church; do we love church more than God? I was in a leadership meeting in church, our Senior Pastor called out all the Pastors of the branches and asked anyone to indicate, if there had been any sexual relationship with any of them, while some people found it funny my heart bled. These are men and women who have been anointed to lead God’s sheep and we are having integrity issues. What spirit are they passing onto us when they stand on the pulpit to minister?

I learnt something and I hope to apply it in Iran. Beyond the lifting up of hands to a good choir rendition or shouting halleluiah or amen to the pastor’s sermon; we need to know God for ourselves. When Paul and Silas were in jail they had church there, they knew God was limitless, boundless and existed everywhere at the same time. Granted the believers were praying for them but they still called out to God. A pastor in my local church said “In the Anglican church, we have the Liturgy to guide public prayer but in our closet there’s no Liturgy rather we are to pour out our lives to Him” and another pastor said “Our leadership is not to take advantage but to give advantage”.
A few questions are going through my mind and I’ll share it with you:-
• After Sunday service is my behavior consistent throughout the week?
• Can I have worship in my room when the choir isn’t singing?
• Can I open my Bible on my own without a Pastor?
• Can I have fellowship with God alone without a gathering?
• Who does God mean to me and not just the God of my Pastor or Church but I mean a personal encounter?
• If I don’t have a Christian sticker on my car, carry a family-sized Bible can anyone tell I’m a Christian?
• How often have I discriminated other churches because their order of service was different from mine?

Truth is we have played church for too long and it’s time to come back to our first Love Jesus Christ who first loved us in our sinful nature. Let us arise in unity and stand for the gospel of love Jesus preached. At the end of this world I’m not standing before God as a church member rather as an individual.
N/B The story of going to Iran was inspired by some random thoughts of Church and Relocating; not to worry I’m still with you

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38 Responses to My posting to Iran

  1. Ogetours says:

    Okay first you have to pay for making me hold my breath. Asin I did literally, thinking “where does she work? Which one is iran? Of all the places in the entire world? Resign the job naa, must you go? Heh, God help her ooo etc” so you see, first off, you have to pay for making my mind travel through all these rigourous journey. Okay now to the crux of the matter, very beautiful piece and so true! Know God for yourself. I like to remind my self often when I get all “my church this, my church that” I say babe calm down oh! It isn’t about you serving in the ministry of the Lord, but serving the Lord of the minstry. Thanks for sharing, more grace nwanyi oma!

    • JMAD says:

      hahahahahahah. I’m sorry but I needed to put on my creative cap to imagine all that. “I like to remind my self often when I get all “my church this, my church that” I say babe calm down oh! It isn’t about you serving in the ministry of the Lord, but serving the Lord of the ministry’. Thanks for sharing this too.

  2. chinedu says:

    Nice post u av der!u left me with a great msg!guess its time to av a rethink! Pls as for f IRAN,its a no go area….cheers!

  3. Eloxie says:

    Thanks dearie. Very creative start, held me to finish.

    Lost my lengthy comment 😦 but just want to say regardless that this was very deep.
    It’s something that keeps me wondering too, would I remain passionate for God if my support system were lost? If i had to recant my faith like the martyrs in Ephesus, will i face the stake? Am i ‘working for God’ over ‘walking with God’. is my faith soul deep or just a show? Am i consistent in my love for God? Have i accepted Jesus as saviour but not as LORD?
    Thanks dear, one thing matters, my personal relationship with JESUS.

    When all this is over, location and challenges matter not, that is ALL that matters.

    Thanks for this.

  4. mayreeh says:

    Ure rite. So many pple only feel his presence wen dey re in church, dey can’t stand firm spiritually on deir own. Its reali important 2 ask… Can I av a great relationshp wit God on my Own?….. Travellin 2 Iran sounded scary I must confess. Welldone!

  5. bijoy says:

    NIce message and a true insight to our christian believe. The idea behInd the church is lost and the pursuit of emptiness increases by the day. CHRIST is all that matters. For the “Iran” nice strings u pulled on that. *smiles*

    • JMAD says:

      You couldn’t have said it any better, there’s really a great pursuit of emptiness. Christ is really all that matters. The Iran strings ….. errrmmmm lips sealed.

  6. ify says:

    Phew! For a moment there I thought the Iran thing was true. Anyways its certainly a food for tot for all of us. Nice piece.

  7. There has been too much emphasis on ‘organized religion’ and church as a place…regardless of what Christ said about ‘in spirit and truth’. Fellowship isn’t a noun…it is a verb. Nice piece. Iran isn’t bad. If they send you to Iran please go…and let God work out His glory. I have a friend who was there for a while and just came back. lets not sound the way oyinbo sound when they talk about Nigeria

  8. Whew! *wipes sweat off face* For a second there I really thought you were really leaving us…*calming down* lools. But truly, these are timeless truths that need to be broached and emphasised over and over again…it can never be over emphasised…a personal relationship with God, that the only way FOWARD! Outta all these mess. Nice one!

  9. Adejoh Meshack says:

    I must confess that I love the revival that is now sweeping through the body of Christ(even though we had to get to the level of immoral scandals in the church) about “Religion and Christ.” Religion enslaves while Christ frees, I will quote Jefferson Benthke in his Spoken Word “Why I hate religion and love Jesus” he says “Religion says ‘do’ Jesus says ‘done’.”
    There is the tendency to be carried away with self-righteousness by works when you carry “Our church” or “My G.O/Bishop/Pastor/Prophet/ says that” mentality.
    Please let’s all come out of this cage cause it is captivity. Discover what the bible say for yourself and not through any man of God. Of cause not saying that we should disregard those anointed as shepherds over us and there are those that are ahead of us in this race who have gone through some of the things we are going through now,but whatever compromise The standard of God is out of the equation, The Reformers had this principle in the 16th century ‘Sola Scriptura.’
    Keep the flame of Christ burning and not of denomination(s).
    My handle @adejour follow and I’ll follow back, we can tweet even more. God bless

  10. ekene says:

    Wonderful msg there, there’s nothing more important than a personal relationship with the living God. Meanwhile it was the iran clause that got me to read the piece so am kinda glad u used it. More grace for you ma’am

  11. E' says:

    Got me thinking…
    What if I was posted to Iran.
    There is no dcc or TA…
    And this is E’ speaking….
    Church is me. Church is you. Church is us.
    Coming together in a fellowship (n) to fellowship (v)
    So in a place where there is no church? Or fellowship(n)…
    There had better be other believers with whom I can fellowship and maybe form a fellowship.
    I strongly believe that such a tag team will further fuel my personal relationship…
    I also thank God for technology with which I can fellowship with other believers around the world to draw strength and encouragement too.
    And any opportunity of a holiday, mehn I am off to Nigeria.
    To fellowship with my Fellowship…
    Long and short of it all… our personal relationship with God is so absolutely unbelievably important. It can’t be discounted. And a real deep relationship with God will not and never discount a fellowshipping with the brethren in a Fellowship that is church.
    Just be sure that when Church is over, church continues with you/me…
    Because some clowns and comedians say stuff like ‘church ain’t important. Who even knows what Pastors are doing sef? Ppl are just deceiving themselves….” and all such things to justify their not being attached to a local assembly and fellow believers.
    Heb 10:25 has always been a fave of mine…
    We can’t forsake the coming together and fellowshipping of the brethren especially to encourage each other (for our personal walk) even as we see the Day approaching. (My remix) loool.
    Great piece. Really got me thinking…
    If I was gonna be transferred though, I prefer somewhere “oily” and “middle eastey”
    Like Dubai…

    • JMAD says:

      Kai Eziaha you won’t kill me ohhhhhh. Yea church is definitely important but when it’s over it’s got to continue with us. ‘If I was gonna be transferred though, I prefer somewhere oily and middle eastey’ Choi My Charmer, UN is listening and your request will be granted. Thanks for your input.

      • Ebere says:

        Ok, Jioke, u must stop this rough play! I almost fainted about the Iran thing. What da!!! Whew! Thank God it’s not real. Anyway, I love the message, it makes a whole lot of sense!!! Keep it up girl!

      • JMAD says:

        My dear I’m sorry for increasing your heart beat but it feels good to know I’ll be missed. Beyond all the drama I’m glad you were able to pick out something. *wink wink*

  12. Femmetotale says:

    Ok, you really got me on this one! My first thought when I saw Iran was…well, I was seeing plenty guns and people covered in long white gowns under the hot sun and then I reminded myself that it wasn’t Syria. Hmm…now I can take a deep breath.
    Nice one JMAD, really got me thinking too. Church should not just be about church, a duty or obligation, rather it should be a life-time of relationship.

  13. nonnyfan says:

    Nice piece Chijioke

  14. FemI says:

    Nice really liked it am making my way through ur blog n I really like it, my God increase you

  15. Jude Ashinze says:

    I love your thought, perspective and creativity in writing. The suspect is wow! The message is gotten. Nice one.

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  17. EmekaIhedoro says:

    I almost called to know if you’ve left the country already, wow.
    Thanks for this epistle. This article is thought provoking. I’m blessed.

    • JMAD says:

      I have a wide grin now, i just read through it again. The same message resonates within me and I’m reflecting on my Christian walk. Thank you for reading and reminding me to read it again.

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